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Feline Love

So after getting an order my customer decided that the size was wrong for a certain product they ordered so they wanted refund. I refunded this order and this was all within a couple hours. I then asked for a refund through oberlo, to get a message from there support team telling me since the supplier is over seas they cannot refund my product and its already sent out. Really? Within a few hours im sure, so now im out the money and the customer will get a free shirt thanks oberlo much appreciated now i see how hard it will actually be to deal with a middle man.


Very late responses from the customer support. Almost always not online. They respond after you have solved the problem alone or you have lost the client.


Any app linked too Aliexpress SUCKS! My customers for the most part had to wait almost 30 days for them to receive any item.


I can't have Aliexpress API without upgrading my plan...


Looks like a front end for an Ali Express dropshipper. Couldnt find any options to allow filtering by delivery date, nor by supplier country. Disappointed

Hoot Nanny

Had a customer have an issue with a defective product. Chatted with Oberlo to see how to fix it. They suggested I refund out of pocket. I took care of my customer. I asked for a refund or replacement. No messages answered. Emailed a few times with no answer. So I am out of pocket because they don't back their productss.


This app doesn't automatically send orders to Oberlo, you have to manually process every order through Oberlo. Add to that, our first order was cancelled by the supplier, for reasons still not clear to us and we were never notified.

Ultimate Abs Stimulator

As an App Oberlo is working fine, but Not recommend to use because of they customer service. It is very dificult to rich them and when they answer just send you some articles that you need to spend hour reading.

I used Oberlo supplier (Ou Yue Ecommerce) also for my product and after 20 days seem the orders are still in China. I tried to contact Oberlo via Email, and I didn't get any answer. My costumers have started to ask for refund. I already accepted 3 refunds. My demage will be around $2000.



Since my online store is available 24X7 I expect my vendors to support their site 24X7 also. Here it is Sunday night and I can't get a question answered.

Local Deals Group

I was happy with Oberlo until things went wrong, as in wrong in a major way. DO NOT export products from Shopify and then reimport the list because Oberlo throws a fit and basically you have to redo everything, so 800 products and 4200 variants later we are repeating all of the work that we had to do to set the site up in the first place.

If you reach out to Oberlo, they don't care because they will point you to their help page that apparently states not to do this. I mean, having used Shopify for four years, if you can't do basic enterprise tasks like exporting your product catalogue to perform mass updates and report the list, that's on you Oberlo, not on me.

Suffice to say, they are not refunding any fees and when all is said and done, Oberlo is only a chrome extension connected to Ali Express with an App that allows you to search Ali Express. Not exactly breaking the technology frontier here!