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novusweb360™ Collection Filter

novusweb360™ Collection Filter

Developed by novusweb llc

Price: $14.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Let your customers quickly filter your collections to find the product they want.
  • Your data is stored and processed on Shopify's fast servers! No outside server calls on the public side.
  • Only three small snippets to add to your theme files.


For details on our installation service, visit our online support.

The most advanced sidebar collection filter available for Shopify today!

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  • Perfect for stores with large collections — help customers narrow their choices on their terms!

  • Easy to install: just three snippets to add (we also can install for you at a nominal fee).

  • Unlimited attributes for unlimited products. Up to 40 attribute values per product.

  • Simple import template for assigning attributes for many products.

  • Comprehensive documentation, support desk and in-app live chat.

Make it Easy for Your Customers to Shop

When your customers can find the products they want easily, they're more likely to buy! The novusweb360™ Collection Filter app adds a dynamic and fully customizable filter to your products.

Go Beyond Size and Color

With the novuswegb360™ Collection Filter app, you can create many attributes for each product — or types of products — and have those attributes appear in the sidebar navigation as filterable choices.

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Material

  • Stone

  • Caret

  • Hertz

  • Finish

  • Depth

  • Height

  • Width

  • Price Range

  • and whatever else you can conceive!

Create Attribute Sets for Product Types

If you sell shoes and hats, the same attributes don't apply to both. With the novusweb360™ Collection Filter app you can create Sets of attributes to apply to similar products.

For example, you can create a set called "Shoes" and a set called "Hats."

For the Shoes Attribute Set, you might have attributes for:

  • Upper Material

  • Sole Materials

  • Heel Type

For Hats, you might want to display:

  • Hat Material

  • Band Material

  • Lining Material

PLUS, you can easily display these attributes on your product detail page.

Swatches Too!

You can choose whether your attributes should be displayed as text values or image swatches. It's completely up to you!

Add Intelligent Breadcrumbs

Leveraging our unique methodology, you can add a small snippet to your Collection template and display a fully navigable breadcrumb that updates based on the attributes chosen!

No More Manual Tagging

Our app gives you easy tools for assigning attribute values to your products. You don't have to compose strange tag patterns and manually tag products. Enter your attributes and values normally in our app (which you access in your store backend) and our app does the rest! Plus, assign up to 40 attribute values per product!

Show Vendor and Tags

In addition to the attribute values you create, you can choose to show filters By Vendor and By Tag. Give your customers even more to use to filter your collections.

Import Feature for Large Catalogs

If you have need to assign values to lots of products, we have a simple import CSV template to use. Upload your completed CSV file and our app will go through and assign your attributes for you!

Easy Installation

Installing the app is really quite easy. Only three small code snippets to add (only one is required).

Please note: If your theme does NOT already have a sidebar area, you may need a bit more work to create a sidebar area for the Collection Filter to appear. If you DO have a theme with a sidebar, it's a quick code replacement to install!

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