Omega ‑ Order Tracking

Omega ‑ Order Tracking


One-stop order tracker, embedded tracking page on your store

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Real-time tracking

Integrate with supported carriers, let your customers know where is their order on a user-friendly tracking page

One-click for logistics info

Let your customers track their orders with their email and order number or tracking number with one click.

Better customer experience

Real-time order tracking eliminates complaints, reduce order queries you receive

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About Omega - Order Tracking

Your first-time buyers are important, however, if you can turn your first-time buyers into repeat customers, your business can go further in this E-commerce market. Increasing your customer satisfaction while lowering the supporting time is one of the best ways. Omega - Order Tracking is an excellent assistant to improve your customer satisfaction by letting your customers check their order status just with their order number and email address, or only with a tracking number, without having to ask and wait for your reply.

Using Omega - Order Tracking, you can reduce the customer queries, no more “where is my order?” request, reduce the supporting time and you can invest your time in developing marketing plans.

How does the app work?

Omega - Order Tracking integrates with your store by creating a separate tracking page where your customers can check on your site. Once you install, the app will automatically sync your orders and let your customer check their orders once the information is updated.

Key highlights:

  • Manage all shipments in one place
  • Let your customers view their order status on your store with/ without an account
  • Automatically sync and update orders from Shopify
  • User-friendly and customizable order tracking page which automatically matches with your store theme and adaptive interface
  • Let your customers track order updates on Shopify thank you page
  • Track orders in multiple ways: by order number and email or by a tracking number
  • Reduce customer queries and improve the post-shopping experience
  • Give merchants shipment insights through shipment status
  • Show clear delivery time under each shipment status to inform customers of your shipping process
  • Hide carrier name, shipping address, and more
  • Filter shipments by date, shipment status
  • Detailed and transparent dashboard to overview and analyze orders during a custom period of time
  • Display how many times your customers click on the tracking page
  • Drive traffic to your site instead of the carrier’s site

Change logs:

  • Shipping notifications will be sent to your customers from your email address after you configure your email, customize your email content to best match with your store.
  • Send email notifications to your customers through Whatsapp, SMS
  • Send email notifications to yourself through Whatsapp, SMS & Email Integrate with Zapier


  • Zapier,
  • Twilio

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This app is very good and light. It is very simple to use and enthusiastic support team. I recommend this app.


I use the app, and it works perfectly. It is very simple to use and the support is very helpfull. I recommend this app