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Easy and flexible logistics solutions for your growth

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Quick start pick-pack-send

Starting with OGOship has been made super easy and inexpensive. We have no fixed start-up fees or monthly fees!

We will grow your business

No matter what the stage or size of your E-commerce, our pay-as-you-use value added services boost your business to the next level.

Start international sales now

OGOship will send your shipments globally: fast, cost-effectively and easily. You can start with just one parcel!

Sobre OGOship

This is how OGOship works: we store your goods at one of our warehouses and when you receive purchases to your store, OGOship ships the orders to your customers, fast and reliably.

Shipment fulfillment is done by many companies - what is so special about OGOship?

At OGOship, we want to make working with us as easy as possible so that everyone can use our services. We believe that all online merchants can grow their business if they are given to opportunity to focus on growth and are given the support they need. We are dedicated to support your growth.

Easy to start with OGOship

  1. Install the OGOship Shopify App.
  2. Check the tutorials, familiarize yourself with our services. No charges will apply before you ship.
  3. When you are ready, request OGOship to activate your shipping account.
  4. We will handle all warehouse related actions to get you started.

The start-up can be done within a matter of days. Why wait?

What we offer

As our core service, we handle your warehousing and shipping services (pick & pack). OGOship has global contracts with the best freight companies to provide you with local and international shipping with low shipping prices. We have automated many daily routine tasks so that you can forget about shipping and the hassle of handling the goods. You can focus on growing your business. If there is a situation that needs your input, we will notify you.

On top of the core pick & pack services you will have access to OGOship's growth services. We want to help your business grow because when you grow, we grow. We have integrated many extra services into our offering which can be taken into use with a click or two, no extra integrations are needed. We have e.g. studio level product photo services, re-marketing services, custom packaging options, eco-friendly shipments etc. And we offer free consultation to our selected growth customers.

Network of warehouses / hubs

We are expanding our warehouse network constantly. We are able to offer you shipping hubs in Estonia, Finland and Sweden, and the network is expanding rapidly. As an OGOship customer it is easy to relocate your stock to another OGOship hub if you would like to start local shipping in another country. Multi-warehousing options are also available.

OGOship App integration features

Transfer from Shopify to OGOship for fulfillment:

  • Product information
  • Orders for fulfillment

Transfer from OGOship to Shopify:

  • Product stock levels
  • Order status updates
  • Tracking codes

Start growing today with OGOship!

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Pick&pack + shipping will be charged per shipment

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