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16. August 2023

I think Omnisend is the generally best ESP app based on price and performance. And the customer service is outstanding compared to other popular choices. At least if you are sending SMS as well. However to get 5 stars I am missing (by importance):

1. Ability to choose collections in automatic recommender. In order to automate without being extremely repetetive or irrelevant I need to insert different content.

2. Automations by the day of the week (weekly newsletters). So I can send a "this weeks bestsellers" each friday etc

3. Signup forms that recognise if user is a subscriber - When collecting subscribers is the main point, it makes littles sense not to be able to excluded already subscribed customers from getting popups. I have to have another app for this :(

Anyway, thanks for a great app!
12 monate mit der App
13. Dezember 2022

The customer service is a 5+++! I needed help and sent a question to the team and within minutes Nikola had sent me all the info I needed to help with the problem. I would rate this compay a 10 Star if they had a few more options for design. I am working with what is available, but i'm not very technical, so I'm using the templates offered. I would love a few more creative options that allow for a differnet look when you send emails back to back... but from a data and customer service standpoint they are the best

Always Relish
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Omnisend hat geantwortet 15. Dezember 2022

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated:)

26. Juli 2023

Best support team!
I love how easy it is to get in touch with someone (via instant messages) when you have questions or problems. They usually respond in no more that 10 minutes and they stay with you until the issues are resolved. I do wish there were some more features like emailing us reports and customizing the email backgrounds. I also would like a feature that allows customers to ask to be removed from certain marketing lists without removing them from all subscriptions but for the price, it offers quite a lot!

Whiz Kids! Out-of-this-World Toys
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2. Dezember 2022

Omnisend is great whenever you want to get started with email marketing. They are adapting and updating fast, meaning launching new features and functions almost all the time which I think is great. I have had some trouble with them from time to time due to the fact that it has been various knowledge level in support as well as the tool not always working as expected (segmentation not working properly as one example). However, I'm still recommending it to others as it's easy to get started and it feels very modern and fast-moving.

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10. Mai 2023

Omnisend has one of the best and fastest customer support I have ever had. It works great and the UI/UX is simple and straightforward. You will love using and working with it. Not overloaded at all. However, in my opinion, the team/devs should have more of an eye on the multi-language capabilities that Shopify markets offer. Transactional emails and most of the automations, apart from the abundant product automation, can only use the store's default language. This messes up the whole customer experience for international customers. Should be fixed soon please!

Acqua Alpes
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3. April 2023

I'm new to this app but so far the experience has been fairly seamless. I'd love to see a bit more accessible UI (you can't see font options without clicking them and the examples in the layout builder are itty bitty and hard to see at some points), but I was very pleasantly surprised by how simple everything was to build otherwise. When I ran into a question I couldn't find an answer to via Google, I contacted the support team and was helped by Matija, who quickly sent me a screen capture with step by step instructions. Super helpful, super courteous, and super convenient.

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22. Dezember 2022

Excellent and responsive customer service. I find it a little complex to build segments and to make sure all our sign-ups are falling into the correct list, but Luiz and his colleagues are very responsive and helped me figure it out. We have been using the app for over a year now and any time there is a question, they are very quick to help. 4 stars because nothing is perfect and things can always be improved, but their customer service is 5 star.

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7. Februar 2023

Initial customer support was slow, and they passed me through a couple different people who didn't seem to know how to solve my problem, which was frustrating. Thankfully though, they put me in touch with Luiz, one of their tech support crew, who sat with me for an hour and helped me figure out the problem with my newsletter form. Give them a try!

The Creature Castle
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20. Dezember 2022

Packed with really great business tools totally free, and super easy to navigate and use. The one and only reason I can't give 5 stars is that I've reached out to Customer Care twice without any response. Thankfully it's not a hard app to navigate though and most users will get by - worth getting this app for sure.

Sydney DJ Classes
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5. Mai 2023

I downloaded klaviyo at first cause everyone about it in all the youtube videos and articles. But honestly it was very annoying to use and super not user friendly. I then tried omnisend and basically fixed all the annoying things about klaviyo. I just wish they have more pop up templates. Customer support is decently quick and super super helpful. I got a screen recording mini tutorial just for my question, amazing. Big thank you to Salma she's from customer support she's the reason im writing this review.

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