Ads for Google Ads & Shopping

Ads for Google Ads & Shopping

de Okiano Marketing

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High-Quality Campaigns

Based on your product catalogue we will Create, Upload and Periodically Update excellent Google Search Ads driving traffic to your site.

Increase sales with Shopping

In addition, this App will create and optimize Enhanced Shopping campaigns, increasing sales and ROAS. Letting you control your campaigns.

Improve profitability

Okiano AI works 24 x 7 on creating Ads and locating new relevant Keywords to optimize your campaigns and improve Ads Quality Score and ROAS

Acerca de Ads for Google Ads & Shopping


Not another PPC Agency or a convenient Google Ads Dashboard. We are quite simply the best Google Ads performance marketing partner you will find. We guarantee it.

Automated Advertising on Google Ads and Google Shopping using Deep & Machine Learning AI

Okiano is simply the best and easiest solution to advertise your Store on Google Ads and Google Shopping. No need for Setup-Fees and Ongoing Campaign Management costs. Unlike other solutions, our technology will set up, manage and Optimize your campaigns 24 x 7, but keep you in full control at all times, so you know exactly what drives sales and where not to spend budget.


Okiano App collects your store's catalog to create Google Ads and Shopping campaigns with fresh Ads and new Keywords. Our Campaigns will not interfere with your existing campaigns.


  • Google Search Campaigns: perfect search campaigns in your Google Ads, loaded with relevant keywords to drive only relevant shoppers to your store

  • Enhanced Shopping Campaigns: Unlike our competition, we are automating Enhanced Google Shopping Campaigns for maximum control over the entire advertisement process including placement and bids.

  • Remarketing and Retargeting: we will run remarketing Campaigns to chase your site visitors on Google Display Network and drive more traffic at a lower cost to increase Conversion Rates.

  • Continuous Bid Adjustment: Managing the bidding strategy of the campaigns to scale your sales. Automatically rotating Google bid automation or using Enhanced CPC (ECPC) based on actual performance.

  • 24 by 7: Your product attributes such as Brand, Age Group, Size, Material, Color, and Weight are all controlled and updated in a 24×7 automatic process.

  • Segment Adjustments: Automatic adjustments that impact target audiences to ensure adjusted spend for relevant segments such as Gender, Age, Location, Schedule, and Device bids based on ROAS and quality analysis.


  • Search ads
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Enhanced Shopping ads
  • Smart shopping ads
  • Smart display campaigns
  • Dynamic remarketing


No more retainer for Advertising Agency regardless of the results. We share your risk and offer two plans to meet your business needs. You can choose to pay only when customers click on your ads or when our Ads are driving sales for your store.


We are focused only on Google Ads for eCommerce, managing budgets from $300 to $40,000 per month. We have many examples of clients who lacked the speed to market and growth with customer acquisition costs that were too high but we have been able to make them grow faster and lower their acquisition costs.

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12% of Okiano Google Ads spend. Min charge $88/month. Requires Google Ads.

  • Effective automated Ads
  • You only pay Google for clicks on your ads
  • 12% Fee (from Okiano Ads spend)
  • Mandatory minimum charge



5% of sales generated by Okiano. Min charge $88/month. Requires Google Ads.

  • Effective automated Ads
  • You only pay Google for clicks on your ads
  • Commission only on Okiano generated sales
  • Mandatory minimum charge

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

3.5 con 5 estrellas

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A total waste of time. The software created the ads (Search only) for the 7 categories it found on our site. Of these only one category we were interested in promoting, so we selected that category and set the budget. In a nutshell, in 2 months the software spent only chf 224 on chf 1800 that it should have spent! We were told that to have more traffic we had to activate all categories, but why do I have to throw away the budget on off-season products, instead of spending it on the product that is sold all year round ?!
For other types of advertising (eg Google Shopping or Display) the service must be requested separately. We did, but still, after 9 days we have not had any response from Okiano, and even the invitation to the Google Merchant has not been accepted.
Bad customer support. Out of 3 calls we scheduled, at 2 they didn't even show up. 2 months wasted!

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i paid for this app because to run shopping ads but i couldn't find this option so i tried to connect the support but they never answered me so im tring to dispute that


These guys are truly incredible! Their app is one of a kind, and we have a blast working together. The secret souse to running ads is allocating budget towards winning data, and for better or worse, AI, in this practical case will always outsmart a person. Try them out, you won't regret it!