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I can give only 2 stars... As soon as I purchased this app, I created my first automation with a welcome email. The welcome email was created from an Omnised template, and the email doesn´t work for mobile version. The customer service promised a solution in 24-48 hours. If I am paying for this app I expect it to work... I would have expect from the Customer service an immediate solution, does any campaign template from Omnisend work for mobile version?? Then I would try with a different template to avoid having my automation stopped till the Customer service comes back to me.

On the other hand, there is no way to customize the confirmation email for double opt-in, which is really a problem for any European customer requiring GDPR. This email looks really spammy, with an orange button as "confirm your email". I can imagine many potential subscribers will not trust this spammy button, and I will loose subscribers. Mailchimp does here better, you can completely customize this email and fit it to your brand. I already sent my feedback to Omnisend, asking for at least, if it not possible to customize the color, make the color less spammy, like black.

I have to give only 2 starts because I find this really a basic thing any good email marketing app should offer. Hope an update comes very soon and I can give you guys more starts!

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not impressed. very slow in results as well

24天 人在使用应用

You can't do anything without upgrading your plan, what a waste!

Real Tee
17天 人在使用应用

The app is easy to use but unfortunately, the abandoned cart mail goes to the promotions tab in gmail. No wonder I didn't see any conversions. Ideally the mail must land on the inbox.

Spartan Progear
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Limited capabilities (I'm used to Mail Chimp) and poor customer service. I had a time sensitive manner and they rudely responded to me and then fell silent in the middle of our conversation. I immediately asked for options/suggestions for help to correct the issue and was left with no answer or reason for the silence. Customer service to our clients is incredibly important to us, and this caused a delay in that.

Update: 10 minutes later I got an answer. Granted, the response didn't answer my question but explained that they had to go help other clients with an update in Europe. I added that it would have been nice to have it communicated to me that they were working on a response and helping other customers in the meantime - which is completely understandable. Instead, I got a defensive comment in regards to this review. She repeatedly told me how busy they were. Before she offered me the help I was requesting, I was asked to change or edit this review. So here is the edited review per Veronika's request. I was prompted again after receiving my answer.

I added a star because they did finally give me the option to resend an incorrect email which I appreciated and all I wanted in the first place. I was willing to pay for a day to resend the email, but will not be continuing with this service.

The Finicky Filly
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Instale la app y pude crear el formulario bien sin problemas, pero para personalizar el diseño del correo es un total desastre, modifico la frase de encabezado, o algún otro texto voy a guardar y siempre me salía un error que no especifican que es, te dan un link para buscar el error y solucionar, pero habla de todo menos del error, hable con atención y genial muy atentos, y te atienden rápidamente, pero igual no supieron solucionar o indicarme como arreglarlo.

Victorian Shop
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Omnisend已回复 2023年3月29日

Hello and welcome! Thank you for providing feedback!

The text formatting issue is something that you may encounter on occasion while styling your text. The error appears in the vast majority of cases after you paste the already formatted text into the field. The issue is resolved by clicking the "Review issue" button, then selecting the text from the field to which the prompt directed you, and then clicking the "clear formatting" button on our tools panel. The problem will be solved once you have completed all of these steps!

We are already looking for ways to improve the situation, and we appreciate you posting about it!

If you require any additional assistance, please contact us at support@omnisend.com. We will gladly assist you!


Scammy app, the free plan doesn't exist even if we don't use the app. They stop the automation without notice

Règne Animal
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Omnisend已回复 2020年7月1日

Oh no, you are mistaken, we have a FREE plan. Customers on the free plan can send email campaigns, up to 2000 emails per day! More, you can setup signup forms, including a Popup on your store, use our advanced segmentation feature to target your audience for best deliverability results, and utilize the reports to check opens, clicks, sales rates, and more! Detailed pricing plans here >> https://www.omnisend.com/pricing/
If you need more time testing our app, just reach out to suppor@omnisend.com and we will grant more trial days for you :)


So I installed this app after having some positive feedback from another merchant. However it said free to install, but no where did it say monthly plan until after I installed and clicked further. Disappointed really, I'm happy to pay as long as Omnisend is upfront about it.

Seamstress Fabrics
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The support was very helpful but this app is a disaster. Always received my tested emails in spam folder. Useless.

Random Cart
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Omnisend已回复 2019年4月14日

Terribly sorry to hear about the issues you had. Test emails might land in spam due to the TEST title used in the messages. Great news, we are trying different techniques to ensure this is no longer an issue. Please reach out to our Support team, we are here to help 24/7. We will check the issue and try different methods for you to reach the best results!
Customer Success Team


J' ai configuré, enregistré mon premier mail en français. A la réception de mon mail test qui est arrivé dans les spams, celui-ci est un mélange anglais/français. Dommage car simple d' utilisation.

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Omnisend已回复 2021年12月20日

Hello there, thank you for your review!

We are glad that you find our app easy to use! We have reached out to you via email with the setup recommendations to prevent the issue you faced. Let's keep in touch!