Google Ads & Shopping

Google Ads & Shopping

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Easily create a Campaign

Automatically create excellent Ads from your site, upload them to Adwords, and update the feed periodically

Increase sales

Okiano will automatically optimize and enhance your ads, keywords, and extensions, improving the performance of your campaigns at all times!

Improve profitability

An automatic AI budget control and automated campaign management will optimize Ad spend. Just set your budget, no need to do anything else!

有關 Google Ads & Shopping

Deep & Machine Learning AI Automating eCommerce Advertisement

Okiano is simply the best and easiest solution to advertise your Store on Google Ads and Google Shopping.

How it works

Okiano App collects your store catalog information including categories, product descriptions, and attributes. It then creates and manages a new Google Ads campaign with fresh Ads and new Keywords. * Okiano Campaigns will not interfere with your existing campaigns. * This App for Shopify will not affect your site appearance. * The function of the App is to enable read-only access to your product catalog

What's Possible

Knowing the intent of users searching the Internet provides the opportunity to serve the exact information they need and influence their decision. For example, if someone types the search phrase “price of black dress shoes”, we have a good sense of what their content expectations are as well as their intention. Okiano uses Machine and Deep learning to figure the intent of users and create keywords and Ads to target them. This is how we automate the entire advertisement task for eCommerce and drive positive results to our retail customers.


  • Creative Magic: Creates effective, great-looking ads without a designer! It’s completely automatic.
  • Smart Keywords: Okiano Smart Keywords is an Artificial Intelligence system that generates a large number of relevant keywords. Now you can have all the keywords you need and avoid paying high CPC costs for keywords that are high in demand.
  • Campaign Builder: Builds perfect campaigns in Google Ads (AdWords), maintaining the important relevancy of the Keyword - Ad - Landing page sequence. Your ads will appear on Google search, Shopping, and across the Google display network.
  • Sales Amplifier: Okiano App will initiate sophisticated re-marketing and re-targeting, campaigns with new keywords, and Ads to increase your sales and scale your business in a competitive landscape.
  • Shopping Booster: Okiano App will automatically create Google Shopping campaigns that work, matching your store categories to meet relevant user searches identifying intent to purchase, and optimizing to keep your performance at peak.
  • Budget Optimizer: Okiano App optimizes your campaign's budget continuously to yield better performance, higher ROAS, and profitability for you.


  • Google AdWords,
  • Google Shopping

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定價 7 天免費試用



每月 $88

12% of Okiano Google Ads spend. Min charge $88/month. Requires Google Ads.

  • Effective automated Ads
  • You only pay Google for clicks on your ads
  • 12% Fee (from Okiano Ads spend)
  • Min recommended budget $300/mon


每月 $88

5% of sales generated by Okiano. Min charge $88/month. Requires Google Ads.

  • Effective automated Ads
  • You only pay Google for clicks on your ads
  • Commission only on Okiano generated sales
  • Min recommended budget $300/mon

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

3.9 5 顆星

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The main reason for the 5 stars is the service they provide. We've been working with them for about 7 months and have to say the amount of one to one contact we've had along the way has been exceptional for the price we pay vs working with an agency etc. Anthony in particular has spent a lot of time with us ensuring that he really understands our business. We have tried other apps in the past, but when we have it's often 'install and we don't hear from you again'. Okiano and Anthony ensured they were doing whatever they can to target the right audience for my business.

Trendy Gator

Worst ever services. They don't know how to run ads and they will just waste your time for 1-2 months and take monthly subscribtions. CPC is better in the campaigns created by me. DON'T USE THIS APP!




We are sorry to hear about your negative experience.

You were informed on several occasions that your website was not compatible with our system and that your desired results would unlikely be achieved.

We would be glad to offer you a full refund. Kindly submit this refund request to

Kind regards,
Okiano Support Team

RJP Unlimited Inc

Excellent Customer service. I Like this app. It is too early for me to say about the end results. because I just started with this. But it seems a very useful app