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Fecha de modificación: 12 de diciembre de 2019

I used this app for about a year and with all its menus, bells, and whistles, most of the program focuses on ads and bot messages.

We have never paid for an add and through experience, find bots to be well, robots, not humans who can customize content live.

We did get about 200 new subscribers, but with our Facebook Page, that is minimal. The widgets/plug ins they have for your site seem to get in the way and there are just too many of them that it can interfere with the experience your client is having on your site with a constant call to action to go to Facebook Messenger instead of our website.

The app seems to be in cohoots with Facebook to get you to spend money on ads etc. in promises that it will lead to more sales. It may lead to more sales, but doing it for free won't get you anywhere, and there is no guarantee with the ads.

Sorry Facebook, but you will fade away in becoming too big.

True African Art
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
13 de julio de 2022

Reading other low reviews about customer service I have to say we had a totally different experience so hopefully this issue has now been sorted. The customer support team went above and beyond to try and help us find a solution to our problem and responded really quickly. The only issue is I don't think it's possible for the app to do what we need which is why we've scored so low as it feels like this should be quite a fundamental feature for a lot of stores. We wanted to have 3 quizzes all pointing towards a database via an automation. Quiz 1 was fine, but if the same user takes Quiz 1 followed by Quiz 2, it won't let you export the Quiz 2 data unless they are using the same browser. So if a user takes Quiz 1 on their mobile & Quiz 2 later on another device, you can't access the data for Quiz 2 - only the first quiz they submitted. If you only want 1 quiz as a product recommendation option it's probably a great tool and the dashboard is super clean and easy to use. But if you're looking to use multiple quizzes or have integrations into third party apps it's unfortunately not possible at the moment.

Wine Unpacked
Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación