Obviyo Recommend

Obviyo Recommend

door Obviyo, inc

Hyper-personalization with the same AI used on Amazon.com

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Grow revenue by 10%-20%

90% of visitors leave your store because they can't find relevant products. Have live shopper behavior automate better recommended products.

Lift mobile rev up to 25%

Mobile shoppers stay half the time and create 50% less revenue vs desktop. Spark mobile sales with personalized product recommendations.

Boost your profit by 5%-15%

A 5% rise in retention can add 95% extra profit. Upsell and cross sell visitors with hyper-relevant recommendations – for web and email.

Over Obviyo Recommend

October 2021: HiConversion is now Obviyo.

Can you grow revenue per visit by 100% in 7-days? Put us to the test.

Obviyo (formerly HiConversion) Recommend uses live buying-signals, and Amazon's own AI to generate ultra-relevant personalized product recommendations – all in real time.


Visitors who engage with recommended products are producing 100% or more in revenue per visit compared to those who do not.

Only 1 out of every 1500 Shopify stores know how to do this

Proof from a few of our customers:

  • International furniture brand (% of revenue attributed: 55.6% | Revenue per visitor lift: +1,136%)

  • Leading beauty brand (% of revenue attributed: 21.1 | RPV lift: +275%)

  • Mid-sized supplement store (% of revenue attributed: 24.8 | RPV lift: +406%)

  • Fitness equipment brand (% of revenue attributed: 28.2 | RPV lift: +391%)

Right for you?

Exceptional product discovery is a must-have for all brands with 50+ products in their catalog, and $1M+ per year in Shopify sales.

What's better about Amazon's product recommendations?

To solve its own product discovery challenges, Amazon spent 20+ years innovating shopping personalization algorithms. The result is Amazon Personalize – the Internet's most powerful product recommendation technology.

OLD WAY: Other app use your customers' historical data.

  • Limited to 10% of your overall traffic; return buyers and look-alike visitors.

NEW WAY: Buying-signal driven recommendations, using live visitor actions and context to detect purchase intent.

  • Taps hidden revenue from the remaining 90% of your "cold traffic" – visitors who otherwise never buy. Only with Obviyo x Amazon Personalize.

Industry analysts estimate 35% of Amazon's revenue comes from personalization. And that personalized buying experiences makes buyers 54% more likely to become repeat buyers.

Use the Internet's most powerful recommendation engine: Amazon

Similar to Boeing or Airbus – who use 3rd party jet engines to power their planes – we use Amazon Personalize to power the most relevant web and email product recommendations. All designed for Shopify merchants.

Not for tire kickers

7-DAY CHALLENGE: Can we grow your revenue per visit by 100%?

(Limited space - first in; first served)

Challenge includes:

  • FREE 7-DAY TEST RUN: our elite team will implement 3-5 live recommendations (upsell, cross sell, frequently bought together, and more) for at least 7 days.

  • FREE ONBOARDING: for 7-Day Challengers who upgrade to paid plan; we'll build your product recommendation program and up-skill your team.

We're a Custom Storefront-ready app – contact us to learn more about integrating for headless.

“Amazon Web Services”, the “Powered by AWS” logo, and “Amazon Personalize” are trademarks of Amazon.

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Gratis te installeren

Free for up to 10,000 monthly page views

  • No charges until you choose a paid plan
  • Basic recommendations
  • Visual editor
  • Live reports
  • Limited online support



Up to 150,000 monthly page views.

  • Smart recommendations for product discovery, upsell, and cross sell
  • Visual editor
  • Live reports
  • Integration with Review apps
  • Online support



Up to 500,000 monthly page views.

  • All of Essential, plus:
  • Advanced recommendation strategies
  • Email personalization
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Priority online & phone support



Up to 2,000,000 monthly page views and $40 per additional 50,000 afterwards. Custom pricing available for large sites.

  • All of Growth, plus:
  • Context and audience customization
  • Audience analytics
  • Product analytics
  • Dedicated Success Manager

* Alle betalingen worden in USD gefactureerd.
** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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Meest recente recensies

Robinsons Singapore

Great recommendation app with a superb support team. The app is easy to use and has loads of product recommendation strategies that are all powered by Amazon. All driven by real-time algorithms, generating product recommendations based on visitors’ actions and buying context. Jared is very dedicated and always quick to help troubleshoot issues/answer questions when we encounter any. The team has done some custom coding to improve the styling of the widgets to match our theme and also take notes of our feedback and explains what's upcoming in their roadmap. Obviyo has helped in boosting our conversion and improving our customer journey. Highly recommend this app!


fabulous app. It increases our sales significantly, more than the other tool we used previously. The support team are also incredible, and very helpful. I high recommend.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

19 november 2021

Thank you so much for your 'fabulous' review! 🙌 😊

Rugs Done Right

This is a great find! The support team not only gives support, but also invaluable suggestions on improving revenue. I can't say enough about the personalized attention they've given us.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

19 november 2021

We really appreciate the feedback here, and it's an honor to collaborate! 😊