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NS8 - Complete Storefront Protection

NS8 - Complete Storefront Protection

Developed by NS8 Inc.

Price: From $100.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Protect your store against the rising threats posed by automated traffic and malicious users
  • Prevent fraudulent traffic and transactions from stealing your stores resources
  • Shield your store from multiple threats simultaneously from an integrated dashboard within your Shopify admin

NS8 Complete Storefront Protection

Protect your shop from advertising fraud, order fraud, and reputational issues.

NS8 has developed industry-leading techniques for identifying bots and malicious activity on websites. We score each user session and transaction to provide deep analytics on fraud.

Advertising Fraud

Identify fraud in campaigns and block invalid users from remarketing

Advertising fraud (especially remarketing fraud) is a huge and growing issue for merchants. NS8 identifies fraudulent traffic and provides reporting on their sources. This can be filtered by campaign, country, or dozens of other attributes.

In addition, NS8 builds audiences of only valid users in your Google Analytics account, so your remarketing campaigns won't waste money on bot traffic.

Order Fraud

Flag and validate suspicious orders

Orders placed from suspicious sources are automatically flagged on your orders page with an explanation of what the issues are.

You can optionally have suspicious customers validate their orders via an SMS verification system.

Reputation Monitoring

Get alerted when you're listed as a spammer, phishing site, hosting malware, or have performance issues.

The last thing an ecommerce site needs is to be flagged for spamming or hosting malware. This can happen through no fault of your own. It is common to get listed as a spammer, even if you only market to clean lists. This can have a devastating effect on sales.

If your site is blocklisted, your emails will not be delivered. If your site is listed as a phishing site by Google, your visitors will be warned that the site is not trusted, which will cause sales to stop.

To address these issues, we use a global network of monitoring stations to continuously test whether your site has been flagged by blocklists, has been hacked, and is performing as you expect in the areas you sell to and on the devices you care about.

When an issue arises, you'll be automatically notified immediately via email and/or SMS. You can also set up escalating alerts in case of vacations or other scheduling issues.

No coding or site changes required!

We handle the integration via the Shopify API

Once you install the app, just turn the features on and you will have your shop protected immediately.

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All I can say is wow, this is a crazy level of detail, this has definitely impacted how I think about how and where we are purchasing our ads. The fact that it also protects us from chargebacks using that info is awesome. A+ Huge Fan!!!

From $100.00 / month

Pricing is $100, but for high-traffic sites, it will follow the following price tiers:

  • $100 for 0 to 100,000 hits per month

  • $200 for up to 200,000 hits per month

  • $300 for up to 300,000 hits per month

  • $400 for up to 400,000 hits per month

  • an additional $100 for every million hits per month

You can view full pricing tiers here

30 days

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