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Horrible app! THEY ARE SCAMMERS !! I bought my store 10 months ago and changed the subscription plan to the starter plan . THe previous owner had the paid basic plan. THey have charged me the basic plan price of 29 per month for 10 months. When i examined my credit card and realized the mistake i contacted Obero support. Basically what i got was a bunch of gaslighting and manipulations and lies. They are sticking to their scam of charging people for the incorrect plan. Horrible app and horrible customer support. I feel so violated

Developer reply

August 20, 2019

Hi there. I'm terribly sorry to hear you've had such a poor experience. It's extremely frustrating when you pay for something you opted out of, and even more frustrating when you cannot rectify the issue. It sounds like there's been a misunderstanding, we're certainly not interested in falsely charging merchants. Sometimes, however, merchants opt-out and then opt back in when they cross certain thresholds in their store. We often offer credits for a couple of months when an error is caught quickly, but 10 months is a long time to have an app active and we do not have any way to see if you were making use of the benefits that the higher tier offers. That is likely the reason our CSM's were unauthorized to offer a refund. That said, I think it would be worthwhile to reach out to us again so we can take a closer look, there may be something we can do to resolve the issue. -Jasper


Price of Oberlo is extremely expensive, need lower lower pricing like first month $10 for 10000 items, $20 for unlimited then gradually increased after 3rd month.
Oberlo need integration and synchronization not only with aliexpress but also with amazon, ebay, taobao, tmall.
Reduce oberlo pricing so new startup merchants can easily adapted.

Using API to import via oberlo restricted to 50.000 variants and 1000 variants per days, in pricing page, it stated that item on shopify, products is unlimited but reality it is restricted to 1000 variants a day, it is violation term of use unlimited products.

Developer reply

August 9, 2019

Thank you for the comment and suggestion. Oberlo has a FREE plan for people who are starting out. This plan allows you to import up to 500 products into your store. I know a lot of people want thousands of products, but realistically it's easier to start with a few and focus on the marketing side of things. You can always add more products as you grow. I hope that helps. 😀 -Kitana

Yoga Clothing for You

Cheap Chinese knockoffs being sold. No US based suppliers allowed to sell on platform. Exclusive to Aliexpress which means there is a huge language barrier and shipping times take forever

Developer reply

August 9, 2019

Hi there! Sorry you didn't have a great experience. I just wanted to let you know that there are suppliers that have warehouses in the USA that you can use in your store. You can check the help doc here for more information (https://bit.ly/2LEXxL1). If you have any other concerns please reach out to our support team as they would love to help you with any questions you might have. Hello@Oberlo.com. 🙂 -Kitana

The Rule #9 Store

This is SERIOUS! I sell knives and I have done so for years. I was BLOWN AWAY to see Oberlo offering clone and counterfeit knives to U.S. sellers to dropship. Setting new and not so knowledgable sellers up for failure and even possibly legsl issues! NO WAY OBERLO! I will never recommend you to anyone! Serious FAIL!!!

Developer reply

August 9, 2019

Hi there, so sorry you had that experience with our app. Oberlo connects merchants to suppliers on AliExpress. We can't control the products on AliExpress but if you ever see a product that is being shown on the Oberlo app that is counterfeit, please let us know by contacting our support with the link. We do not support suppliers who sell counterfeit items. If you still have those links please send them in. Hopefully we can change this experience around for you. 🙂 -Kitana


It is a great concept and it is something that could definitely work IF applied properly. Supplier did not respond and as per T&Cs, you can't recoup your cancel your order until X days. This meant I had to source the very scarce product manually (not from Oberlo) at a loss, and then post it myself. This defeats the concept of drop shipping. Oberlo needs to be vetting suppliers at the start and even periodically!! Perhaps my experience is an anomaly, however it is mine to share and that is the exact reason you get 1 star. I was tempted to do 2 star, however because of Oberlo's slow time to respond, you only get 1 :(

Developer reply

July 16, 2019

Hi there! I'm terribly sorry to hear you had such a poor supplier experience. You're absolutely correct, it's extremely frustrating when suppliers can not adhere to what is set out in the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, AliExpress is its own entity and therefore is not something we have much control over. We do vet specific products and block them from being imported if the product is in violation of Shopify's terms of use or infringes on trademark/copyright. We highly suggest using suppliers that have a higher than 98% satisfaction rating and that have been selling on the platform for over three years to avoid some of the less reputable suppliers. And our sincerest apologies for the slow response time! Sometimes we can be quick to reply and sometimes we miss the mark. Thanks for your review and the feedback, you're the reason we continue to get better. Take care and we wish you the best of luck with your online business in whatever form it takes. -Jasper


APP is not working properly. Items are no longer available at the supplier or cost prices change and we didn't get any notification as we were supposed to. Contacted customer servive via chat and this is the last message we wrote there: "Passed 10 hours since my last message and not only I did not get any feedback from you as I did not get any notification regarding the end of availability of the mentioned item. Totally unsatisfied with your service."


Lacks functionalities like bulk edit or bulk delete of products. Recently Oberlo stopped their Oberlo Verified Suppliers, which they kept saying it's the best thing ever... I spent countless hours loading up on these suppliers and now I need to delete the 300+ items I added to my cart, one by one!!!!!!

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Hi there. I'm really sorry to hear you had a poor experience using Oberlo. You're right, we've since removed all Verified Suppliers from the platform as, unfortunately, having our internal suppliers was not serving our merchant base. I really appreciate you annoying that must have been for you. It was something we really needed to do for the overall good, but of course, some people were stuck having to replace all of the products in their store with alternatives. We issued a notice several months ago and in one week all of the orders will cease. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. -Jasper


I had a blazer listed on my website that was listed through Oberlo for a super low price. When it came to fulfill the order, the price that I needed to pay was eight and a half times higher. I can't recommend or trust an app that will change prices at the tip of a hat. Do not use.

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Hey there. Thank you for your review. I’m so sorry to hear you had that experience while using the Oberlo app. Within Oberlo we have the Auto Updates feature (https://bit.ly/2LybMB9) that will automatically update your prices if a supplier raises the product price. This is the best way to make sure you aren’t losing money on your sales. Thank you once again for leaving your feedback and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any question or concern. - Kitana

PricklyCactus Boutique

I love how Oberlo workd just dont like Aliexpress shipping times ....we are in this generation were they want the product fast ! 14 days tops....sorry im deleting the app cause i need something trust worth and durable

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Hi there. Thank you so much for leaving this feedback for us. I’m sorry to hear that this was your experience with AliExpress. Many people don’t know this but you can find great products on AliExpress that ship from locations other than China. If you’re targeting customers in the USA, you can find products that ship from the USA and will use USPS shipping that has an average of 6 - 12 days. AliExpress does not only have this for the USA, but other countries also.

Check out this great help doc that will show you how to find those products (https://bit.ly/2NhmEWI). If you need any help with this just let us know. - Kitana


I tried OBERLO. It has a seamless amazing powerful outstanding integration.
But I am totally dissatisfied….
I have added a product from "AliExpress" to my Shopify store. I got my first order. I was shocked to discover that AliExpress has used my information from my Shopify order and sent a marketing email to my customer asking him to join AliExpress to be able to track his shipment.

This is not helping me to grow as a drop shipping client. In fact, my shopify store was used as a bridge to reach to my customer and telling him indirectly that "AliExpress" IS THE PROVIDER FOR THE PRODUCT.

What a behavior that has broken my trust in using OBERLO as a drop shipping tool to be linked to my Shopify account. unfortunately, there are no negative stars to rate the application and show my dissatisfaction, and that is why I have chosen one star to rate it. Otherwise, I will use 10 negative stars to rate OBERLO.

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I’m sorry to hear you had that experience with the Oberlo app. This is not the experience we want our merchants to go through. When you get an order in your store and you use the Oberlo Chrome Extension to place the orders you want to make sure you’re logged into your AliExpress account. By logging into your AliExpress account your own email will be the one used in the checkout process and not your customers. This will make sure the AliExpress supplier will have no contact information for your customer and the automated tracking email will not be sent to them from AliExpress.

Again, I’m sorry to hear you experienced this. If you have any other concerns you want to share with us please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support so we can help you with addressing them, and getting your account set up. -Kitana

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