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13 juni 2019

Serge never reply to my emails______________________________________________________________________

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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 14 juni 2019

Hi Mohammed, so sorry, that you did not get a response on time. Serge was not on the shift and another agent should have stepped in. Xenia now responded to your query. Can we recommend you reach out via our in-app chat next time, you will definitely get a response much quicker! Sorry again.

Bewerkt 22 april 2020

after initially thinking this was a great platform i have changed my review dramatically after using this for two years. it takes a long time to get things resolved with support. often a couple days... and...

4/22/20 update: well, there is a major downside. they have changed this literally THIS WEEK and now i have to subscribe for $250 to be able to send out sms messages. apparently OMNISEND doesn't understand the business climate and despite me telling them we are literally permanently closing due to the COVID-19 mandatory closure that has cost us our business like many others, they will not let us use the prior pricing that we did literally LAST WEEK. So, instead of just letting me refill my campaign for $50 - i have to purchase a year's worth of credits - EVEN THOUGH WE WON'T BE IN BUSINESS. That and last week after telling them on a thursday that the SMS campaign was not working and was not sending, it too them TILL THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY TO RESOLVE. now they raised the pricing plan so i will be cancelling and opting for one of the more flexible competitors.

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Bewerkt 1 oktober 2022

I think most of these reviews are fake... what is the point in accumulating subscribers if you can't reach out to them in a timely fashion. The last time we sent out a campaign it was a year ago.. even then we got "Paused". We needed that email to go out at a particular time of day, and now that is not going to happen. Their customer service is worse, "we will get back to you in a few hours", this is early morning business hours. I advice find some other solution. After the email was finally sent out I got a "Warning" letter stating that too many got flagged as spam and our campaigns might get paused... according to their own report 12 out of 11273 reported spam, that is 1 in 833 recipients !!

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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 30 september 2022

Hello there and thanks for rating our app!

We're sorry you've found yourself in this circumstance. Please note, however, that a long pause in sending to your list is one of the triggers for a campaign verification. The reason for this is that over extended time periods, such as a year, a contact list may accumulate a substantial number of invalid emails, as your clients' inboxes may get filled or inactive. The condition stated may result in a rise in campaign bounce rates. These bounces dramatically harm your sender reputation, resulting in varied degrees of deliverability issues. For the purpose of protecting your sender reputation, the campaign verification enables us to examine a subset of your mailing list to establish how many bad emails are present in it.

To avoid triggering the campaign verification, we recommend sending a campaign at least once every two to three weeks.

Also, our support team takes pride in their response time; according to the log of your last chat with us, our support agent responded to you 6 minutes after you filed your query.

We will use your feedback to enhance both the product and the customer support team.

Have a wonderful day!

28 april 2018

Wasted 4 hours of our time creating a campaign to only know that our account had been suspended and we can not send the email to our subscribers. We chatted with their team and were told we needed to check on the subscribers and see who is old and who is inactive? Really? We followed their magical and so-smart technique of filtering who is old and inactive and that gave us 90% of our subscriber are old and inactive!!!! Our site hasn't even been one year but the emails we have been collecting are old and inactive. So stupid!!!

Rectangle Com Sa
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Bewerkt 10 mei 2023

Somehow the Product picker in the new email builder does not work, now I need to manually change the links of every products in each email I send.
Very disappointing !
Since 2 days I am trying to sort some issues with Omnisend not supporting Shopify Markets and wrote over their so called chat support, but the support is not there and even if is a chat support they don't answer in a timely manner.
Again big disappointment !

Magazin Romanesc "Hermannstadt"
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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 15 mei 2023


Thank you for taking the time and leaving your review about Omnisend! As was mentioned, for now, unfortunately, we don’t support Shopify Markets, which is definitely influencing which links will be shown in the email when a product is added. But rest assured that our Product Team is keeping current limitation in mind, and we’ll look into possible solutions.

We apologize for the delay in our response to your queries and understand how frustrating this can be. Please keep in mind that our agents are handling multiple conversations at the time, therefore if it’s necessary to provide a complex workaround, it takes a couple of minutes to provide a meaningful and helpful answer. However, we appreciate your patience as we work on improving our skills!

If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. We value your business and are committed to providing the best possible support to our customers.

Bewerkt 16 september 2022

Support staff are completely incompetent and unhelpful, it's impossible to speak to anyone from management or anyone with authority. Very expensive app with very cheap customer service. The app itself has bugs and there are 100% better and more reliable alternatives available. We had multiple email automation set up for many years with Omnisend, and we have been a loyal customer since 2018, with a premium subscription. All of a sudden, without any changes on our end, the automated emails completely stopped working. Thousands of emails with important information for customers literally just didn't send. We received no warning and no notification of this error. We had no idea there was a problem until one of our customers notified us that they didn't receive the email they were expecting. It turns out the app had not sent an email in 3 months! (The app charges us $240 a month). I escalated this issue with Omnisend and made it clear that I would like them to fix the problem, but I SPECIFICALLY said: "Make sure you don't accidentally send out thousands of emails from our account to customers who purchased 3 months ago, that will cause us a world of problems and confusion to our thousands of customers." 24hrs later, we start receiving hundreds of emails from customers complaining that they just received an email from us about the order they placed 3 months ago! We now need to extend the working hours of our staff to accommodate the influx of complaints we are receiving due to an error directly made by Omnisend. Omnisend doesn't seem to give a sh#t! They have made no apology for this mistake, they have not offered any refund for the 3 months of service they charge but we didn't receive, they have not offered anything and they have taken zero responsibility for their fault. What they did instead is try to blame me for the error and advice me on how I can avoid accidentally sending thousands of incorrect emails in the future! (I didn't send the emails, you did!) Omnisend did the ONE thing I specifically instructed them not to do, and charged me a lot of money for it. Now, I am trying to speak to management so the issue can be addressed properly, yet it's impossible to speak to anyone with any authority, only general support staff who can't do anything are available. If you are looking for an automated email service, I would advise against Omnisend. Their app is okay, but if you run into issues, the staff suck!

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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 17 september 2022

Hello there and thank you for your review!

We are sorry you have found yourself in a situation like this. Our support representative has contacted you with more details on this matter.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, we are available 24/7 and can be reached via In-app chat or email at

Have a great day!

18 april 2020

Very bad customer service and support is sucks they never reply. I had issue sometime each customer get 200-300 auto emails I got so many complaint from customers they complaints about it due to this issue we see lot of our customers unsubscribed the newsletter....I contacted to tech support so many time and they never ever replied or resolve the issue. I just canceled the subscription and i had balance on SMS account they refused to refund that...Very bad experience never use this app again!!!

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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 21 april 2020

We apologize for the issues you experiences.
We can see you reported deliverability issues a couple of months ago. Our agent Arina shared some best practices that you could follow to improve it - frequent campaign sending, improving the content as well as targeting the specific contact groups with your newsletters to have better engagement. We are upset to hear you have not received our recommendations. We are here to help, and we believe we can resolve all the issues with your cooperation, Xenia has reached out to you.

16 juli 2020

Omnisend and Shopify each point the finger at the other when a bug in one of their systems (or connecting API) resulted in a purchaser receiving two automated abandoned-cart emails from Omnisend after the purchaser completed submission of a paid-up order on Shopify. Inexcusable, and Omnisend support still won’t help help troubleshoot or fix the problem

sun wind snow
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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 17 juli 2020

We apologize for making you feel this way.

It seems that the issue occurred due to the fact the email address was used when triggering your Abandoned cart automation, while the order was placed with the phone number only. Omnisend is an omnichannel app, and we use an email address or a phone number as unique identifiers of the contact in our system. This way, our customers can switch between the channels and provide their customers with an omnichannel experience, so they could be contacted in the way they prefer.

We have a solution for you! To prevent such an issue from happening in the future, we recommend making an email address field as required when placing an order in Shopify.

Bewerkt 10 november 2021

Have been using Omnisend for the last 3 years and the customer service/ support is not good. I have tried to cancel the account since October 25th, and they do not respond to me. Furthermore, we had a success manager who never replies to emails or does a monthly check-in as we have with other platforms. Would not recommend this platform. Run away!

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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 18 oktober 2021

Hello there! Thank you for your review!

Our customer support team was able to reach out to you to help you resolve the issue you were having, and received confirmation from your side that everything runs smoothly.

We hope everything works on your end, if not - please don't hesitate to reach out at or in-app chat.

2 augustus 2020

This is impossible to use.
After reading the reviews it’s clear it’s not fit for purpose so I will delete it and use mailchimp

I wasted time creating an email for my subscribers only for this incompetent app to say that my email is missing “senders email missing”
Good luck to anyone trying to find out how to add it...its not an option. You cannot click it to add it manually and their info is just about money. Awful.

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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 4 augustus 2020

It's upsetting for us to hear you are thinking about moving on. Our support team is available on 24/7 to help you navigate the product, and even the FREE plan users have access to support.

Here is how you can add your sender's email:
1. Navigate on the Profile icon, go to Store settings >> Settings >> Channel settings
2. Click the Add sender's email address button >> enter the sender's email you will use to communicate with your clients >> hit SAVE
3. Once you add the email, click the Verify email button on the right-hand side next to the recently added email address. We will send an email to that inbox for final verification.
And that is it! You add and verify the sender's email once, and then you can successfully use it for as long as you need it!