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Lemon Gem Creative

Decided to try this out before punting it to my customers. Such a great notion but not really working in real life. My parcel took two months to get to my country (promised 35 days) and has spent another month travelling from post office to post office landing at one 120km's away from where I live. No notifications. No email updates. No communication until I reached out asking what was going on.

Now, instead of seeing this transaction through and continuing support, I've just been issued with a refund... marvellous. Not.

Really, Oberlo. The system works on paper but you need to sort the international shipping story out. There are millions of South Africans who would purchase your products but very few of them, myself included now, believe their product will arrive as promised.

Very blue about this.


Unremovable sale icons very obnoxious.

Halo Halo Smorgasboard

Not efficient importing products from Aliexpress. I need to alway turn on and off chrome extension to import the product which is very tidieus.

Kaios Closet

I was really excited when I first started using this app for my store. A majority of my products were from Oberlo and they made everything simple and easy. However, when you try to edit a product in Oberlo before importing it to the store, most of the changed you made, especially in the tags, will not transfer to the store. So, you have to edit the product again after it is imported.
Also, if there is a problem with a product never arriving, it is impossible to receive any kind of help on the issue. I had a product never arrive, even after 4 months. I contacted Oberlo for help but they never responded and the tracking number given for the product showed up with no results. Since then, I have removed every Oberlo product from my store and only use Oberlo to import AliExpress items because I can talk directly to vendors with AliExpress. I recommend the app only to add AliExpress items; do not use it to sell Oberlo Supply items.

Sharper Designs Online

Incredibly useful concept, but this chrome extension is underdeveloped and far from being perfect!! it bugs out on me and my team every single day! their support team is responsive in terms of answering, however after a few attempts in fixing this issue, its still happening and slowing down our flow. very very frustrating to say the least!!

if you get a couple or few orders per day, then chances are you will be fine using oberlo, but if you have a busy store with lots of daily orders, then i would highly suggest to look at a more stable solution!


Great app, keep in mind you still have to do things manually but that´s pretty normal. BAD POINTS for the Support. Customer service is not very responsive, waiting more than two days already for an answer.


This app is one piece of torture app , becarefull if you have 2 or more stores, because this app will mess u app, mess ur store app, make u do your work 2 or 3 times, this app have amazing interface and CRAPPY user experience. yah, it changed the face of drop shipping from ali-express, but only because there were no one else when they started.
Not only that, their development is so slow, hardly developing. only focusing on re-target your ass after they already own it. what a waist of money.
the only awesome thing about this app is the fact that its free up to 500 items.

after it made me import and re write description for 20 items to the wrong store (because this app sucks) i'm switching to dropified, which im little angry of, but just because they don't have free subscription program, and their starting price is high, but hey, im willing to pay for it, after this app had demolished my soul.
i just can't look at this alix product description anymore.
thank u oberlo for making me work harder.


Alibaba is a better site to find good products to sell! I just need to find a free app that supports Alibaba. To use Oberlo correctly you have to go to Aliexpress use their search engine find what you want if they have it that is! then copy the url paste it in the url search in Oberlo then you can then add the product to your store! With Alibaba you search for what you want and what you are probably looking for will probably be on the first page. Yes, I have tried chatting with Oberlo on their site but nothing changes. When you ask for help you will get a long wind response on how to get what you need done! When the help that you need can be answered in 2 or 3 sentences!

Modern Hip

Update - July 20, 2017

After leaving the review below, I received an email from Oberlo asking me to remove it in exchange for a free plan upgrade. So, when I had a pressing question that impacted my bottom line it took them 5 days to reply. But, when I posted an honest review that impacts THEIR business, I get an email in less than 12 hours.

Original Post - July 19, 2017

Useful for quickly marking items on AliExpress that you might want to sell, and for keeping track of the link between Shopify products and AliExpress products. Beyond that, it's useless.

I used Oberlo to place an order two weeks ago. The Ali seller didn't ship the order, so I wanted to cancel with that seller and order through another. Could not be done with Oberlo. I messaged the "chat" support on Friday afternoon, then I had to find a manual work around. I finally received an email reply from support on Wednesday telling me to read an FAQ page (which I obviously did before messaging support).

During the import process you'll still have to do a LOT of work on the Shopify side on photos, titles, and product descriptions.

During the order process it saves a few lines of typing, but costs me about 7.5% in lost AliBonus for no reason. It used to work, but Kludgy. Now they claim it's disabled for some lame reason. The real reason is that they want the bonus themselves.


am not sure yet am just a starter..