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Unable to automatically place an order from AliExpress,
And the address is also wrong+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Developer reply

November 10, 2020

Hi there! Sounds like you've been experiencing some technical difficulties getting to know the platform. That sort of stuff can definitely be frustrating, sorry you've had to deal with these things. I encourage you to reach out to us at hello@oberlo.com. We would really appreciate the opportunity to continue helping you with some of the challenges you're facing. Your success is our success! We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂 -Jasper



Loja Visite o Brasil

Como pode passar de um aplicativo de topo para um aplicativo terrivelmente ruim, que parece mais ter sido feito por um amador ou aprendiz! O aplicativo estava muito bom, mas com essa atualização, além de horroroso, tem gerado alguns problemas.
1) Ele tem indisponibilizado o produto 'na loja' em canais (Disponibilidade de produtos) e eu tenho que fazer um processo pra ajustar, que me rouba tempo. Isso não ocorre em todos!
2) As atualizações de preços tem alterado constantemente de forma errada, trazendo o preço maior para menor. Com isso, eu configurei para não alterar mais, entretanto, mesmo assim, o problema persiste. 3) Todos os dias eu tenho que olhar um por um pra ver se isso ocorreu novamente, me gerando uma grande perda de tempo e, sempre aparece um ou outro e, eu tenho que corrigir.
4) Ainda ontem percebi que a plataforma da Shopify, também havia feito alteração no sistema, inclusive no design 'azul' para 'verde' mas, logo no dia seguinte, eles voltaram atrás, o que eu achei bom!
5) Quanto ao Oberlo, o anterior dava show de bola, era nota 1000. Resolveram mudar, mas mudaram muito. Deveria ser aos poucos. Na minha concepção, além dos problemas ocasionados, a nota para o novo Oberlo é '0'.
Espero alterar minha nota do app para positivo. Só depende da Oberlo!

God's Elect Shop

I am disappointed in my first order through Oberlo, because I ordered and paid for the items. and have been watching the store say it is in process for 2 weeks. then today I go to Ali express and the majority of my order has been closed due to non payment. But the payment came out of my account and has not been returned. I am still waiting on an explanation.

Developer reply

October 14, 2020

Hey there! Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that happened on your first order. It shouldn't happen on any order at all, but sometimes suppliers on AliExpress fail to fulfill their orders for various reasons. In this case, it might have also had something to do with their payment system. In any event, it's frustrating to have that happen. We always suggest selecting suppliers that have an extremely high satisfaction rating with a long track record on the platform. Unfortunately, this issue has occurred in the AliExpress ecosystem and you'll need to resolve it with their customer chat line in order to figure out what happened with the payment. They're pretty good, however, and they'll either return your money or ship you the product. Thanks for taking the time to write us a review, and we sincerely apologize for the poor experience you've had so far. 🙂 -Jasper

Kids Zoomies

Don't bother using this app. PLEASE READ THIS YOU NEED TO KNOW!
1. Oberlo use to be the best app to use on Shopify, now they make them look bad.
2. There use to be a massage tab that will notify if products price change or got deleted. They took that out....WHY? 3. ( EXAMPLE ) A customer could go to your store and buy something for $20, thinking your profit is $5 than to find out that product had change price and now your negative $5 because it cost more than $20 to buy and ship. WTF GUYS Amateurs
4. There use to be the amount # of your products next to your products tab. GONE NOW!!!
5. I'm sure people will like to know how much items they have in there store....DUH
6.Oberlo charge you a fee if you have more then 500 items in your store. How the @#$% would I know the number of items I have, if you don't tell. You expect US to count every item!!!!!
7.DashBoard is GONE... THAT WAS a great way to fix, change or customize and see order detail. But is gone... Figure that out your self if you want to use Oberlo.
Wait Wait Wait there's MORE TO SURPRISE UPDATE!!!!!
2 to 6 You could find all that under products tab. But Wait There more!
Once you Waste your time clicking on the products tab you will see if any, products had change price or got deleted.... BUT YOU NEED TO CLICK ON EVERY SINGLE @#$%ing PRODUCT TO CHECK. Good for you if have only (20 item) ha, in your store. But if your like the rest of us, or planning to have hundreds of product in your store. Than set you ass down and go through every product to see if they change. WHAT A BIG WASTE OF TIME. Thank You Oberlo for taking time away from my store. I hope you really fix this, like yesterday. oh, one more thing. take out the all white on the web page. You already know that is not good health for people's eyes. Just put everything back how it was and only ask US what type of change WE would like to have. Use a survey...DUH. We are paying for the service. "If it's not broken don't fix it, otherwise you'll end up breaking it"

Developer reply

October 9, 2020

Hey there. Thanks for taking the time to write us a review, your feedback is really important to us. It helps us improve. Sounds like you are not a fan of the new version of Oberlo, we’re sorry to hear that. I wanted to reply to and express our apologies for some of the initial challenges you’re facing in the changeover.

You’re absolutely correct, the number of products you had imported was not visible briefly, this was a bug and has since been fixed. As far as the notification goes, the option still exists, you just need to select the “Notify Me” checkbox under the Settings menu towards the bottom.

We do charge a fee when you have more than 500 products in your store, but personally, I wouldn’t carry more than 100 to start. Unless you have a big advertising budget, it makes more sense to focus your energy and money on products that you think have the most potential.

I’m sorry to hear you find the process more tedious to check to see if product prices have changed. This is something I will be mentioning to our developers. In the meantime, the Dashboard issue is solvable and I suggest that you email in to ask about this specifically. We can authenticate your account and fix the issue.

Your feedback is really important to us, and prior to the changeover, we surveyed merchants to get feedback. Not everyone always agrees with the changes, and for that, we apologize. We wish you the best in your business in whatever form it takes in the future. -Jasper

La Casa del Bambú

Is it a 5 years old children who made this new design ? ugly, complicate to use .... how going from a top app to a very bad app ? Ask to oberlo designer they are good at that ...

Developer reply

October 5, 2020

Hi there! 👋 Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for caring about Oberlo and I know that change is uncomfortable, but we always have our merchants in mind with every step we take. We're excited to share our new and fresh look with everyone and I hope with some time you'll come around. 🙏 We have some amazing new content coming your way and we will always have dropshipping tips and tricks for our community. Thank you again. 🙂 -Kitana

Mon Univers Bébé : Le spécialiste du tour de lit bébé en France

Can agreed more than others people. I thought it was a bug but it's hurt my eyes too. It's like an "amateur" software...not really a professionnal design. I pay for this software, I'm quite sad that's ending like this...
Seriously, the designer (or the director marketing who agreed) who did this should be fired. It's covid19 time. Should do a questionnaire of design tastes before making such changes. You deserve a so much better branding. Gonna change my review when it will improve.

Developer reply

October 5, 2020

Thank you for your review! We have been working on our rebrand for a while now and we're excited to share this with everyone. I know change can be difficult but please know our main goal has not changed with this rebrand, and we are still your go to for dropshipping tips and tricks. We have a lot of new content coming your way and I hope you'll give our look some time to grow on you. Thank you again. -Kitana

La Maison du Bambou

this new branding makes a 5 star app a 1 star app.. really not usefull the color hurt the eyes and really not userfriendly.... Which company make a 100% new design without Test and Learn and without ask to some customers how is the new design ??? Your reply is a bullshit who even doesn't reply my comment ...
I'll change my review if oberlo come back to the old design or let us an option to choose between old or new design
I'm super angry because i spend a lot of time on oberlo everyday and now in 10 min my eyes hurt so much

Developer reply

October 5, 2020

Thank you so much for your feedback! We're excited about our new look and we want to make sure things are new and fresh. Of course we're still your go-to hub for exploring entrepreneurship. 🙏 We have some amazing content we can't wait to share with everyone! I know change can be overwhelming sometimes, but I hope it will grow on you soon! Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us. 🙂 -Kitana

The Stationery Life!

After going back and forth with their support for days they just stopped responding. Items that were out of stock with the originating seller were never removed from my store. Variations were out of stock and never removed from my store, even though I had them linked properly and had the update settings correct. I ended up selling items that could no longer be purchased to my buyers. To say that this app caused a great amount of embarrassment to me is an understatement. DO NOT use this for dropshipping. Find another app.

Developer reply

September 30, 2020

Hi there. My goodness, that sounds like a frustrating experience. I'm really sorry to hear that you not only had a poor interaction with our support but that the platform also caused you grief. That's not ideal and definitely not what we like to hear. This has also happened to me, but I had just incorrectly linked things so it was user error. That doesn't sound like it was the case here. Someone should have created a work order to inspect what might have happened. Did someone in support say that they would have someone look into it? Sometimes it takes a few days for bugs to be fully investigated. Either way, it sounds like we fell short in this interaction, and for that, we apologize. We would appreciate the opportunity to continue our investigation, please reach out to us so we can resolve the issue. -Jasper


This app is AWFUL! I wasted two days of my life carefully editing and importing product only to have it deleted from my shopify store. This happened to me twice! There is no contact number and using that chat box is pointless. They did nothing to help me.

Developer reply

September 30, 2020

Hi there. I'm really sorry to hear that you've had that happen to you. There's nothing more frustrating than losing work you've done, especially when it is tedious work like editing products! And having already had to do it once over. I'd be ready to kick us to the curb too. It sounds like this could be fixed and I'd urge you to reach out to a Support Advisor over the phone or live chat. They are well equipped to help you with Oberlo related questions. Sometimes data losses can be recovered or reverted back to. Our sincerest apologies with respect to the longer than average response time, we do our best to work as quickly as possible while providing quality support. Clearly, we've dropped the ball here and for that, there's no excuse. I wish you the best of luck with your eCommerce business. -Jasper