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Data de edição: 6 de abril de 2022

Worst support on Shopify! They have no clue what they are talking about. They kept switching with different agents giving multiple contradictory answers. Resulting in explaining the same thing over and over again, and losing potential subscribers in the meantime. They offered help from their technical support, but the technical team never helped. Over a week later: they will tell you to ask your own developer as their Technical Support is limited to acting only in internal situations! What a waste of time.

MOTO Bicycles
13 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 7 de abril de 2022

Greetings and many thanks for your review!

We're doing our best to provide you with accurate feedback, which requires our Support Team to escalate the problem to our Technical Department.

Following our Tech Team's examination, we determined that the issue is on your end. To ensure that the footer form captures and pushes subscribers to Omnisend, the form classes should be modified in the theme file. They are editable on your end only. As a result, our Technical Support team is unable to act on your behalf.

Our senior support representative has already contacted you with some additional information regarding this situation.

Have a fantastic day!

14 de outubro de 2021

Worst customer support, they have a glitch in their system preventing us from reverifying any domain, it mentions the domain exists already. No customer support is present, no follow-ups are done. I have informed them about the issue over a week ago. DO NOT RECOMMEND! STAY AWAY

13 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 18 de outubro de 2021

Hello there! Thank you for your review!

Our support team was able to reach out to you to help you resolve the issue you were having.

We hope everything works perfectly on your end, if not - please don't hesitate to reach out at or in-app chat.

27 de julho de 2022

I DON'T really recommend this app, have no idea why automatically sent out the campaign, and the report only read by technical team internally, felt very disappointed…

Tara Wellness
Hong Kong, RAE da China
12 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 29 de julho de 2022

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!

Our Support Team discovered that the campaign you sent has since been deleted, so you were unable to access its report from your account.

But don't worry! By creating a segment of customers who have received a marketing message from you, you can see which contacts the campaign was sent to the deleted campaign. This campaign will be reflected in their marketing timeline as well.

Our customer service representative has contacted you with additional information on this matter.

Have a fantastic day!

24 de janeiro de 2022

'Frustrated Ecom Store Owner'- I was initially very impressed by the ease of use and intuitiveness of the platform. However there were issues with the pre-set templates meaning that customers would register/subscribe and there would be a delay of 5 hours+ before a welcome email was sent. After a few emails back and forth Omnisend said they had ' discovered a bug and were working to fix it'. 4 Days later and no response back from CS despite chasing. I have been left with no option but to switch to another platform. Like anything, a good platform is only as good as the support behind it...

Reino Unido
11 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 25 de janeiro de 2022

Hello there, thank you for your feedback!

We are sorry you've had to encounter this issue. The bug has already been fixed, and our support representative has reached out to you with additional information on this matter.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team 24/7 for any additional questions!

Data de edição: 8 de novembro de 2016

Unfortunately the Soundest app has left me extremely disappointed. The install did not successfully import my subscribers from Shopify (it failed to import the purchase dates which makes it useless). Support blamed shopify for the format of their output. The on-landing popup was not allowing some customers to enter their emails to retrieve a coupon which worries me a lot as I'm very concerned with my user experience. The help service - while friendly - was slow and unable to resolve the problem, so suggested I email them a full export of my customer/purchase data from my store which is something that violates countless privacy best practices not to mention shares sensitive personal information of my customers.

This app does contain some great features but is not mature enough in my experience with their trial to warrant paying the $100ish/monthy they quoted me it would cost once my Trial was over. Hopefully in the future they find a way to resolve many of the bugs and perhaps at that point I'd reconsider because it feels like they're 70% the way there, but reliability, repeatability, and automation are missing - the most important things to a store owner like myself!

Dirty Nails
10 dias usando o app
27 de fevereiro de 2020

Like the look of this app, however, after two hours of trying to set up, I give up. Not every easy to understand for a new user and thought it could link better with your store to be more automated or you could choose what you wanted. Most need you to input a product for a campaign, what a pain. Needs to have a tutorial to help you set up each campaign the first time. just way to hard to figure out on your own

Nova Zelândia
10 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 3 de março de 2020

Sorry to hear you went through such troubles setting up.
We truly value your feedback, thank you for taking the time to write the review. The teams are already working together so we could provide improved training materials to our customers in the future for easier setup and use of our product.

5 de março de 2019

I used the app for many days now, and it is not sending out emails to abandoned visitors. It comes with a huge opportunity cost. Support is quick and always available, but takes a lot of time to sort this. I am uninstalling the app as it comes with an opportunity cost. Guys have a plan b app

STEESTU ™ Official Store
Estados Unidos
9 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 22 de março de 2019

Sincere apologies regarding the unpleasant experience you had starting out. The time it was taking us to review your issue was way too long. We have sent you an email, with possible solutions, but it seems you have not opened it yet. Send us a message to, this time we will assist you with each and every step and make sure everything is set-up correctly. We truly hope you will review your decision and will give us a second try!
Customer Success Team

30 de janeiro de 2019

DON'T Wate your time with this, very bad service, look elsewhere for a better app. A complete waste of my time.

Estados Unidos
9 dias usando o app
19 de fevereiro de 2020

This isn't a very good app if you are not a coder. There were a lot of bugs that prevented certain aspects the templates from functioning correctly. Unfortunately, I was told that their technical team was too busy solving other issues and was directed to a link with CSS and HTML codes to fix it myself. They have a chat option that will try to help, but they are very limited.

Estados Unidos
9 dias usando o app
21 de março de 2015

doesnt do what it says, just too difficult to use.

CasaMom's Everything
Estados Unidos
8 dias usando o app