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Fabulous Wallets


Been waiting over 24 hour for order Tracking Number. You will have no way of canceling your orders and no way of getting any refunds

The Customer service is no where to be found.

Basically they take your money and forget about you.

Too Raw Dadhats

This app was awesome until Oberlos greed got to them! you cant import URLs anymore so you are forced to buy their overpriced wholesale crap! im so dissapointed!

Webmart Dk

Complete crap app. They removed option to import a product by url now its impossible to sync if you have multiple stores in different countries. What a stupid decision to make equals newbie company


Close supplier's Store after merchants export this thousands of products from this supplier.
it seems that oberlo dont need to worry about the merchants (who export these supppliers' products" how to deal with the orders if oberlo close the supplier'store
stole supply's money

Unkels Daggers

Shipping times are insane and could not get anyone to help me

Girls Necessities

Literally, the worst company i have ever worked with. Their credit card processing is all screwed up and their customer support is ZERO. I have been trying to contact them for DAYS and I cant get a single helpful response because their customer service people are somewhere abroad that BARELY speak any english. I highly recommend staying sway from them and if you want a dropshipping company that does what they do, there are plenty more on the shopify app store. Stay away from Oberlo if you actually want your business to succeed.


they block supplier`s account and take the money away.

Campfire Wine

Would have given it a 5 star rating until, I found out that they are using their affiliate link to take the client's deserved cashback for their own greedy selves. I was soon to get to 50 orders a month, and was planning to change to a paid plan but this is a huge deal breaker for me. No respect for your customers equals no trust. Going to migrate to a much better and honest competitor.


I am leaving Oberlo mainly because their customer service is so slow in response! I was messaging them at least once a week with an issue or a glitch and would get responses like a few days later.

The latest issue that made us switch was that Oberlo will completely ignore orders that have a variant it doesn't recognize for example variants I added manually. I messaged Oberlo about and and found out a few days later they just don't have this function. So it completely ignores these orders that I have to go and then find and place manually in Shopify which causes double the work.

Another thing I hated is that you have to manually go and sync aliexpress a few times a days so it picks up new tracking numbers!

The only pro for us is that is user friendly and it's because it's so basic and easy to learn.

Compared to what my new app can do this was such a waste of money!

Lumbr Wear

Horrible customer service. I lost money using this app and now all of my products are linked through them so I have to continue using them. Don't recommend.