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Worst fucking shit ever. Use this if you suck at fucking ecom and want to fail. Not a single successful person uses fucking Oberlo. This app is dogshit.

Bougie Barn

Don't use Oberlo with Ali if you want to actually run a business. Even Shopify merchants processing look down upon it. Oberlo app looks nice and easy to use unfortunately it works with Ali Express which is the absolute worst. Use a dropship agent, or Alibaba dropship or other avail option if your taking your business serious. You'll end up getting 50-60% of your orders with NO Tracking number, 7-10 day delays with terrible customer service from Ali vendors. Meanwhile other dropshipping apps have much more reliable sellers with much better customer service. If your doing this a $100 month side business and don't care than Oberlo with Ali would be fine. But if your going to make a business out of your store, listen to everyone before that want's a long term option, that Shopify payments will perfer, and retain actuall repeat business which is almost impossible using Oberlo with Ali in 2020.


eu estou tentando usar esse app mais nao consigo mandar para a loja os produtos . ele nao esta reconhecendo a minha loja .

The L.A. District

Support is crap. It should be way way better. When you leave a message, they start a chat with you with one sentence, and you keep on typing messages. You wont hear from them again they will just leave you there in the conversation. If they get back to you, you will get a scripted robotic answer. I think they should learn from Shopify how shopify to the chat support. Oberlo support is not customer service oriented and feels like taken for granted service.

Developer reply

March 17, 2020

Hello there. Thank you for taking the time to share feedback with us. I am terribly sorry to hear that your experience was less than satisfactory. This is definitely not how we want our customer support to be perceived, and we hate to hear this sort of thing. Your review certainly helps us improve, so thanks once again. -April


I was automatically banned from Shopify Payments for using Oberlo to upload my products. Unless you have your own payment provider AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Developer reply

March 18, 2020

Hey there. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are terribly sorry about the unsatisfactory experience you had with Oberlo. It seems like you had issues while setting up a payment gateway. Our Customer Success team would be happy to help you with that. Please get in touch at hello@oberlo.com and we will look into it for you. Once again, apologies for the inconvenience! -April

Axioma Tec

it dosn t work right now!!!!! how can i fix this or you ?????????????????????????????????????????????

Developer reply

January 17, 2020

Thank you for your review. There was an intermittent, but widespread issue throughout the course of the last week which has now been resolved. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. 🙂 -Jasper

Game Plan Experts

The app is supposed to sync products so you don't sell something that is out of stock. It has sold things two out of three times that were out of stock with the original distributor but I found the same product available from another vendor. after two chats and several days I've basically just given up their support is non-existent.

Developer reply

January 9, 2020

Hey there. I'm really sorry to hear you've experienced this in your store. It happens to me often as well. It's not a glitch or a syncing issue, however. It occurs because AliExpress pushes new inventory data out to Oberlo/Shopify once every 24-72 hours. You can imagine that with millions of products, it can take a while for all data to update across the website. This means that there can be a discrepancy in inventory data and can cause out of stock sales to occur. As far as our support goes, I'm really sorry to hear you did not receive a timely response, that's on us. Thanks for taking the time to write us a review. If we don't hear from you, it's hard for us to improve, so it's greatly appreciated. 🙂 -Jasper

Lynda Anne

Pricey for an Aliexpress add on. Really doesn't do anything but import products from aliexpress and then collect a substantial monthly cut. And since it only works with Aliexpress, you're at the mercy of Aliexpress ethics. Aliexpress sellers are notorious for misrepresenting shipping times (bait and switch is illegal in the USA) which leads to a very high return rate and unsatisfactory reviews. In short, it will ruin your reputation, costing you money and time. Now that Shopify is keeping their fees on returned goods you will really be getting stuck from all angles. You will be paying for unethical business practices from every app involved in the process. Not a good way to start (or keep) your business. Also, the phone app is a cluster of frustration. It doesn't work, won't connect with shopify so I can't place any of my customers orders from my phone. It's the gatekeeper between my customers' orders and aliexpress, but it doesn't work on the iphone 11 pro max. What a waste. Absolutely unsatisfactory. And finally there is a practice of late by apps with poor reviews to try to convince you that your experience is wrong and you need to change your review. That is a dead give away that the company is a scam and they will not be changing bad practices anytime soon.

Developer reply

December 16, 2019

Hey, Lynda Anne! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us, it helps us to improve. As you likely know, we do have paid versions of our app, but you are also able to use Oberlo for free indefinitely with no cap on monthly orders. Our first paid tier is only $29USD and if your store is doing well, and you're scaling, then it's not an unreasonable fee to pay to unlock features one would need at that point.

When it comes to AliExpress, you're right. They're a largely unregulated company and so it's important you do what is necessary to protect yourself. We suggest working with suppliers who have a longstanding track record of excellent customer service. We also suggest that you sell generic products so that you can avoid selling products that may infringe on copyright or trademark.

Anyhow, we're sorry to hear that you didn't see value in our tool and we sincerely wish you the best in your business endeavors. 🙂 -Jasper

Sport Boost

Lot of bugs, I can't my find my 4 first sells in the app and I have to do the work manually because oberlo don't find any command. shitty app

Developer reply

December 4, 2019

Hey there! Sorry to hear you've had some trouble processing your first few orders. This is a part of the growing pains of new dropshipping businesses -- the issue of the missing orders is common and easily fixed using help docs like this (https://bit.ly/2zT0iUv). You're right, it does require that you manually override the products to re-initiate the connection, but this only occurs when you do an action in your store that breaks the sync. Once you know how to avoid this, you won't run into the issue again. Check out that guide for more information and when you have technical issues, please reach out so we can help you rectify them. 🙂 -Jasper

Laughing Pet

Awful experience! The app does not work properly! I have spent hours to write descriptions of the products only to find out that they could not be uploaded to my store after I have imported the products. Now I have to start all over again. Such a waste of time, they could even ensure smooth sync btw oberlo and shopify! Plus, many products are not available for import due to some mysterious reasons.

Developer reply

November 28, 2019

Hi there! Sorry to hear you've had some trouble using the system. It's no fun when tools don't work as you expect.

It sounds like you were writing descriptions in a CSV, is that right? It's too bad you had to find out that way that you cannot upload descriptions in that format. Descriptions must be written in the Shopify Admin product editor. Apologies if we were not clear on this.

When products are blocked from being imported, it's because we're prohibiting products that infringe on copyright or trademarks. This is for your protection. Whether it's obvious that a product violates terms of service, or not, it's blocked to mitigate your personal liability. That's why you cannot import certain products.

Sorry to hear you had that issues with the product descriptions. You definitely won't have that issue if you edit within the Admin moving forward. -Jasper

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