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if your making hundred of dollars, get out of this game. if your making thousands you NEED this. period.

updated** this "APP" is just inventory freeware that exists at big box retailers. LEARN YOUR INDUSTRY PEOPLE. RETAIL.

Developer reply

July 9, 2020

Hey there! We appreciate the review and kind words! We make our app for merchants like you, I’m happy to see it was able to provide you value. Also hundreds isn’t always a bad thing, because you need to make hundreds before you get to thousands, and you need thousands before tens of thousands! Happy dropshipping. 🙂 -Rio

Toys Jungle

I wouldn't recommend this app for anyone the shipping takes forever and you cant track your packages. If you enjoy giving refunds then this the app for you. If you don't like giving refunds then stay away from this app. Customers are unhappy waiting so long. I can't tell them where is the package( tracking is a joke) and when it will be delivered. I paid for shipping 16-26 days and it is over a month and wasn't delivered yet. I can't say if it is in China or Canada , Last tracking updates where two days after the package was shipped and no more tracking. Customers already asking me where is the package and I was told that they will report me to the bureau for fraud. Oberlo app is working good but making business with aliexpress is not the way Oberlo is telling you.

Developer reply

July 9, 2020

Hey there. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. Apologies for the experience you had shipping and tracking your packages. I’ve dealt with similar situations before so I know how this can feel. Customers may wait a while for their packages, but in my experience outlining a shipping policy clearly can help curb that question; and set the expectation that packages may take some time to ship. Check out our template for a shipping policy in this blog (https://bit.ly/3e9O3lh). If you have an order that has tracking but isn’t being updated, I’d suggest opening an appeal on AliExpress to get a refund for that product if possible. I’d also suggest checking out our guide on handling these situations (https://bit.ly/2DpGxGv). If you need some extra eyes on this case we’re happy to help! Just shoot us a message at hello@oberlo.com and we’ll see how we can assist you! 🙂 -Rio

Finest Tea House

很不错的软件,有库存同步,还可以直接把速卖通上的产品listing导入到我的店铺里面。目前还没有尝试直接下单的功能,如果直接下单功能也能同步的话那真的是相当不错了。 另外一个问题就是如果软件后台可以显示物流表现的话,会更好。

Organixx Goddess

This app is nothing but Alie Express and Alie Express is BADD !!! My customers are livid about the shipping times I dont think these orders are coming from USA even when you click on ships from USA!!! YALL NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER ON HERE I FEEL LIKE IM BEING SCAM OUT OF MY MONTHLY $30 A MONTH !! PLEASE DO BETTER SHOPIFY

Developer reply

July 9, 2020

Hey there! Thanks for taking time to leave us a review. We truly appreciate your feedback because it helps us create a better product for merchants like you. Currently Oberlo only integrates with AliExpress suppliers. I was in your position and felt the same way with one of my first dropshipping stores. The great thing is that you can actually vet suppliers and source products from a reliable one. We’ve got an awesome article that shows how to do exactly that (https://bit.ly/2Z9O7NG). I’d also reach out to the supplier to ask about their US warehouse and for more information if you see the items aren’t shipped from there. Regarding shipping timelines, it’s best to be clear and concise with customers regarding shipping to avoid any upset customers. I like to use a clear shipping policy outlined on my product pages! We’ve got a shipping policy template you can use in this blog (https://bit.ly/3e9O3lh). Hope that helps, if there’s anything else I can do for you let me know! 🙂 -Rio

Nifty Kitchen Goods

This would be a fine app if it had the ability to connect with different drop shipping suppliers other than Ali Express in China. The functionality of the app is okay. However, with this limitation of dealing with China's suppliers/products, Oberlo is the perfect vehicle to set the beginning drop shipper up for failure. Remember, Oberlo exists to sell you on Shopify. As long as they can seemingly make it easy, it's likely that you'll buy into the monthly subscription. The Oberlo 101 course (which is not appropriately updated with the current Facebook format) makes it even more attractive but, again, connecting with Chinese suppliers puts you in a position of developing a bad reputation with your potential customers (if you get any). Why? Because it will take over a month, on average, for your customers to receive their ordered products. Oberlo, via their training and promotional videos, does everything it can to convince you that being concerned about disappointing your customers in this manner is hardly necessary. That in itself qualifies Oberlo to be placed in the category of "e-commerce scams."

Response to Shopify/Oberlo reply:

Re: "Remember, our ultimate goal is to see you succeed":

Your ultimate goal is to collect the $29/month from those beginners for whom you provide unjustified optimism when it comes to trying to start a business with the help of Chinese suppliers. "Chinese" and "quality" are two words not to be used in the same sentence when it comes to the drop shipping business. Also, regarding Shopify's free trial of 90 days. Even that time is hardly enough to implement the strategies provided in your online course, as it has been two months since ordering test products and a number of them STILL haven't arrived. A word to beginners: do not place faith in this system which will ultimately blemish the reputation of your online store should you ever get it off the ground.

Developer reply

July 9, 2020

Hi! I’m sorry to hear you had this experience with Oberlo and thank you for taking the time to leave a feedback for us.
I completely understand the need of finding dropshipping suppliers outside of China as it would also tackle the shipping time issue at the same time. I am happy to tell you that AliExpress does offer dropshipping products from their warehouses outside of China and you can import those to your store through Oberlo just as easy and fast.

As with anything in life, on AliExpress there are some not so great suppliers, and a lot of great ones. I suggest using Top Brand suppliers on AliExpress as they are rated the best for their products and customer support.
I also hear the frustration with shipping times as it’s affecting all of us merchants right now. The pandemic has really slowed the flow of products down significantly and products coming from overseas are taking longer than usual.
If you keep on selling items from China suppliers I’d suggest going through our Blogs(https://bit.ly/3easj8T) and YouTube (https://bit.ly/38HgeHl) on ideas on how to overcome long shipping time.

Alternatively you can always get in touch with our Customer Support and they’ll be happy to share some tips and tricks with you.🙂
I hope you still pursue your dreams no matter what tools you use to get there! Remember, our ultimate goal is to see you succeed and we’re always here to help. ✌ - Iris

Fashion Barn

This app makes finding and adding products to my store incredibly easy. It only takes a few clicks to add a product to your store.

Developer reply

July 9, 2020

Hi there! Thanks so much for a great review. I’m absolutely thrilled to hear you find our app easy to use and resourceful. I couldn’t agree more that Oberlo makes life easier for entrepreneurs. 🙌
Never hesitate to reach out if you need us, we're eager to help you thrive and build a long-lasting business.😊 -Iris


App by shopify? Are you serious? You dont allow drop shipping, but you have created an app for drop shipping? If I can give zero stars, I will. Not only for this app, it's also for stupid shopify.

PS. If you use this app, you will get banned by shopify payment.

Developer reply

July 9, 2020

Hey there! I wanted to thank you for your feedback here and say we are really sorry about the experience you had with Oberlo app. Oberlo is developed to make the dropshipping process more straightforward, easy and resourceful so we definitely encourage dropshippers to use it due to its many features.
However it seems like you had issues while setting up Shopify Payment gateway. I agree that the store setup process sometimes can be overwhelming because I have gone through it myself. Trust me, Oberlo has your back and wants to see you thrive!👍

I can assure you there is no payment gateway, including Shopify Payments that would ban any store for using Oberlo app itself. The root of this issue must be different so I’d recommend getting in touch with our Customer Success team at hello@oberlo.com. There is also a chat icon in the bottom of your Oberlo account and they would be happy to look into it further for you. Wish you all the best with your business in the future.🙂 - Iris


Serh sehr schlechte App, funktioniert weder auf Deutsch noch kann man Produkte importien oder Bestellungen ausführen.

Lovejoy Goods

I wouldn't recommend this app for anyone the shipping takes forever and you cant track your packages

Developer reply

June 29, 2020

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to write us a review. I can appreciate your frustration with shipping times. In fact, it's frustrating for all of us merchants right now. The pandemic has really slowed the flow of products down significantly and products coming from overseas are taking longer than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Jasper

Gemstone Collectors U.S.

Junk company and application. Nothing but a nightmare. Every product that you import that has free shipping when finally purchase on your store eds up costing between 5-15 dollars shipping, making it impossible to calculate costs and profit. Will only make you lose money and the shipping times are insanely too long 45-65 days. Tons of errors and bugs. Do not install it. Store owners beware. Shopify needs to remove them!

Developer reply

June 29, 2020

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review, we appreciate your feedback -- it's how we get better. I'm really sorry to hear you had such a poor experience using the app. No fun at all. The lead times for shipments right now as a result of the pandemic have most certainly been a challenge for merchants. When it comes to the shipping issue, I'm sorry we've missed the mark and were unable to show you the features in more detail. You definitely can ship products for free or for a very nominal fee, but it comes down to which suppliers you're choosing. Nevertheless, I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience and I wish you the best with your online business. -Jasper