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4 de abril de 2023

The main aspect I love about omnisend is the customer support! I switched to them from Klaviyo and they run circles around them from price to features to service. I'm extremely happy. Each time I want to know something, even if it's just how to keep increasing my clicks and sales, they have been super helpful. They provide articles, and visuals to help me win. My email sales have increased each month just because they have helped me with resources and I try new and different things.

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7 meses usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 5 de abril de 2023

Ahoy there!

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Omnisend!

We love the way you put it - our team sure does know how to run circles around the competition! It's great to hear we've been instrumental in helping you increase your email sales and connect with your customers in a meaningful way. That said, it's our mission to help you click with your customers and close them sales! Thanks for choosing us!

6 de março de 2023

The support team is always one of the best SAAS customer support teams I have dealt with! They respond quickly and will work with you; supplying screen recordings/screen shots to aid in discussion. Additionally, they are always working their best to create a solution to your need. I was adding a 3rd website to their platform and ran into some challenges with their pricing due to the way the third website was set up/grew overtime. Kamilia added my account to a new BETA pricing model that better aligned with our business needs, permitting us to cost effectively migrate to Omnisend for this storefront.
If you have not tried Omnisend I would suggest you give it a try! Their pricing is really good especially if you're looking to grow/target SMS. Additionally, you can see a lot of foundational work being done on the platform that is going to upgrade it from its already solid state to a future knockout!!!

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Aproximadamente 5 horas usando o app
19 de outubro de 2022

Very intuitive to set up everything, with a little time and trial and error, I was able to get most stuff done. The only confusing thing is regarding their pricing, what they classify as "active contact", which is basically every subscribed and non-subscribed contact in your list, regardless of how long they have been there. Yulia then was nice enough to clarify and help me with additional questions, very quickly as well, so still 5 stars for the customer service!

1 dia usando o app
22 de novembro de 2022

I am so elated with email platform. Tears came from my eyes with how great these people deal with such small business owners like me. The customer service is amazing. I had issues with my email header and Luiz at Omnisend was so patient with me. I was able to get things together for my campaign before Black Friday. I definitely recommend this app to everyone who needs less stress and more focus on running their business.

Four Twelve Youth
8 meses usando o app
31 de julho de 2023

We've only been using this app a week or two but I've said "this is amazing" more times than I can count.

The A/B testing is an incredible tool that's very accessible and has already helped us understand how to better communicate with our customers.

The one thing I've been frustrated with since transitioning from Shopify Email is that I can't access the images and products saved in my store. I'd like to be able to just "insert" > "product" like I did on Shopify and have it pull from the product pages. Instead I have to download and upload my photos to Omnisend.


All the other features and amazing customer service (thanks Karine!) has made that minor inconvenience easily tolerable.

One Hundred Concepts
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11 dias usando o app
Omnisend deixou uma resposta 2 de agosto de 2023

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you find our A/B testing tool incredible and accessible. We appreciate your suggestion about accessing images and products, and we'll certainly consider it for future improvements. Our team, especially Karine, is delighted to provide you with amazing customer service. We look forward to continuously exceeding your expectations! 🚀

13 de abril de 2023

We are switching to a different EMS only because we want a wider choice of templates, more segmentation etc, but I am finding our new EMS way too complicated for an average user like us and a small business overall, that can't afford hiring an email specialist. So, now, when we can compare, I would definitely recommend Omnisend for businesses that don't want to spend hours on figuring out simple tasks.
Also, Omnisend customer service is stellar. Even when we unsubscribed from them, their customer support is exemplary. Today I had Luiz to help us out to fully unsubscribe - extremely helpful and customer oriented! I don't know of any other service who gets back to you so fast and efficient. Also, they have live chat - something hard to find these days.

My Greek Basket
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11 dias usando o app
8 de dezembro de 2022

I really enjoy this app but I like the customer service even more. I submitted a question about trouble I was having setting up a new welcome series automation, and Kristina from Omnisend not only responded quickly, she gave a lot of detail when helping me navigate the site. She explained the reasoning behind each step so I could set up new automations in the future on my own in the future. After working with her, I felt more confident in navigating email marketing on this app. She AMAZING! Thanks, Kristina.

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4 dias usando o app
11 de julho de 2023

I recently signed up for Omnisend after being frustrated with Klaviyo. Now, I'm not throwing shade, but as a novice and not tech-savvy, the learning curve for Kalviyo was just too steep for me. Since on Omnisend, I've created email campaigns, segments, several forms, and a few automation, YAY! Their customer service is also great. I recently worked with Agustin and Luiz who helped me create a particular automation that was challenging for me. Best of all, as a small business owner with a budding email list, and trying to keep my costs down, the pricing structure fits my pocketbook. I will definitely recommend Omnisend to small business owners.

The Cheesecake Boutique
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21 de abril de 2023

All round best solution - we've used various email marketing software apps over the past few years from Mailchimp to Klayvio to others but the easiest, quickest app to build campaigns, automations and forms is Omnisend - in my opinion, the emails have a better delivery rate which increases sales to which is pretty critical.
Omnisend is the only Email / SMS marketing solution we install on our new stores now.

Daisy Glaze
Reino Unido
4 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 17 de março de 2023

So far, excellent. I'm not particularly techie, especially when it comes to email campaigns but I am managing to get set up. The platform is full of useful features and the customer service is second to none. Shout out to Agustin, who willingly helped me through an issue that had most likely been caused by me in the first place. Looking forward to getting more granular with a personalised approach which Ominsend is clearly capable of. Thank you, Agustin and the team.
March 23: Additional shout out to Matija who was super quick on a technical query which was handled swiftly and thoroughly. Importantly the instructions given were easy for me to understand too - after spending so much time researching various campaign platforms - now I am thinking, why would you not choose Omnisend

Sian Phillips Coaching
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30 dias usando o app