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EC Superstore

This is the most worthless app I have ever used. Nothing but a huge waste of time. Oberlo is full of bugs and should not be in the app market. They need to hire much better coders.

Sacred Lotus Gifts

Meh. Just meh. The app is absolute crap when using the shopify app on my phone or ipad. So much for portable work. It just doesn't work. And the search function is crap, too. I'm certain they make enough money to make it work, don't they?

Everything Bananas

Hard to use. Seems powerful but takes a long time to figure this out. Also have to get used to going back and forth between different windows and took me forever to figure out how to navigate back and forth.


Application number1! I love it! In addition a lot of very relevant information that sends us by email and help support is sick, fast and they immediately find what I wanted. It's a must. Besoin Primaire www.besoinprimaire.com

One of A Kind Variety Empotium

This app has a blurred and hesitant appearance when giving out pertinent information one needs to complete and fully understand the info it's revealing.


Great app but the way the Comparison Pricing is setup is illegal. I have spoken to the founder and it seems he can't provide a fix to this an dis now failing to respond to my emails. AliExpress prices change all the time, sometimes on a weekly basis. Unfortunately the Comparison Price (which is the Original Price) is linked with the sale price. Therefore, each time the sale price moves, the original price moves as well. Oberlo seem to just not understand that this is completely wrong. I just can't comprehend how short sighted the founder is in fixing this issue. 6 months later and still no fix.


This is a great app for a beginning business. The free plan until you reach 50 sales per is great because it allows you to hit the floor running - not many apps available that will allow you full functionality when they can charge, even when you have not yet made a profit. It is very easy to use and offers information on cost to you, suggested price as per the industry standard (MSRP would be nice), and several areas and features to make it easy to individualize the prices on your choice items. Rapid response of staff is a plus. The ability to have the items in two groups, "import list" and "my products" makes it easy to review items. It also has the added benefit of allowing for review/edit/proofing before sending it to your store. Downside is lack of uniformity on product information, lack of information as pertains to manufacturers, brands, models (this is helpful to increase credibility and homogenize the look and feel of your store), not all products offered have the "View product on AliExpress" link (incredibly helpful when reviewing an item to add to your store, since sometimes the descriptions are more comprehensive on the original site than the ones offered, which makes it easier to edit/proof the product description). I would like to see them add a comments and review function on the products in our dashboard that only we would see so that we know if we've previously seen/researched the item. When reviewing many products, eventually your eyes go screwy.


Cut to the summary - install it and move on. This app is so good. We have run with it for a few weeks now and feel completely comfortable with it. Absolutely, a no-brainer for importing from Ali...not just Oberlo approved suppliers but all and any product in an instant. ePacket shipping identification - excellent. Product splitting - excellent. Global price adjustment - excellent*. Auto-price update - you can't run a store without it (unless you are selling only a handful of products) - again, excellent. Order fulfillment and integration with Ali shipping notifications, and onward integration with Shopify (and your customers) - excellent. This is a must-have app. *Our only disappointment is that Oberlo can't handle AUD dollars right now. Imports from Ali into Oberlo are in USD $. If your currency is not supported by Oberlo then you need to adjust the global pricing multipliers accordingly and also keep an eye on what your currency is worth against the USD $.


I use this app to acquire inventory on my Shopify site. While there are many good products there are a few major issues I am facing. First, many 'verified' products are already being sold on Amazon at less than the Oberlo 'wholesale' cost - that is before you mark up the product. Second, many shipping costs have changed from $3 to $8 - Oberlo does not notify you. So if you include 'free' shipping you are out $5. Third, if the increase in shipping costs wasn't bad enough, the delivery time period has changed from 7 to 20 days to 7 to 60 days, again, Oberlo does not make you aware of these changes. There are not many clients willing to wait 60 days for a product when they can get the exact same product for less than half the price delivered in a few days from Amazon. It is already challenging to make a profit selling products online, the least Oberlo could do would be to inform us of these important changes.

MammaMia Deals

This app is a shame. I had several issues with them (appart the 10 e-mails you will receive a day, even if you want to unsubscribe...): 1. They will never give you reports (except one which is totally useless) 2. They can refuse to add some aliexpress product, and this without any explication, just because they don't want to!!!! Really disappointed with this app
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