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  • Easily import and dropship products directly into your store;
  • Have your orders shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks;
  • Know that your inventory and prices are always up to date.

Looking for products to sell online? Find millions of them with Oberlo!

Oberlo allows you to easily add hundreds of products to your Shopify store and never worry about packaging or shipping.

Since the company’s founding in September, 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold over 85 million products around the world.

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Everything You Need In an Inventory Management Software:

Easily Import Dropship Products

Import dropship products from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace. After you find the product you want to import, just click the Oberlo icon and the product is ready to be published to your store.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

To ship a product to your customer, just click “Order Product” and confirm the order. Everything else is automatically done by Oberlo.

Inventory and Price Auto-Updates

Oberlo constantly updates your product price and stock levels, so you never sell a product that’s out of stock or above your retail price.

Product Customization

Edit your products as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, anything!

Pricing Automations

Create pricing rules, and price your products in bulk.

Shipment Tracking

Know where your orders are at all times with integrated order tracking.

Multiple User Accounts

Allow other people to help run your online store.

Filter Products with ePacket

With the ePacket filter, import only the products with the fastest delivery times.

Connect Existing Products

Find and connect products you’re already selling on your store to Oberlo.

Change Product Suppliers

Easily switch between the suppliers offering the best price.

Simple and Flexible pricing:

FREE Starter Plan is for those who are just starting out. It has all the main features and will perfectly suit you until you reach 50 orders/month.

Basic Plan ($29.90/mo) is for those who receive up to 500 orders/mo. It has shipment tracking and orders monitoring features.

Pro Plan ($79.90/mo) has all the features you need to scale your business. Unlimited orders number multiple users and sales channels.


Looking for Dropshipping advice? Join fellow entrepreneurs at Ask Oberlo

Learn how to grow your dropshipping business at Oberlo Blog


Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that Oberlo isn’t the right solution for your business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store.

Will my customers know I am dropshipping?

No, Oberlo doesn't inform your customer about the source of your products. We also don’t insert such information into your shop, and we don’t publish our customers list publicly.

More Questions?

Our Help Center is open 24/7. If you’d like to email us, reach out to our customer success specialists at hello@oberlo.com.

What is Dropshipping?

With dropshipping, store owners can sell and dropship products to their customers without actually seeing the products. After you sell a product, you simply buy it from a dropshipping supplier and have it shipped directly to the customer. Dropshippers love dropshipping because there is no inventory to hold, and a lower upfront investment lets you concentrate more on the most important thing – bringing in new customers.

What is Wholesale?

With wholesale, store owners need to buy bulk inventory to sell. This is a bit riskier to start-up because of upfront costs and there’s no guarantee that you’ll sell the products. You’ll also have to package and ship items yourself leaving you with less time to focus on marketing.

Popular Wholesale Ideas

How to Promote Your Oberlo Products

If you’re looking into how to make money online, try out some of these suggestions:

  • Advertising: If you’re looking to learn how to sell a product, learning how to advertise can help bring in more sales. Facebook Ads is great for impulse buy products while Google Ads is great for search based products. You can also advertise on platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram and via ad platforms.

  • Influencer Marketing: If you’re just starting out, you can partner with influencers who will promote your product for a fee (typically between $100-$400 per post). You’ll need to do research to determine which influencer can drive the most traffic and sales to your store.

  • Build an audience: Online retailers can build a following on their social media accounts. After you’ve built up a sizeable audience, you can promote products, sales and special offers to your customers to drive traffic back to your store.

  • Email Marketing: As you grow your customer base, you can increase repeat sales on your ecommerce website with email marketing. Whether you create a loyalty program or a sales promotion through email, as a retail business you can continue to drive traffic back to your store to grow your sales.

  • Public Relations:

    When learning how to make money, public relations is a great way to start. You can reach out to magazines and blogs to feature your products on their website to drive more traffic to your store.

Small Business Ideas

Here are a few of the most popular retail business ideas that you can start a store in.

Buy and Sell Online

With dropshipping, you can buy and sell online with ease. You only buy products as you sell them. There’s no need to spend thousands opening up a retail location, buy expensive bulk inventory, or spend hours packaging and shipping customers their products. Enjoy the lifestyle business that allows you to create a business on your own terms.

Add Oberlo to your store to choose from millions of amazing products. You can start selling products today!

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Oberlo reviews

2152 reviews
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  5. 1 star (69 reviews)

Love this app. I am new at this and this is the only one i could figure out how to use it very easily.


This is an amazing app! The importing works flawlessly and looks like it will only get better in time.

Good part: The importing process is amazing and can only get better with importing based upon collections -- the sky is the limit. The app is beautiful and the UX/UI is amazing

Also, the fulfillment system is incredible I can't wait to see their new order mngt system when it's released!

Bad part: So many features to come so I have nothing negative to say actually - the app is good enough to make you biased and wanting to tell everyone but aliexpress is such a secret treasure so all I can say is - if you tell others you may get competition ;) thank you Ali importer!!

EDIT - I've never seen such amazing and dedicated support as well as feature requests and the system has a beautiful UX/UI - Use this ASAP!


Highly recommend this app!
Seen some bad reviews and was worried at first but NO, it's really good!
Moreover I had some queries and contacted them and they replied me very quickly. Took my feedback seriously and even told me they have MORE upcoming features!


HIGHLY recommend this app, what a time saver it is, really opens up my ability to focus on other things. The developer is a great support, fast responses.


Massively overpriced for what the product actually does. Hasn't really helped speed up the process at all of importing products from AliExpress. Looks like the app will improve with time, and I would be willing to give it another go. But for now the 29.90 price tag is just plain greedy.


Era muy necesaria una app como esta para AliExpress. Enhorabuena !! la vamos a dar a conocer. Conocemos a miles de personas que les encantara!


Slow. Doesn't import a lot of products.


Amazing app! Easily import any product you like with a URL or through Shopify. This app makes a world of difference as you can edit anything and everything about a product and import straight to your online shop.
Customer service is also spot on, fast and very friendly!
Well done on a fantastic application!


We have been using this Ali app in our store for few weeks. I got to admit the fact that It has saved us tones of money which we had actually planned to spend on Hiring some virtual assistant to do these tasks manually. But with the help of this app, we are ourself are able to add products in our store easily.

I have messaged their support team time and again asking many questions, every time they replied back within few mins. I've never seen so dedicated and responsive founders and support team.


I contacted a web developer and he wanted $3,000 to make an app similar to this.This is only $30 a month you cant beat it. I am looking forward to them hopefully adding a way to automate all the tracking info/order processing as well. I can add products really fast.So far support has been really good. The only downside is that notifications box hasn't loaded the past few days and there's a woops message. This wasn't there when i first downloaded the app. Other than that the app does what it says it does.

EDIT: so after writing my initial review support instantly contacted me and fixed the problem with the notifications box in a few hours! I highly suggest using this app. Even though i don't want a flooded market of people doing the same thing as me =P

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