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The best app that we have on our store. I"m so glad that I switched our email provider to omnisend. Being a small business owner is already stressful enough with trying to learn how to use the many different apps on shopify. Anytime I have a technical problem or can't figure something out they respond fast and always help me come up with solution. I appreciate the templates they offer as all I have to do is plug in my info. It literally takes me less than 15 minutes to send an email campaign. We're looking forward to a long term use with this email service provider as we grow our email list.

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I've tried some other email marketing tools, especially the ones that are automatically available in a Shopify account, but most of them were too hard to understand and get used to. I settled on Omnisend, since I had a professional recommendation, and it's super easy to use. Unfortunately, there are some features that cannot be customised, such as automatic response emails that are part of the system and not necessarily part of your own automations. But other than that, I have no complaints! The customer support, which is a BIG selling point to me, is fantastic! I was lucky enough to be helped by Salma, who was quick to respond and really gave me reassuring responses and helpful resources. She was honest about the point mentioned above, and I really appreciated that. I can definitely recommend this app based on convenience, ease of use, easy integration, and excellent customer support.

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Omnisend已回复 2023年7月17日

Howdy and thank you for the kind words about Omnisend! We're thrilled to hear you chose our platform and loved it!

We're so glad our customer support, especially Salma, wowed you. We'll make sure she gets a gold star for being quick, honest, and helpful. Support is something take pride in, therefore rest assured, you'll get the same level of assistanse whenever you're in need.

We apologize for the automated messages customisation limitations. This is something we'll take seriously and make sure to improve in the future.

Thanks for the glowing review, it made our day. We'll keep up the good work and continue to serve you with a smile.

If you need anything else, give us a shout. We're here to help and make your email marketing journey a breeze!



A pretty positive start!
Just installed Omnisend and had a few issues with setup (our lack of technical expertise was the problem not Omnisend). Diego, in support, was knowledgeable, helpful and fast! It's rare these days for most live chat agents to actually provide real support, AND have the right answers 'out of the gate', but that's exactly what we received. It makes a big difference starting out with a new application knowing that someone is there to help 24/7, instead of having to wait until the next business day.
Diego made the somewhat scary switch from our previous (well known) email marketing service to Omnisend a lot easier.

John Sloane Art
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Omnisend已回复 2023年2月27日

Thank you for your feedback! Our team always here to help:)


I used the free trial to try newsletter blasts as an email marketing strategy. Unfortunately, I think my subscriber base of 1,000 is too small to get an ROI from it. So I downgraded to the free plan because it has been pretty helpful in getting new subscribers. I may try the paid plan again in future when I have about 5,000 subscribers. No harm for you to just get the free plan first and help you build up your subscriber base.

Axcellence Marketing
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I looked at every option out there for email marketing on Shopify. Plus they made me a customized pricing deal based on how my particular business works which was amazing and I'm very grateful for it! And so I believe I made the right choice with Omnisend after only a few weeks now. It's not that easy to master right away like anything good it takes time & effort on your part too but the potential of this app is so powerful I just know it's going to be worth it for sure in the end. Still you can keep it as simple or as complex as you want for the automations and forms. I prefer something very unique & fun with a lot of gifs to keep my customers entertained so things are moving a bit slower as I refine my more complex ideas together step by step. Omnisend has a lot of learning info to share with you and the learning curve was a bit slow for me to be honest but over all so far I'm really pleased with everything to date basically. And there were a few hick ups along the way here or there but each time these were solved in a reasonable amount of time by the superb Omnisend Support Team they are fire! Really everyone here has been friendly, helpful and professional. Especially Karine lately though who happens to be up at the same time as me but on opposite sides of the globe so she helps me a lot. But again many thanks to all of the hard working Omnisend Support Team (including a special shout out to Joy, Augustin, Diego, Stephan, Sanya & Deniz)!!!

Nirvana Glass
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Another great experience. Plenty of hand holding and expert advice from Diego today while trying to verify my domain. Thank you so much! I literally couldn't have done it without you.

So far so good! Just signed up. I had one little question so got on the chat and received an answer back from the lovely Baarath super quick. Then a follow up message to make sure I got the answer I was after and did I need anything further. I'm looking forward to properly getting started but I am so impressed with their customer support that I can't see there being any problems at all. It's a welcome change! Thanks!

Helen Gittus Jewellery
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I have tried other email marketing apps both for my own site and other companies and this has been by far my favorite because it does so many things and is so easy to use. Other apps do not have the same features and some of them added a lot of unused javascript on my site which was slowing it down tremendously. Karine was a huge help when I was having an issue setting something up. I was able to fix it quickly. I definitely recommend Omnisend, anything other app is just a waste of time.

Green Vegan Bags
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I've been using Omnisend since 2019 for my Shopify stores and have been pleased with their service. There have been a few hiccups along the way through the 4 years, but overall I am happy! I've tried several other email marketing services but always came back to Omnisend. Eventually moving all my stores over! Their team has been very attentive, caring and constantly improving their product. I find their pricing to be fair for all that they offer. Whenever I need help or have any questions, I'm able to reach them through their chat box. They always respond to me within minutes to a few hours, and my queries are addressed quickly. I think they've become even faster the past year or so. Especially with a query I had this past week. Yuliia helped me to resolve it in less than 24 hours. I look forward to seeing how Omnisend continues to grow and improve. I hope they give their major competitor which starts with a K, a run for their money. :)

Flair Fighter
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I barely leave reviews for apps honestly.

So there are a lot of options for email type apps on Shopify. I haven't used all of them, but I've had such a easy experience with omnisend. I get confused? Ask a question, which is replied to within minutes.

I'm pretty new to email list building and what not anyway. But this has been such a nice experience for me, kind of like having someone to sort out an issue or guide me during the process.

Thanks Karine, Maria and the others for always helping me out!

Skinity | Uncomplicated Skincare
4个月 人在使用应用

I love using Omnisend as it makes it easy to manage my subscriber and get a good email marketing flow. Their recent updates have really elevate the value of this company, it's now even more user friendly and makes designing and sending emails a breeze. If you need help, there is always someone available to message you back, and I have to say that Baarath with Omnisend is a phenominal representative. He helped me check my automations and really explained how a particular set I had worked, what was needed and what steps were unnecessary. That is exactly the kind of help I look for if I ever contact customer service. Clear and detailed answers to the questions I ask. Thank you Baarath, you are an asset to you team and company. Omnisend, hire more people like him please.

Coyalz Haircare
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