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15 de março de 2022

Great app so far, easy to set up and easy for customers to leave reviews. The support team were great and answered questions really quickly!

Salt + Steam
Reino Unido
11 dias usando o app
19 de dezembro de 2022

Excellent reviews product and team. Integration has been seamless and such an asset to our growing business.

MooGoo AU
11 dias usando o app
21 de outubro de 2022

WOW! Okendo stands out from the pack - not only in terms of capability and customisability, but from a support and help perspective too!

The Hip Shop
África do Sul
10 dias usando o app
16 de fevereiro de 2023

Amazingly great service with caring staff looking after the setup. Very please with our experience with Okendo. Would highly recommend.

Spiral USA
Estados Unidos
9 dias usando o app
Data de edição: 29 de novembro de 2019

We were looking for a new platform and this app combined several of the things we wanted: a solid review system that displays nicely, supports video and photo reviews, product FAQ, and sliding scale product attributes. It's a tall order to ask any single system to cover all of these nicely, let alone at a reasonable price. We love that all of these are just part of the Okendo system and all integrate so cleanly. There were several other features that we only discovered as we worked through installation, like detailed email flows, Klaviyo integration, and customer attributes. All valuable additions that are just gravy on top of an already excellent system. And finally, what might be the most important part of any service: the customer service is absolutely fantastic. Integration was excellent and they were always available to help with questions and concerns. I wish every Shopify app had this level of support and dedication. A+ all around, and for a MUCH better price than other well known review platforms.

Skull Shaver
Estados Unidos
9 dias usando o app
Data de edição: 14 de outubro de 2021

There was one simple customization that was promised before joining for which after they said we would have to upgrade plans to get (it was originally going to be included for migrating here).

When Life Gives You Lemons
Estados Unidos
9 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 30 de julho de 2021

I can't recommend Okendo enough! They are extremely competitive in both offering and pricing. Onboarding was seamless and completed within 4 business day! Saw instant results the day we turned the app live on our store and started requesting reviews.

Price Attack
8 dias usando o app
9 de maio de 2022

Grateful for Scott, Shandy and Vanessa. Their onboarding was fantastic and we're excited to use Okendo! Thanks for the great support.

Bopo Women
8 dias usando o app
28 de março de 2023

Excellent onboarding service. Have answered multiple questions for me promptly. Very smoothly integrates with store. I imported Amazon reviews to get started and that was relatively straight forward. Thank you.

Reino Unido
8 dias usando o app
26 de outubro de 2021

If you are on Yotpo, bail and move to Okendo. My contract was expiring with Yotpo and I got an automated email telling me I had to contact my rep otherwise I would have my account locked. I didn't even know I had a rep. I contacted them and it took 4 days for me to patched through to my Yotpo Rep. I contacted the rep and it took him a few days to respond that we had to hop on a call to discuss our contract. I presented him with my calendly and he told me that those times don't work for him cause he is in Isreal. I asked Yotpo support why I had a rep who wasn't in my timezone and they told me I should have requested a USA based on. Every email I sent to anyone on Yotpo team took 1-2 full days for a response. All the while I was getting automated email warning me my contract was expiring and I needed to contact them to renew. When I was finally presented with a contract, it was a year-long contract and it was twice the cost of Okendo or Stamped for the same functionality. I always didn't like Yotpo but at this point how absolutely garbage their product and support was it was fully personal dislike at this point for everything their company is. It was between Stamped and Okendo now. Both have similar pricing, functionality and positive reputation in the community. I reached out to Stamped as my first choice because they are just more commonly known. They presented me with all the info I needed to get onboarded, however it was all DIY, and my developer wasn't available for any big projects for another 2-3 weeks. But my contract with Yotpo was expiring in 3-4 days. I told Okendo that they had my business if they could do all the heavy lifting and get us onboarded. I signed up, they sent me a quick video on how to export my reviews from Yotpo. I gave them the file and in 2-3 days they had configured our entire Okendo account to replicate our settings on Yotpo, customized the CSS of the reviews to match exactly our current styling, and presented my developer with a super easy doc to bring the changed into our live theme. Now I'm on a month-to-month contract, paying half of what I was with Yotpo, with amazing super quick support, and I didn't have to lift a finger. Okendo is AWESOME and I am completely blown away with how rad their team was to help us out in this pinch.

Estados Unidos
7 dias usando o app