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Modern Hip

Update - July 20, 2017

After leaving the review below, I received an email from Oberlo asking me to remove it in exchange for a free plan upgrade. So, when I had a pressing question that impacted my bottom line it took them 5 days to reply. But, when I posted an honest review that impacts THEIR business, I get an email in less than 12 hours.

Original Post - July 19, 2017

Useful for quickly marking items on AliExpress that you might want to sell, and for keeping track of the link between Shopify products and AliExpress products. Beyond that, it's useless.

I used Oberlo to place an order two weeks ago. The Ali seller didn't ship the order, so I wanted to cancel with that seller and order through another. Could not be done with Oberlo. I messaged the "chat" support on Friday afternoon, then I had to find a manual work around. I finally received an email reply from support on Wednesday telling me to read an FAQ page (which I obviously did before messaging support).

During the import process you'll still have to do a LOT of work on the Shopify side on photos, titles, and product descriptions.

During the order process it saves a few lines of typing, but costs me about 7.5% in lost AliBonus for no reason. It used to work, but Kludgy. Now they claim it's disabled for some lame reason. The real reason is that they want the bonus themselves.


am not sure yet am just a starter..

Modern Bigfoot

After using Oberlo for almost four months, I'm updating my review. While I've had sales, I've also had to order duplicates of products during Chinese New Year, when factories shut down. I ordered hats, electric lighters, clothes, etc off of ebay during Chinese New Year. So I paid double for the product to keep customers happy. I requested the orders be cancelled on AliExpress and the factories disregarded and sent the product anyway. None of this was Oberlo's fault, but they do not do enough to let drop shippers know just how bad the Chinese New Year is for drop ship sellers. It last three weeks. They shut down their entire post office in China one week before CNY, so you aren't getting anything shipped for a month. Customers don't understand that. So my customers during CNY got two of everything they ordered.

So I switched over to use the new Oberlo Supply Beta, which supposedly works with only the best AliExpress sellers directly in the Oberlo app. This seems great, but you, the drop shipper have NO WAY to contact that factory if anything goes wrong. You have to use Oberlo support and they are the go-between.

I had an order go to Spain and get denied by customs. I have no idea why and have no way to ask the factory. I spent three weeks with Oberlo support trying to get help. I eventually requested a refund through Oberlo from the factory, the factory got the lighter back and RESENT it and disregarded my refund request. I already refunded my customer because it had been over a month.

I've lost money on this whole experience. I am taking down my entire store this weekend and will no longer be using Oberlo. It was overall a hassle, time-consuming, money losing experience and not a single factory in China has any desire to work WITH me, just take my money. Shipping time from the factories also went from about 12 days to up to 30 days to the USA.

And my advice is NOT to use the Oberlo Supply Beta for selling. You the seller have ZERO control over that at all and the factories are not any different than the AliExpress ones, just more inaccessible. It's not a working system at all.

Too much trouble and not enough good things to justify keeping the store open.

With regards to my previous review below, I will say that the Chrome browser add on works very well. It is one-click.


This app has been incredibly helpful in starting my business. The Oberlo app, the Chrome browser addon, and my Aliexpress account make it truly one-click ordering. Customers order, I click on the Order product on Oberlo and voila, it's done. The tracking number update has worked great, too. I really appreciate how much thought they've put into this app and making it work so seamlessly for users. I highly recommend this app. modernbigfoot.com

Online Melon

Hmm. I wanted this to be good and I can see the advantages but for me there is a quite a few disadvantages.

1. Most technology items are 10-30% cheaper on Amazon, so therefore we may as well use Amazon to place orders. The customer then only has to wait 2-5 days and gets free shipping.

2. Product descriptions are terrible you waste endless time having to write a full description and correct terrible English from the product specs. Each product I find I'm spending 3-10 minutes have to re-write everything to make sure it looks professional.

3. Some items have a list of around 100 different colours, specs and countries you can use to dispatch the item. Again more time wasted having to add/remove and amend the endless product types.

I love this idea and it could work nicely, but for me customers can find items much much cheaper elsewhere and not have to wait up to 2 months for delivery. I'm not saving time or energy either, dealing to work on the text, images and products I want to list.

Adult Toys On Sale

Imports incorrect pictures, trial is only for 15 products which sucks when you cant even import correct items. Support Sales page goes blank and u cant even log a support request. Why am i even giving 2 stars...

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