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The issue that I have with your app is that it changes the Shopify interface, forcing the user to enter tracking numbers through Oberlo. However, as soon as Oberlo perceives those 50 orders in a month regardless of whether or not the user actually uses Oberlo to enter tracking numbers for those 50 orders, or even used Oberlo for anything regarding those orders, it immediately blocks the user from entering any more tracking numbers though the Shopify interface unless they pay you the $29.90. Literally a scam. Do not waste your time or money on this app, there are apps that will do the exact same thing for free and won't try to SCAM you.

Note: The app creators also reached out to me, challenging my review and saying that they're clear about their business model. What they aren't clear about is that their business model depends on convincing you, the user, to pay them additional money for things that you can already do before you even install their app.

Kwaze-vision LLC

This app is utterly disgusting. It is one giant confusing mess. They do not fulfill, nothing is automatic, you save your card but you still need to input it and then aliexpress what ever that is, is just useless, everything bounces around, screens and things are popping up and closing and doing god knows what. Their support is okay and my first customer from oberlo, I had to refund.

Great Guitar Gifts

This app sucks. It is not capable of importing your existing products, unless you do it one by one. It is only good for adding new products to your store. There are other similar apps out there that can sync your whole store in 1 click, I would suggest to use any of them, as this one is useless.


The worst platform of this type. The customer care takes days to answer (when they do), and their payment system doesn't work properly. I suggest to find other dropshipping platforms that really work.
Oh..and I would want to put my API Key from Aliexpress into the oberlo app, but guess what.. they don't let me do it.


The app is not working most of the time. It's awful it doesn't transfer orders correctly causing u to get bad reviews. Don't use this app.

Gifty Maniac

You guys, the ones who rated oberlo with 4 and 5 stars, all would change your opinion if I told you that AliExpress has an affiliate program where you'll receive a unique link to share with others but also an API Key that can be integrated into your site, and get back between 3-13% of the costs of your goods sold. So, basically, oberlo is benefiting from your hard work, and getting between 3-13% commissions from of EVERYTHING you spend on aliexpress. Yes, that is right! What did I try to do? I reached out to them and told them that I wanted to put my API Key (affiliate link, same thing) into the oberlo app and they just said:

"We would like to kindly inform you that Oberlo no longer provides integration services for this program. The decision is based on the fact that it generates a substantial amount of income, which is used to maintain and constantly improve Oberlo." Well, if they have paid plans they shouldn't argue this, because if they claim the app is for free, they shoudlnt be taking comissions from what you sell.

So basically, they say oberlo is for free up to 50 orders, but in the backend, they are taking away from you between 3-13% of what you spend on Aliexpress. So, just make the math, and if you spend let's imagine, 2k on aliexpress monthly, they are keeping up to 260$ for themselves!

So, I saw someone's post on reddit saying that they complained and they had exactly the same argue with oberlo and the same outcome as I did, nothing changed. What did those guys do? Well, they just started giving 1* star reviews on the oberlo app on the shopify app store, and a 15 mins later, oberlo wrote that guy that they would activate the option for activating the feature and get that money back from aliexpress.

So you guys now my reason for the 1 star review

Brokentoe Beachwear

HORRIBLE! Oberlo doesn't even help with bad product and you can't file a dispute for bad product because it's always having an issue. Also, instead of helping they just show you how to order more product.
Customer service doesn't care about bad problems they just want you to buy.

B Inspired Boutique

I am extremely disappointed on their decision to take away all the suppliers. This has always been my favorite app, now I am afraid I may have to let it go. Now all they show are Junk from China from Alliexpress, I refuse to put any JUNK items from China in my store. China items are bad quality and shipping takes over 30 days or more or sometimes items are never received. My store is USA based and everything is from USA only. This is truly a sad day and its heartbreaking because Oberlo was such a great app till now. Taking the suppliers away was a very bad decision. I am sure many merchants would agree. Now I had to drop a few stars..I am afraid due to this change they will lose a lot of loyal merchants. I truly wish they would reconsider. If they don't reconsider keeping their prior platform with the USA suppliers I will have no choice but to uninstall in July. And seeing these fake reviews of people justifying Aliexpress wont help and wont work. Everyone knows Aliexpress or any products from China is absolutely THE WORST! China are scam artists ripping USA consumers off of billions of dollars with bad products, lies, scams and poor service. I know 1st hand from experience because I got ripped off from China. Us USA merchants value our customers and our products. Oberlo made a vary bad business decision by doing away with good quality verified suppliers and will hurt their reputation unless they fix this and immediately.

UPDATE 5/5/19-As of today I have un-installed Oberlo, they have completely removed all current products USA suppliers and didnt even wait till July which would have meant orders would not have been processed. If they go back to the original platform and bring back quality USA suppliers then I will reconsider re-installing. Goodbye Oberlo. It's a sad loss.

Shop Exclusive US

This app was the maximum until the terms and conditions changed, you can not tell me which products I can import and which ones do not, so customers are lost, it's a shame I'll have to move to dropified.


I don't think they truly understand what business they are in.

Oberlo is constantly coming up with new updates like their latest statistics feature and many other things, but surprisingly, nothing that actually makes the most impact for small businesses.

1. What is the main use of this app, to import products from aliexpress and fulfill correct? so why is it that all other apps like dropified allow you to fulfill multiple orders at once while in oberlo you still have to do this 1 by 1 manually. The most critical process is being overlooked.

2. Shopify added a new feature called location which allows you to set multiple shipping locations in your store. Awesome little featured for us store owners!! but wait, don't get too excited. While Oberlo is now part of shopify, yet again they are behind. Other apps we use like shipstation have updated their system to reflect the new location feature but oberlo has not. You get the same old response, it will be released soon but no estimated time.

3. As far as the oberlo verified suppliers, the price for most of those suppliers is higher than on Amazon, so what's the point?. Better to stick to Alie suppliers.

Again, I'm not asking for them to pull some new innovation, but to at least have the essential features businesses need. Other apps don't seem to be so sound deaf. The only reason we had stuck with oberlo was because after they joined shopify we tought things would for sure improve, but here we are. No clarity on when any of the key features will be released and many more stores using the alternatives.

If cost, time and efficiency is important for your business then I recommend you go with another app for the time being. Sure they don't have as much popularity as oberlo but they seem to have more understanding of our needs.

In the meantime, we are shipping most orders outside oberlo.

Will be happy to change my review once they improve.

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