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22 juni 2023

Ivana and Mark really hung in there with me, and did their very best to work with me on setting up my first quiz. The app is now working as it should but it took me more than a week to get it there. The reason for my rating is that:
1. Mark and Ivana can use more help in order for Octane AI to have faster response times.
2. The AI Logic seems a little flawed: It was providing inaccurate product descriptions for the products it was recommending. Fortunately, I worked around it via Dynamic Logic.

Hoping that the kinks get fixed in AI Logic.


Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 23 juli 2021

A little hard to get used to using it, especially the "rules" Customer service gets back quickly, so make sure to use the chat.

17 dagar användning av appen
19 januari 2019

I think this APP has huge potential. Their customer support is awesome.

Unfortunately if your market is not English speaking and you need to be able to translate button texts into your own language, then this APP becomes useless because ist not possible. Many buttons and certain Bot texts are fixed and cannot be translated or customized. Are real pity and a huge disappointment for us.

Hopefully the developer will change this. Shouldn't be so hard and they would open the App to more markets and avoid disappointment of users who find that issue out after they invested time to install and test the Bot.

9 dagar användning av appen
2 augusti 2021

Customer service is quick to respond but aren't quite across the Shopify platform, or just how eCommerce stores work. We intended to use their pop-up quiz but found it would take way too long to set up for stores like ours with 1000+ products. You need to select the products that match a selection of quiz answers manually, rather than being able to overlap collections or use tag-based filtering. We'd be back in a heartbeat if this was fixed.

Cheap Rugs Australia
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