Official Swiss Post App

Official Swiss Post App

eCommercify AB

Includes Barcode label printer and address validator

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Creation of compliant labels for parcels and express shipments for large volumes


Status reports on your shipments for Track and Trace


Create labels for multiple orders at once

Official Swiss Post App 정보

The official plugins of the Swiss Post make it easier for you to send goods. This not only saves you valuable shipping time, but also ensures a smooth customer experience in the ordering process - without any development effort.


With the Barcode Plugin you generate and print labels with barcodes for your parcels, letters and express shipments directly from your system. You also benefit from the exchange of consignment and billing data and status reports between your company and Swiss Post. This simplifies mail handling, creates transparency throughout the entire dispatch process and saves costs and time. You can also upload your own image (e.g. company logo) and print it on the label. To further simplify the ordering process, the integration enables the automatic transfer of address data from orders.

Address Verification

Have your address details validated by the most up-to-date address directory in Switzerland. Support your customers in entering their addresses correctly, protect yourself against fraud and show your customers which shipping options are available at their address. With Address Verification, you can reduce the number of returns due to incorrect or misused addresses. It compares the personalized addresses (with name) and the non-personalized (only street, house number, postal code, city) or parts of addresses with the master data of Swiss Post, even while your customers are still entering the address details. An Autocomplete supports them during the entry process.

Swiss Post Digital Commerce API

The App uses the Digital Commerce API from the swiss post. In order to successfully set up the app you need to have an account with both the API Barcode and API Address Checker modules selected when creating your account.

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0,20 US$ per additional print

  • includes 10 free label prints
  • includes free use of the address checker
  • Includes 3 day free trial



0,10 US$ per additional print

  • includes 25 free label prints
  • includes free use of the address checker
  • Includes 3 day free trial



0,05 US$ per additional print

  • includes 100 free label prints
  • includes free use of the address checker
  • Includes 3 day free trial



  • includes unlimited free label prints
  • includes free use of the address checker
  • Includes 3 day free trial

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London Tea Company

Die Swiss Post App ist sehr Bedienerfreundlich und hat alles was man so braucht. Ich empfehle die App sehr!


Great app!
I had some issue in setting it up due to the Swiss Post complexities, but the customer service from the app supported me in every step!
The app really simplifies the fulfilment and is fully integrated with the Swiss Post. I highly recommend it!


We started using the app recently, and it really helped us impressively with our fulfilment, as all tasks can be done on all orders with 1 click in bulk.
The support was reactive for the setup and is working on a new version coming next month with added features.
First it validates the addresses so we don't have anymore returns due to misspelled addresses. Then it generates the tracking label with the possibility of adding our logo to it and it marks the order as fullfilled.
A time saver for us and added value for our clients.