Olark Live Chat + Cart Monitor

Olark Live Chat + Cart Monitor

by Olark

Sell more with flexible chat targeting and real-time insights.

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Don't bother here. After years of paying for Olark we move to Tawk.to who offers everything you can get here with no monthly fee.


Terrible customer service. They never respond to questions. All I wanted to do was reset my password and... crickets. I will be choosing another app for chats at this point.

Wilkes Riley

Think hard before you install this! We used Olark for almost two years. Honestly there is nothing wrong with the app but there is nothing special either. You can get most of the chat features free of charge using other apps. We switched to Tawk and it gets a little getting used too but it's free however what sucks about Olark is there extremely poor customer service. Just wait until you try and uninstall the app and see how helpful they are.We spent just under $400 with Olark and now i am satisfied with the free chat option so we can put that $400 towards growing the business!

Cranky Rooster Hot Sauces

I just installed it, looks great and works very well, thanks


Really pretty on our site and easy to set up! a little pricy though

Bolder Band Headbands

I love Olark. We have used it since the beginning of our store & it really helps us serve our customers in real time.

The best!

Stone Bull Fight Club

Probably the best chat out there right now.


Good chat app, especially with the Cart info.

We're deleting it because it add to many requests on our site (13!), which slows down our site dramatically. So beware of performance issues.


Update: They are getting better. Their site is easier to navigate, their pricing structure is sound and def cant complain with the views and templates. ONLY issue its a pain to find any info out on custom css. This is btw the best option for chat integrated with shopify. DO NOT USE LIVE CHAT

ANOTHER update: Here we are and they changed a lot with olark, but THE one issue is on the ipad they cannot see responses

Update: So here we are again with the same problem. The support is a little better as they do at least respond. But we are at day 3 and I still cannot install it thru the GET, I have to manually install it with the code. And you dont get the cart saver as its broken with the API from shopify

Update: Tried it out one more time realizing how much the live chat slowed us down. We had to take them all down.

Update: Got an email asking me why I left, I responded about the CSS and guess what? No response. If you read thru all the other reviews youll see I am not the only one here with complaints about their service. LiveChat is WAY better cheaper and you can SERIOUSLY customize the CSS!

Ok let me first start off by saying off the bat I have been using them for quite some time. I mean literally over a year. Never had an issue, however when I got really good at css3 I wanted to design the chat better than they did. Well I sent an email and was told it was 299. I asked them if they can do something about the price and never got a response. It wasnt TILL AFTER I left and said my reason why I left, they wrote back saying it was 299 and thats it. Im sorry I went to LiveChat and would deal with all the disconnects before I would ever use this company again. Support is disgustingly slow, and 299 for CSS??? Umm yeah. live chat is same price as them a month, and you can download the app


A NIGHTMARE! They don't provide the support promptly when you install the app, then you uninstall the app and they bombard you with daily emails despite the fact you already removed the app and asked them to stop emailing you! SO NOT COOL!!!!!

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