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19 de fevereiro de 2020

This isn't a very good app if you are not a coder. There were a lot of bugs that prevented certain aspects the templates from functioning correctly. Unfortunately, I was told that their technical team was too busy solving other issues and was directed to a link with CSS and HTML codes to fix it myself. They have a chat option that will try to help, but they are very limited.

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9 dias usando o app
1 de março de 2023

Seems they have a lot of "good reviews", most likely all of those are fake.

Installation and setting everything up is seemingly easy, but at least in our Abandoned Cart flow, we encountered lots of bugs. Issues with Omnisend:

- Emails go out at random times and the delay set between the emails is completely useless. For example an email that was supposed to go out 15 minutes after the abandoned cart, arrived in the inbox 8 hours later.

- At times the emails did not arrive at all, not even in the spam folder. This was not a setting issue.

- Worst part was that the final test we did with a completely new email, duplicate amount of emails were sent. Of course hours later once again, and then again 9 hours later.

- The discount code they generate does not seem to be automatically applied in the checkout. ...Did not investigate this further as the app proved to be useless, we are not even going to bother with support, they too did not reply as the recommended time frame.

All of this set us back 2 days. Would not recommend using.

8 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 6 de março de 2023

Hello there; thank you for leaving a review; it is highly appreciated. We are sorry for the issues you faced.
As we can see, our Support Team was trying to help you investigate the case, but you haven't responded.
We will provide some info here as well, but please note that in order to investigate this case, we would need some examples of such cases (with their emails):
- There are few reasons for the issue with delay, it could be related to a contact who comes and updates their cart a few times, or it could be an editing workflow case;
- This issue would be better to investigate with our team and we would appreciate if you could provide an example of such case;
- Most likely related to frequency settings in the workflow and can be easily fixed by enabling this option;
- Shopify generates discount codes, Omnisend only sync them and adds to the email, in order to automatically add a discount code to the checkout page, you need to enable this option in discount settings when customizing your email.

Again, we are sorry for the issues you have faced, and we would be more than glad to assist you in our in-app chat or by email. You can send us an email to support@omnisend.com; our support is available 24/7.

6 de setembro de 2021

WARNING worst EMAIL marketing app ever. Upon opening the account they banned it for no reason. Force my company to get "social" accounts to unlock it. What company forces you to get social media accounts to be able to have an account with them? this app is disgusting, outdated, horrible inbox rate. GO TO KLAVIOY..... Omni sucks and so does the support.

marketing done right
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7 dias usando o app
28 de junho de 2020

I did not like this app. Customer support is not great either. Poor app.................................................

Vapester Vaping
Reino Unido
7 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 29 de junho de 2020

Hi, we noticed that your experience was not good. But we just wanted to let you know that we are here for you. Our support is available via chat and email 24/7 and can guide you through the account setup. Polina reached out to you via email with some recommendations.

17 de maio de 2018

This was a bait and switch for me. The details talk about being an all in one email platform but thats not true. If you want to send an informational email, you can't, if you want to send a thank you email, you can't, if you want to include only a video, you can't.
This app requires me to include a product in every email that I send. When I asked for help I was rudely informed that this platform is meant for businesses with more products than I have. It really turned me off and made me feel like a second rate business owner. Their customer services handled this really poorly.

Peek Lashes
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7 dias usando o app
Data de edição: 11 de julho de 2018

Waste of time compared to Mailchimp.
I was able to use Mailchimp right away.
I could not do this here.

5 dias usando o app
13 de setembro de 2019

Andivia Beauty

I was excited to start with this app. I saw all the great reviews. So far, I have been unimpressed. It is not dummy-proof. I didn't know where to start to get setup. I fumble around for hours. Customer Service pointed me to over one hundred articles. All I need is one good article. Thank you. Finally, I made some progress in learning the app. I was making my first email campaign when I found out that Customer Service had no clue regarding the logo and picture dimensions of the templates. I thought. You must be kidding me. I would have to sit and figure out on PhotoShop what the sizes should be for the apps template. Should I make the sizes for the logo 150x150px, 1600x745px, 550x300px and so on. What app doesn't know its sizes for examples given so that you could just plug in your pics at the recommended sizes for templates. I must rate this app a 1 star so far

Andivia Beauty
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4 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 23 de setembro de 2019


Sincerely sorry you are feeling this way... Starter guides is definitely an area where we can improve, so we are already working on those! Thank you so much for your honest feedback, we will make sure it reaches the relevant product and support teams.

Customer Succes Team

25 de novembro de 2018

Works fine until they randomly suspend your account without letting you know that it was suspended or why. There is a contact support button in two locations that doesn't work. Hours and hours of work just down the drain.

Media Revive
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4 dias usando o app
9 de agosto de 2023

I am not very happy, very bad first impression of Omnisend. Downloaded app 5 days ago. Process was pretty easy in the beginning to set up but then I hit a wall by not being able to verify my domain. It's been 5 days yet nobody has helped me solve this problem, my business has been unable to send out marketing campaigns and it's been 12 hours since I last spoke with someone in customer service who basically ignored me. Terrible way to start things and it's hurting my business.

MAXDAHLIA Clean Beauty Made Fresh
Estados Unidos
3 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 12 de agosto de 2023

Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback about Omnisend!

We're sorry to hear about your negative experience with Omnisend. We deeply value your feedback and are committed to addressing your concerns.

We want to clarify that we take every customer's concerns seriously, and we truly understand the impact that technical difficulties can have on your business operations. We'd like to provide some insights into the situation you've described:

While it might have seemed like there was a delay in resolving your domain verification issue, please know that our team was actively working on it behind the scenes. We're sorry if there was any perception of being ignored; that was certainly not our intention, as our agents attempted to reply to your messages in a timely fashion and were informing you of every escalation they had to make. Our aim is to make sure every customer receives the assistance they need as soon as possible.

We understand that email deliverability is crucial for your marketing campaigns, and we're glad to see that the domain verification issue has been successfully resolved with the help of our Support Team at the time this review went live. Your business can now resume sending out campaigns without any hindrance.

We acknowledge that a smooth and efficient onboarding experience is vital, and we're taking steps to improve our processes based on your feedback. Your input helps us refine our services to better serve our valued customers like you.

Should you have any further questions, concerns, or require assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you in making the most of our platform for your business success.

Data de edição: 28 de abril de 2019

Doesnt have standard features such as sending a file via attachment, when i ask to cancel having only signed up less than 24 hours before i was informed im not entitled to a refund as i had already sent an email out to my subscribers. I sent it out to test the email set up after what i thought i was on a trial period i feel i was conned into then having to pay a monthly fee to trial it. NOT HAPPY, tried to reason with customer support, no reasoning at all, its clear that 24hours this email marketing app is not what i need and it was not clear, so you would think they would use common decency and refund me. which they have refused to do.

Shabby Nook
Reino Unido
3 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 29 de abril de 2019

Terribly sorry to hear about your experience, we will help you resolve all the issues you are having. Our Customer Support Team have already reached out to you to inform about the refund.
As for the feature you are looking for, with a lot of customers migrating from Mailchimp, we have committed to releasing a lot of new features before 14th May (https://www.omnisend.com/upcoming-features/). After the deadline we will continue developing the tool and send a file feature is on our list for the future.