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21. November 2023

If we were to choose a review platform again, we'd choose Okendo without blinking. Their team helped us customise the review widget to our custom theme; integration is seamless, and customer service is always reactive. When we moved to Shopify Markets, Josh migrated the reviews and adjusted our plan. Really helpful when you're busy.

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20. September 2023

I've tried several review apps but this is the best one and has incredible support. We needed code to have our reviews embedded on our zipify landing pages and Angel from support got it over to us within 24 hours.

Nutronics Labs
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2. Oktober 2023

It was a bit daunting in the beginning when I started using Okendo, but I have had and continue to have, the best customer service ever from Laura Gomez and the rest of the team at Okendo. I'm so grateful! It's not that the program is difficult to use, not at all, I was just overwhelmed by having to learn so many new things all at once with everything I'm doing, so Laura and the rest of the team have helped me in more ways than they can imagine.

The Chelsea Boot Co Est. 1851
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26. September 2023

We've only got good things to say about Okendo. The integration is so seamless and easy to set up, plus the customer support team is extremely responsive and in particular Josh and Norma are always happy to help when we have questions.

Mermade Hair™
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20. September 2023

Okendo as an app for processing our customer reviews is a great help to us. When we have questions, we feel very well taken care of by the Okendo customer team. When we had a very specific request, they made a lot of effort to help us. In the area of evaluation and processing of shop data, we would like to see more options for editing and selection. Many thanks for the super support! Best regards from Munich, the Plantura customer team

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29. September 2023

Fantastic app with fantastic customer service! The reviews widgets spruce up our site and to be able to sync our reviews with FB/IG is great. I hope that syndication with TikTok is added soon but they are always making changes and it is easy enough to import them manually.

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25. September 2023

A great conversion rate game changer and these guys know what they're doing! We had a good trial and then signed up and stayed one. We received a lot of help and are still learning about all the things we can do using their services. Customers are also happy to interact using Okendo giving us valuable feedback and earning loyalty from us.

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15. November 2023

So far so good with Okendo. Their support team is typically very responsive. I've even had a few request where dev changes are required and they are able to pass those requests of and come back with solutions. Recommend.

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16. Oktober 2023

Best app for reviews. Incredible support. Great design. Amazing features. Okendo have enabled our reviews to be the hero of our product pages.

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15. November 2023

What a great app! The customer support and set up was very quick and seamless with the help of their team. I would highly recommend this review app!!

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