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High 5ive Bargains

Since Oberlo has discontinued the Verified Supplier program. Is it just another app that fulfills orders from Aliexpress? Plus I use American Express which is the only card Oberlo doesn't accept as payment.

Developer reply

September 17, 2019

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to write us a review, we appreciate the feedback. Oberlo may be similar to other apps as far as functionality goes, but when you use Oberlo, you've got access to all of Shopify Support for anything Oberlo related, which can really come in handy when you get stuck.

Since we've removed Verified Suppliers, Oberlo does not process payments any longer. You purchase your product from AliExpress (they accept AMEX), and you pay for your Shopify Subscription via the Admin. So, you shouldn't have any issues with your American Express card now.

Thanks again for your review and best of luck in your business no matter which tools you decide to use!

Trendy Joys

Overall it works (kinda) but beware putting your full trust into it. Oberlo will let you down and so will their support service.

We were using Oberlo to import and fulfill orders and it was mostly working well but found just too many inexplicable little errors occuring. And they were random as well so hard to replicate. We had an incident where we placed and fulfilled & paid a bunch of orders directly from Oberlo (not AEx) and they all failed.. problem is the app didn't tell us so we didn't realise until 2 weeks later when customer complaints started flowing in. So now we only use the app as a glorified product importer.. seems overkill for the subscription fee. Also ***OBERLO'S CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE*** which is contrary to a lot of the (smaller) apps suppliers who are awesome... you'd think with their size, Oberlo would offer better support.. anyway rant over. Use it at your risk! :)

Developer reply

May 13, 2019

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Our goal is to support our merchants in their dropshipping businesses and it's clear we fell short here. I apologize that our app was not able to identify your issue until 2 weeks later. I know shipping is a top priority for customer satisfaction and I am sorry we weren't able to help earlier. I apologize again on behalf of Oberlo and hope we can become better and regain your trust in the future. Thank you. -Anna

Gadbe™ Shop

Do not use this app if you are going to use GOOGLE SHOPPING (or Facebook Ads) for advertise your product.

After talk with Ashley, Customer Service Manager at Oberlo, she confirmed me that Oberlo it is not optimized for Google Shopping, so every time you overwrite a product because your random supplier change the price of the item out of the blue, and i have tens of notifications everyday, Oberlo changes the ID for the product/variant and you LOSE all the marketing data (clicks, impressions, conversion) in your Google Ads account since Google would take this a NEW product.

I really like Oberlo, and i would like to provide 5 starts, it works just fine, customer service is ok, but this makes it useless for advertisement if you want to get serious about your business.

I asked for a technical solution to solve this but i was told that there is not one.


UPDATE - Reply from Oberlo: Well, I did not expect that useless response from Oberlo to be very honest. I dont think Oberlo should tell me where I have to promote my business. Also, since the Oberlo change the ID of the product every time you overwrite the product, you have the same problem with FB Ads, you LOSE all the marketing data. Google Shopping it is much more profitable, around 200% more from our experience, so no, Facebook Ads is not the solution at all and if you do not have this app optimized for the most powerful platform for marketing in the work by far, with 2 billions of users, you have a problem.

Developer reply

May 13, 2019

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. While Oberlo products are not optimized for Google Shopping, you can certainly advertise them through Facebook ads. Actually, our most successful merchants are running Facebook ads for their products. If you're looking for help getting started with Facebook advertising, I'd suggest checking out this eBook we wrote on the subject (http://bit.ly/2MEqUOh). If you need any additional help with them, feel free to reach out to us at hello@oberlo.com again. -Anna

Northern Isle

So disappointed with Oberlo. I had just upgraded my plan and within days they discontinued providing verified suppliers. Said this would come into effect July 15/19 but I can no longer import from any of their verified suppliers and it is only April. I sent an e-mail but have received little support. Just a sorry e-mail and some links . I was so comfortable working with verified suppliers and now feel like I've been thrown to the aliexpress wolves with no guidance from Oberlo. Very Disappointed in Oberlo- No regard for your paying customers!

Developer reply

April 28, 2019

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. I’m very sorry about your experiences getting started with Oberlo. Although the removal of suppliers is scheduled for July 15th, many suppliers are leaving early in anticipation of this.

However, we still fully support importing and selling products from Aliexpress as was originally intended with Oberlo. We have lots of help articles on our blog that guide you through how to find a reliable supplier (http://bit.ly/2S0duv2). I hope you find these helpful. Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience with us. -Anna

It's a Christian Thing

If you sell jewelry through this app, you are really just selling junk. There were some interesting pieces but to be honest, even those are junk. I can't bring myself to make my customers wait a month for a product that is going to be extremely poorly packaged and that they will ultimately not feel good about owning. Many of the suppliers are sketchy.

Developer reply

April 15, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. I'm sorry to hear about the experiences you've had with product quality and suppliers. While there are many high-quality products and suppliers, you will need to do your research to find them. I would suggest reading reviews and ordering samples to make sure your customers will receive high-quality products. If you ever need any help vetting them, please reach out to us at hello@oberlo.com. We'd love to help! -Anna

Spin Market Online

Hi sir, please why i can't list a products ? Knowing i've listed a products already. !! Thank you very much.

Prime Desire

I find it really incredible that an app with so many years and so much promotion online fails in importing data from Aliexpress. It works well with Oberlo suppliers. Other than that, it needs lots of work to be fully useful.

My Small Store

The app is easy to use, the problem are the products - Like many, I shop for myself on AliExpress accepting the 2-3 weeks shipping time because the it's cheap and unbranded.
Why in the world I would shop to a website paying more for the same 2-3 weeks wait? No real sense.
My customers don't want to wait, they are ready to pay a premium for fast shipping.
Not worth it.

My Coconut Heart

Customer service doesn't even respond to messages on time. At the beginning they were excellent, I am not sure what happened with the support. Oberlo suppliers are not reliable for us anymore

Importing Aliexpress suppliers are your best option since you can talk to the supplier and make an adjustment to the order if needed. Staff should focus on improving the app function rather than getting a bunch of suppliers with no reviews.

Now we have a customer that is waiting for a product to arrive in February 2019 and we couldn't do anything since the only option was China Post. For some reason in Aliexpress for international countries like Chile, if you select a supplier with Aliexpress Shipping Method, the supplier will use a better service than China Post and product will get to the customer faster. If you are using Oberlo suppliers, you won't know what postal service they will use until you are placing the order.

CoCo Hauteur

Update: Nov 7 2018:
After trying one last time to reach Oberlo tech support with no success I tried reaching out to Shopify tech support - since they own the Oberlo app. In the past whenever I have contacted Shopify tech support the results have been very professional. The gurus are usually easy to communicate with and the issues are solved. This time was no exception. Lisa was the guru who helped me and within minutes we had found the source of the problem to be DNS related. A quick google search and some changes to the DNS settings and everything was working. Thank you Lisa! In the fun words of older people... Lisa is Superduper. (If anyone else is experiencing the same problem with their Oberlo app here is a link to the solution that worked for me https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/dns_probe_finished_nxdomain/)

What have I learned? The Oberlo app might be owned by Shopify but the tech support for the Oberlo division is unacceptably weak. Lisa helped me fix, in a matter of minutes, what Oberlo tech support neglected to address for almost 2 weeks.

There are a lot of reasons the tech support at Oberlo could be lacking in their customer service: Rapid growth of the division, poor supervisors, training etc... but lackadaisical attitudes and indifference to what a customer is experiencing or needs help with... is never an acceptable excuse for any reason.

Update: Nov 2018:
More and more features are working less and less. Tech support virtually does not exist. Once I add products to the store I cannot access the suppliers or source pages. Which means I'm locked out of updating any product information from aliexpress source pages. None of the links to suppliers currently work. I made Oberlo tech support aware of this several times. they made, in my opinion lame excuses. Said they would get back to me. Never heard from them. Eventually, I just gave up.

Oct 2018:
More and more features are working less and less. Considering switching to one of the other apps like dropified or importify.

Anyone with direct experience using either dropified or importify your input is welcome. I'm hoping their technical support is stronger. I don't mind paying for either app if it gives me the tools to succeed and not limit my abilities as a store owner. For instance, now that I no longer have access to an imported products source page, it takes me twice as long to add products to my Shopify store. I spend way too much time searching for the product on the suppliers store only because Oberlo wants us to remain within the pages of their system, their verified suppliers, or their version of the products page. I didn't spend money and months putting a store together, only so other companies could be successful by trying to lock me into their source pages. This is about starting my company.

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