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I was looking for an email marketing app after migrating my website to shopify. Went with omnisend because of the great ratings. I've been trying salvage my decision and put this app to good use for 2 weeks now - but it's really just under-equipped and overpriced.

Basic features that were available for free with my previous CRM, like choosing which days of the week automation emails go out, are not available on omnisend. I now have important promotional mails that will go out on Sunday, when nobody opens or reads them, and I can do absolutely nothing about it.

I can't see which email workflows my contacts have gone through, and which emails they've received. I've had customers go through multiple sequences concurrently and receive multiple emails, because of the limited logic in the automation workflows, and the inability to see who's being sent what in which workflow.

These are just a couple of examples of issues with this app. I could go on and on about other areas sorely in need of improvement. I got in touch with the support team twice, and all I got was that they'd raise this 'as feedback to the product team'. No workarounds, no concrete followups.

And the worst part is that I have to pay between USD30-USD99 for this, when I could get all the features, plus more for a fraction of the price on other platforms - like activecampaign, sendinblue or mailchimp + zapier.

I don't know how this app is rated 4.8 stars. Either people review it too quickly before they get to the features, or they just need a very basic email marketing app to send out simple campaigns (in which case there are a ton of free options out there).

Developer reply

May 28, 2020

Hi Sustenance,

Each marketing platform is different. We call Omnisend all in one app, considering other apps in the market, our pricing remains very competitive. Here is what we offer on a regular Standard plan:
- Email & SMS campaigns, campaign booster, and A/B testing
- A variety of signup forms you can put on your website, including a landing page to share on social networks
- Automated email & SMS workflows with the possibility to include both channels in one flow
- Splits in automation and A/B test for splits, which helps to test, what content works best for your audience, which channels perform best, and a lot more!
- Extremely fast and robust segmentation that updates dynamically.
- Various reports to help you track the performance of your workflows, campaigns, a click map, and more.
We understand that you were specifically looking for a couple of features we currently do not support. Nevertheless, we hope you can find the benefits of the features that we do offer and make good use of those. Serge has reached out to you with some recommendations and a workaround for your case.

The Omnisend Team


Xenia dealt with my problem. Poor customer service, rude and unhelpful. Problem unsolved and left out of pocket.

Developer reply

May 21, 2020

We are sorry to hear you feel this way. As per our terms of use, we do not offer a full refund if the service was used during the billing period. However, Jurate from the Support team has reached out to you; we will find the best resolution for your situation!


here is why i am super frustrated with this App!!

- they told me they will adjust my 50$ with subscription fee which is $16 but they still tried to swipe my card!!! then they gave me a reason that i increased my subscribers beyond a certain number which is not the part of their basic plan. Fine!!! i unsubscribed all the customers and my PAID PLAN IS STILL SUSPENDED!!
- today i tried sending a campaign email out to 1200 customers and the campaign is paused by them !!! no reason given. But guess what they have already used these emails as sent without sending them actual emails. So out 2000 emails 1200 gets cut without the campaign actually going out!!!

i have to wait for another 24 hours till someone gets back to me!!! till then my business suffers!!!

Developer reply

May 21, 2020

Hello Mati,

Sorry if your experience was not good. We can see that the team is now working to resolve all issues. Your account is active; once you finish organizing your contact list, you will be able to continue using all the features again.

Customer success team

Western Soul®

I used MailChimp before they "broke up with Shopify" I was contacted by Shopify and this was one of their recommendations. Too expensive for what you get out of it. Wish there had been better options with MailChimp. I would have stayed with them. Omnisend is more than double the cost of what Mailchimp was and does not reach my subscribers like mailchimp did. Looking for other options right now!

Developer reply

May 11, 2020

Thank you for your honest feedback. We are truly sorry to hear you feel this way.
Omnisend subscription pricing is based on the number of contacts you have on your account, as well as the different features you use to communicate to your audience. We have more to offer than Mailchimp as an example omnichannel experience, where you can communicate with your customers via email, SMS, Facebook, or push notifications - all in one tool. You can also create omnichannel automation workflows for automated messages as well as use splits in automation to target your audience better.
If you are just using the basic features, we can meet the Mailchimp price you had; we just need to move you on to the right pricing plan :) Xenia has reached out to you with more details.


Very bad customer service and support is sucks they never reply. I had issue sometime each customer get 200-300 auto emails I got so many complaint from customers they complaints about it due to this issue we see lot of our customers unsubscribed the newsletter....I contacted to tech support so many time and they never ever replied or resolve the issue. I just canceled the subscription and i had balance on SMS account they refused to refund that...Very bad experience never use this app again!!!

Developer reply

April 21, 2020

We apologize for the issues you experiences.
We can see you reported deliverability issues a couple of months ago. Our agent Arina shared some best practices that you could follow to improve it - frequent campaign sending, improving the content as well as targeting the specific contact groups with your newsletters to have better engagement. We are upset to hear you have not received our recommendations. We are here to help, and we believe we can resolve all the issues with your cooperation, Xenia has reached out to you.

smart pattern making

Review Update 4-23-20
Support just told me that they will not fix the problem because they test it on their end and it works for them. What this tells me is that they do not care about you.

This is just a way to hide their software problems and just keep saying the same thing over and over as robots and nothing is fixed.

To finalize it all, this time they said to me via chat, buy or use another computer maybe that will work but we will not fix anything.

You do not have a sales rep that can take care of your account but instead, they have chat assistants that have no experience or are incapable of fixing any problem with the software.

I am tired of your nonsense responses and unwillingness to fix the problem on your software.

Users of this app, if they are not willing to fix any problems you face while using this app why in the world would you pay or keep paying them for a service that is not working as it should?

Review Update 4-15-20.

I followed up on all the steps you mentioned below 3 times and still, it does not work.

We should be able to check the emails that were sent to clients without any issues. Do not let the app to use our client ip address and say that it is a customer viewing our site when they are not. That is a bad coding or bug in the software.

also, you never see what the customer put in their cart it just says it sent an email but you can not see what products they added on the email when they sent the email to the customer. We should be able to see what product was put on the email when we click emails sent to costumers.

Be warned users of this app. The live view does not display actual users' name and it uses different IP addresses with different names which are not your clients. I have tested this app in the default browser and subscribed to several forms that I created using our default browser google chrome.

After, explaining 20 times the problem, showing them screenshots of me browsing our site and then going back to the dashboard to check the live view to see who was on our site at that minute I found out that it displayed me, as one of our existing clients browsing our site when in reality the client was not browsing our site and it was using one of our client's IP address instead of my own IP address and displayed me as one of our existing clients browsing the site.

They have told me to clear up my cache, my browser history, go incognito, subscribe as incognito etc...but even after having done all that 5 times they still can not explain why is displaying me as an existing client browsing our site when in reality it was me the one browsing out site at that moment and minute.

Test it yourself now and let me know if that is happening to you as well.
This is frustrating and not a reliable way to check real visitors on your site.


Developer reply

April 16, 2020

We are upset to hear you had a disappointing experience, let us make it right!
If you click into an email you sent to your customer, you might be recognized as your customer. Nothing to worry! Cleaning cache and cookies fully, not clicking on your customers' emails and starting fresh on your store will resolve the situation.
Xenia from our support team will help you out with the steps; we are positive this issue will be resolved soon.

Bedazzled Closet

I've been contacting the support team for so many times but no one responded to me at all. But they said their help is available 24/7. Where is the help now when I needed it.

Developer reply

March 30, 2020

Hello Bedazzled Closet,

We are available 24/7, and you can reach us via the in-app chat on the Omnisend app, find the chat bubble on the left bottom corner. Usually, customers get a response within a few hours.
It seems like you may have sent us an email that was not delivered. But we are here to help, reach out via the in-app chat, and we will solve any issues you are having.


Terrible experience! A copycat of Mailchimp without some important features like HTML or CSS integration. Probably it’s great in automations, but what’s the need of these automation if you can create only ugly emails

Developer reply

March 6, 2020

Hello MatchaBotanicals,

Sorry you feel this way about our tool. Xenia actually reached out to you with the different ways you can use HTML block in both, campaigns and automation. Please explore and let us know if this would work for you. More, we are expanding the variations of templates you can use for your emails all the time, so more are on the way. We appreciate your feedback.

Avarcas 101

I used Omnisend for over a year, pricing is great, but there is no html or css integration, no way to customize the mobile version, logos and images look oversized and there is no way to fix it. Also when enabling the 2-step verification, the confirmation button is red and there is no way to change it. Customer support replies quickly but with no solutions and prescripted answers.

Developer reply

March 3, 2020

Thank you for your review, your feedback is very important to us.
Our technical team has already reviewed your case, indeed this area could be improved, therefore the development team has also been involved. Katherine is reaching out to you with the results the technical team was able to get as well as with a possible workaround to get the best solution at this point. Thank you for your patience, we will resolve this.


Like the look of this app, however, after two hours of trying to set up, I give up. Not every easy to understand for a new user and thought it could link better with your store to be more automated or you could choose what you wanted. Most need you to input a product for a campaign, what a pain. Needs to have a tutorial to help you set up each campaign the first time. just way to hard to figure out on your own

Developer reply

March 3, 2020

Sorry to hear you went through such troubles setting up.
We truly value your feedback, thank you for taking the time to write the review. The teams are already working together so we could provide improved training materials to our customers in the future for easier setup and use of our product.

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