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24. November 2022

it's hard to use for beginners, But the support & help is really amazing, Maybe if they can work on their ux, it will be amazing.

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Omnisend hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2022

Thank you for your honest feedback!

9. November 2022

Had a rocky road with Omnisend and despite all their preferred tools to get audience lists squeaky clean, their system has killed our eMarketing newsletter to thousands of original subscribers. This we cannot resolve however, that's only a fraction of what Omnisend can do, and we've still made ample use of more targeted user automations rather than the mass mailout. Customer service has always been fast if not completely helpful. My most recent experience with Salma proved both fast and most helpful, problem solved and back in business! If they fixed our email audience issues they might get a 4.25

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Bearbeitet am 13. September 2022

app team deleted my account with 3 days email notice while i still have many campaigns left , the app is not fully integrated with shopify you have to make separated omni account if you don't use it (but still using your store) they will deleted the SMS does not work max 5% will be delivered (tried 2 times)
it's a rip off my reports and credit were lost

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Omnisend hat geantwortet 8. September 2022

Hello there and thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

We are removing accounts six months after the last login. According to our database, the last login on your store was on February 21st, and we informed you on August 21st of the possible account removal. Please note that we are sending a 14-day notice and two additional reminders about the account deletion. Simply log in to your Omnisend account, as instructed in the emails, to avoid account termination. We can see that all three emails were successfully delivered to your inbox.

Also, please note that you only need a single brand in Omnisend to have complete Shopify integration; there is no need to create a separate account for it. 

We can see that you sent two SMS campaigns in 2021; our support representative has already reached out to you with additional information on this matter.

Have a wonderful day!

27. Juni 2022

I have contacted the technical service and it has been fast, Sanya has been able to give me explanatory answers with creeshots, but Omnisend still needs to make many improvements: you cannot save template blocks, you cannot distinguish "newsletter subscribers" from those who do not they are like this (to distinguish the frequency of the pop-up between one and the other)....

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Omnisend hat geantwortet 28. Juni 2022

Hello, and many thanks for your review!

We value your feedback, and our developers are already hard at work at bringing the saved content blocks feature to the new editor; it will be available in the app in the nearest future!

Please keep in mind that once a customer submits your form, it will not reappear in the future for them.

Have a wonderful day!

11. Mai 2022

i am just got started with this so i have to come back and give a better review once i see how it work for my business

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Omnisend hat geantwortet 13. Mai 2022

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

We're happy to see you've chosen Omnisend as a marketing tool for your business, and we'd love to hear additional feedback in the future!

Hopefully, you'll feel right at home with Omnisend, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at We will gladly assist you!

Have a fantastic day!

14. März 2022

This is a good app, it is fairly easy to understand if you spend some time watching the videos and the app is fairly intuitive. The only objection I have is that the email does not come directly from my business, instead the customer will see our business name + the and gmail categorizes at as "spoofed email."

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Omnisend hat geantwortet 21. März 2022

Greetings and many thanks for your review!

We have a feature called custom domains that will allow you to configure the sender domain for your store.
Please keep in mind that is your current test sender domain, and it is not used for campaigns or automations.

Our customer service representative has already contacted you with additional information regarding this matter.

Have a fantastic day!

9. Februar 2022

i would like to send the emails with the names of the users, Also I have several emails from my business, could you please add the option to send the emails from different emails!... thanks!

Retro Chip
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Omnisend hat geantwortet 9. Februar 2022

Hello there and thank you for your review!

We do have both features you've mentioned, our support representative has reached out with more details on this matter.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, we are available 24/7 and can be reached via In-app chat or email at

Have a great day!

23. Dezember 2021

It works well for me but it gets extremely expensive now. I nearly can't afford it. I am planning to change to another app.

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Omnisend hat geantwortet 10. Januar 2022

Hello there, thank you for leaving a review! We are really sorry to hear that you are not very satisfied with the pricing. Our support team reached out to you with some solutions which might be useful for you.

Thank you again for your evaluation!

2. September 2021

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13. Dezember 2020

The WYSWYG editor interface is kind of simple to use but lack some interesting features. Customisation is also a bit restricted.

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