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Octane AI Messenger Marketing

Octane AI Messenger Marketing

Developed by Octane AI

10 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Increase sales by automatically messaging your customers with a Facebook chatbot
  • Notify customers when they abandon a cart, when you have a sale or offer, or create your own custom flows and segments
  • Implement Facebook Messenger best practices instantly - Automated messages, automatically answer questions, and an on-site bot

We are excited to share two new in-depth video testimonials from fast growing Shopify Plus merchants, Pure Cycles and Apt2B.

(Have questions? Email us at team@octane.ai!)

Getting Started

  1. Get the Octane AI Shopify app

  2. Connect your store's Facebook page to Octane AI

  3. Done! Everything is set up instantly (fully customizable)

  4. Sit back and relax, your customers will now automatically receive valuable messages from your store's Facebook page

What Octane AI Does For Your Store

  • Adds a Facebook Messenger checkbox next to all of your "Add to cart" buttons. Your store's Facebook page will be able to send automated messages to customers who click "Add to cart" with the checkbox checked.

  • Sends customers an interactive message when they abandon a cart, complete a purchase, their order is shipped, or an item is back in stock.

  • Tracks all revenue, clicks, opens, and data from your Facebook Messenger conversations, making it very easy to track and optimize ROI.

  • Send announcements and deals to all of your customers, or just to specific segments.

Advanced Features for Advanced Merchants

  • Embedded Chat on Your Website: Add a bot, with an automated conversation, to the bottom right of your website. You can use this to offer discounts, help customers find products, or collect email subscribers.

  • Convos: Create custom automated conversations for answering customer support questions and helping customers find products.

  • Flows: Set a trigger, delay, and a custom message to be sent to customers. Use this for purchase follow ups, win-backs, and more.

  • Decision Data: See an exact break down of which customer, and how many, clicked each button or sent each message.

  • Lists: Create manual and automated lists of customers.

  • Smart Responses: Tell your bot how to respond to specific questions or messages from customers. Your bot will then respond automatically to questions or messages it knows the responses to.

  • Email, Phone Number, and Location: Automatically ask customers for their email, phone number, and or location. Sync this with Klaviyo or use it to send targeted messages on Octane AI.

Watch the video demo of Octane AI to learn more.


Messenger Marketing Is the New Email Marketing

Octane AI increases sales for your store using Facebook Messenger. With Octane AI, you can run abandoned cart campaigns, answer customer questions automatically, create conversational FAQs, send receipts and shipping notifications, and help customers find products. You can run the same campaigns you have for email while avoiding email spam filters and reaching the 1.3 billion people on Messenger!

Recapture Your Abandoned Carts

Octane AI adds a Facebook-powered checkbox next to your Shopify store's "Add to cart" buttons. Whenever a customer clicks "Add to cart," they are automatically saved by Octane AI, their shopping actions are tracked, and, if they don't purchase within 60 minutes, abandoned cart campaigns are sent automatically over Facebook Messenger.

Automated Conversations That Lead to Sales

Every message sent from your Octane AI concierge is 100% customizable by you. Craft your messages to represent your brand and delight your customers.

Automate Your Frequently Asked Questions

Octane AI Smart Responses let you create conversational responses to the most common questions your customers ask. You no longer have to answer the same questions all the time!

Integrated with Klaviyo and More

Sync data from Klaviyo and your favorite Shopify apps with Octane AI. Use data from Octane AI to improve your campaigns and customer support. We're working on more app integrations -- email us with your request!

Analytics and Revenue Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard lets you track your chatbot's revenue and take action on your campaigns. Track your conversions, growth, recovered revenue, average cart value, abandoned cart campaigns, top customer questions, open rates, and much more! We show you every data point you would ever want to see about your store.

Customer Friendly

Customers can easily opt-in and opt-out of future messages with the click of a button. We care deeply about the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Trusted by Top Stores

GoPro, L'Oreal, Pure Cycles, Filly Flair, APT2B, and many more use Octane AI for their Facebook Messenger marketing.

Let Customers Message you Direct from your Store

Our "Message us" button can be added to your store, encouraging customers to chat with your Facebook Messenger bot.

GDRP Compliant

Octane AI is compliant with GDRP and has been reviewed by European law firms.

Still have questions? Email us!

Octane AI Messenger Marketing reviews

10 reviews
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Very nice app, has increased conversions and sales!


Octane messenger has increased our conversion rates. The broadcast option allows us to reach all fans directly and abandon cart messages have proven to be a huge success. Octane AI Messenger Marketing is a game changer.


If you have any traffic, this app will make you money! Converts way better than abandoned cart emails. Very easy to setup, and the most robust e-commerce messenger app out! No other app will let you fine tune your messenger re-marketing like octane AI


This product is a new sensation for e-com conversion. Incredibly easy to setup and requires no real management. The conversions are 2-3 times higher than we've seen in the past on our platform and a no-brainer for any of our future installs. Job well done.


Octane AI is a total game changer. After relying on ineffective email marketing for years, I decided to make the move over to messenger marketing.

My expectations were completely shattered within the first few weeks. Octane AI has allowed me to amass tens of thousands of followers that I can have impactful and meaningful conversations with that provide both them and myself value.

In addition to being able to instantly communicate with your most loyal fans/customers, Octane's integration with Shopify has boosted revenue for one of the best quarters I've ever had. Octane's abandoned cart messages is one of my favorite features!

Lastly, Octane's customer service is beyond great. I know that if I ever have a question, I can expect an answer or a tutorial within a few hours.

All in all, Octane AI is absolutely one of, if not, the best messenger marketing system out there. I could not recommend it more!


In the last 90 days, we've seen close to a 10% conversion rate on abandoned carts from using Octane AI. Not only that, the average order value from the sales converted are 14% higher than our overall average order.

Octane AI has tapped into a relatively unsaturated platform by marketing in FB Messenger-- which is incredibly brilliant considering how many people are logged into FB at all times.

Being in the luxury goods/fine jewelry space, our customers (in particular, our new customers) need some time to deliberate before purchase. That subtle nudge works wonders. Not to mention, Octane AI comes packed with other features e.g. targeted message blasts, conversation trees for customer service, etc.

Would highly recommend.


I could not say better things about this app! With the constant changes in social media, this is such an awesome tool to keep you in front of your audience! The team at Octane is so helpful whenever I have a question! I could not recommend this app more!


OctaneAI is HUGE success! It just 90 days I've seen almost 3x as much engagement from my abandoned cart messages compared to my AC emails.

We've brought in a ton of revenue and I didn't even have to do too much work. This. is. a. no-brainer.


Definitely proud to be one of the first reviews for this game-changing app. Octane AI takes Facebook Messenger Marketing and makes it so easy to use that anyone can do it. There's a lot of buzz for a reason.

Since installing the app, we've been able to market to our audience so much more intimately and effectively- everyone who puts something in their cart and is logged into facebook at the time of doing so gets an abandoned cart message which puts them into the messenger marketing flow. We have found that upwards of 75% of our users are logged into Facebook at the time of cart abandonment which is HUGE. Almost guaranteed deliverability and engagement (people don't treat messenger messages like they do emails- they're a lot more personal and a lot more effective).

And that's just the start, honestly. The dashboard can take a few go-arounds to get comfortable with to but, once you get the lay of the land, the options are endless. We've been able to create cool video campaigns with digital content that we've used before but has been otherwise stagnant for months/years and have channeled it into this new social platform (that was built for video among many other things). The integrations with things like youtube are shockingly easy to use.

Overall, this is a no brainer for any shopify store that is interested in messenger marketing (which they should be). A great app, great support team and good vibes all around.


Octane is a huge time saver and helps create engagement through Facebook, without having to use internal resources to manage Facebook communication. They have a great abandon cart function, that automatically reminds customers about products left in their cart. ROI has been 10x for Octane and as we continue to mine and tweak the Facebook Messenger AI, we expect that to increase significantly.

The way we communicate with customers is changing. It's no longer email, it's now Facebook messenger, texts, Instagram, Twitter and way more. Octane is at the forefront of Facebook Messenger AI and they are a great tool.

From $0.00 / month

Octane AI includes a 30 day free trial.

Octane AI starts at $99 a month including abandoned cart messages, receipts, shipping messages, a chat widget on your store, and automated answers to customer questions.

Great customer support for every plan.

30 days

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