Omega Instant Search

Omega Instant Search

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Improve store searching and boost your sales

4.9 评分(314 评价)

Return smart search results

Omega Search returns the exact product your customer wants to buy.

Flexible to meet your needs

Configure according to your requirements. Flows seamlessly with your theme.

Analyze search requests

Spot demands easily with graphically displayed powerful analytic tools.

关于 Omega Instant Search

At Omega Commerce, we envision the future of search optimization, and thus, we have created the Omega Search app. It guides your potential clients to exactly what they are searching for and delivers accurate product search results in a split second. Instantly.

Thus, together with you, our smart search will turn your site visitors into your actual customers, who will drive more sales and store profit.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to integrate a high-level instant search into their store. Therefore, we have created different plans that are designed to fit entrepreneurs at any level. You can begin a free 30-day trial without any obligation to buy.

TOP-5 Features to try:

  • Outperformance: customers will instantly obtain the most relevant search results.
  • Autocomplete: a Search-As-You-Type drop-down is integrated into your current search bar. It completes your customers' search queries automatically after they enter the first few characters. Thus, your customers’ time is effectively saved. It's that easy with our instant search!
  • Spell Correction: smart search fixes typos in real-time as you type! Spelling mistakes are no longer a reason to return empty product search results pages. Your customers will receive relevant results for every search query they make.
  • Custom Filters: provide your customers with the ability to filter items directly on a search results page. What's more, the smart filters can be customized according to your store needs.
  • Store-Wide Search: customers are able to search through the whole store via one search results page. Products, Collections, Pages, and Blog posts are displayed with one query.

We Offer you:

  • Free full-featured version for the trial period.
  • Free setup: our professional support will gladly guide you through the installation process. We will help you in tweaking the service to fit your specific store requirements and meet your personal needs.
  • Pay As You Go! No long-term commitments, pay each month for what you actually use.
  • Excellent Quality Service: drive up sales to your store due to its great performance.
  • Start in 5 Minutes: no complicated installation process and no need for a developer's help - just sign up and start using it!
  • Innovation: we use the latest instant search algorithms in order to envision a whole new customer experience.
  • Marvelous support!

Get the full version of Omega Search FREE for a lifetime! The free plan is good for a store with up to 500 products in its catalog!

We have created the search app to provide ease of use, but we understand that problems and questions can occur. Please, don't hesitate to bother us with any problems, concerns, or ideas you may have for improvement! After all, that’s our job!






定价 30 天免费试用



  • Up to 500 products in your store
  • 7 days analytics



  • Up to 2 500 products in your store
  • 30 days analytics
  • Email support



  • Up to 10 000 products in your store
  • 30 days analytics
  • Email support



  • Up to 50 000 products in your store
  • 90 days analytics
  • Email support

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.9 评分

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Chic Teak

The search works very well and has good options for customization. Support was also very responsive. -Chic Teak

Low Budget Tech Shop

Great app and does what it should. Would be great if i could change the way it shows products when you search for them though - like if i wanted it to show a specific image and not just a random one. Otherwise, good app.


Ok so we all know Shopify has shockingly bad search functionality for the modern website (which is surprising)
So you will need a 3rd party app. I had been looking for a solid search engine for months. I believe I have found it. Not only is this a great search engine but most importantly is the great support and transparency you get from its makers. Thinking outside the box with a positive problem solving attitude. My interactions with the company are hugely positive, with their willingness, help, their patience and understanding as I took the product through its paces. I tried to break it and find fault but was unable to. This shows what a robust product this is. I found it straight forward to install with no real set up issues. I did reach out for advice and Omega was there for me with best practise and ways to solve my perceived issue. It is so important for developers to be available and have a positive attitude towards its customers and potential customers. Other players had great search engines (capability) but no customer support to get you set up using their product. One of the bigger companies was so shockingly bad it beggars belief on how bad they were, this leads to a disservice to their product and this is why I dropped them during the trial period. The 30 day trial period with Omega has been great for me to thoroughly test out the search engine on my shopify site. An important factor with any important app is how good is the support if you need it. I tested that out too. Omega was great. I feel that if and when I need them they will be there for me. They are on my side and want to see me succeed. The pricing is realistic, affordable and fixed by tier, so do not need to worry about being bankrupted by how many searches are being performed on your site. (other players want to bankrupt you with the price per search model). In terms of continuous improvement and a nice to have, it would be great to see, some time in the future, a way to be able to turn off some Metafields to exclude them from your search, just for that extra bit of control. Currently its all metafields or no metafields. This is not a major issue. So I become a Omega Instant Search customer and am happy to support Omega Omega Instant Search
If you are looking for a search engine, start with this one and see that it works for you too. (Save you wasting your time searching for the one) Great work by all those at Omega