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Positive Science People

I tried to send my first email campaign today - which is time critical - and when I tried to send it, it suddenly said my account is suspended. No information on that during the two hours I worked on the campaign. Also, no way to resolve this except email support. My emails were collected via opt-in, my store is GDPR compliant and running well. What else do they want? No idea. But my campaign for today seems ruined. Can't recommend this business. If you suspend people's accounts, you need better notification and resolution options. This isn't good enough.

Developer reply

October 14, 2019


Please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed campaign. Usually, verification of the first campaign takes up to 30min, to ensure your sender reputation is kept intact in case too many inactive emails are spotted on the contacts list.
We made a mistake this time and your campaign was stuck for a much longer period of time. Unfortunately, we cannot undo the campaign sent and can only apologize that you were affected by this issue. We promise better care next time and longer trial period for you to feel the benefits of Omnisend.
Katherine is reaching out to you with more statistics on the campaign sent and our proposal.

We hope to win back your trust!

Shopify should never have let Mailchimp go.

Omnisend is way too expensive and their offerings are poor. After exhaustively searching for someone that compares to Mailchimp, we have found none. So we have now installed ShopSync so that we can move back to Mailchimp, who we never had a problem with in over 10 years of being with them. If you google it, you'll see that using a 'connector' app like ShopSync is easy, so we have just done this and so far, it's great.

It's worth a huge mention that we have several stores for the same product (different countries) and Mailchimp allow you to create a list for each country signups within same log in and same account. Omnisend require you to have different accounts and charge for each one, so it's super expensive.

Omnisend popups don't really do much either...they are not really customisable and don't have a 'thankyou' page that allows you to display a coupon code. We had our developer try to fix this, and he was able to add the coupon code there but it did not align properly and was unreadable, and the popup function is not responsive, so whatever image you pop on it will not suit both desktop and's just a jumbled mess. Justuno allow you to create for both devices, so we've remained with them. Justuno also connect really well to Mailchimp and we've collected thousands and thousands of sign ups over the year, to the correct lists with them. We should never have left Mailchimp when Shopify ditched them...we should have just used ShopSync in the first place and left it as it was.

Developer reply

October 1, 2019

We are so sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our service.

The team is currently working on the solution to have unified billing for multiple store owners to ensure you only pay for the combined number of contacts you have in all your stores. Meanwhile, we can offer a generous discount to match the pricing you will get with unified billing. Katherine from Support team is already reaching out to you with more details.

Regarding the ShopSync, it's always best to work with one direct integration, therefore, on Omnisend we offer a variety of features and functionalities to satisfy the needs of our customers and give a possibility to have an "all in one app" experience. And not to mention, that we are adding new features regularly.

We also have a Thank you page for the popup, it's called Success message here at Omnisend. You can customize it the way you like, add discount codes for different scenarios, etc. Katherine will also send you guidance on this.

Our product team will receive your feedback about the improvement needed for our forms, but we truly hope you will give Omnisend one more try.

Customer Success Team


1- First off, I have no clue how they got all these positive reviews since the app is extremely frustrating to use.
2- Forget about drag and drop, is non existent in this app and you have to manually upload each image which is time consuming and tedious.
3- HORRIBLE customer service. They misinformed me because they have no clue of what they're talking about (I guess the reps are outsourced and not fully trained) so I couldn't fully email to my entire list and I paid for an upgrade and seems that all the emails ended up in everyone's spam folder.
4- When I emailed saying that I wanted to cancel they had a guy call me to convince me their app is the best out there and I should keep it and instead upgrade to their service where you have an account manager to help you which is extremely over priced.
5- The app is more over priced than every email marketing app in the app store and you have AN EMAIL LIMIT you can send monthly.


Developer reply

October 1, 2019


Let us apologize for the overall experience you had with Omnisend.

We have an extensive Knowledge Base to help our customers navigate through the product and set up their accounts, did you get a chance to check it? More, our Support agents are definitely here to help and guide you through.

As for the email credits, if customers send to a healthy list, following our recommendations, they never run out of credits. This is the reason our pricing is based on the number of contacts you have - if the list grows, the price increases, as well as the number of email credits granted increases. Omnisend is not just a regular newsletter app, we offer an extensive list of automation flows, different channels for communication, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Push Notification, etc. and a lot more for our customers. And we still offer a very competitive price on the market.

We want to kindly thank you for the feedback that will help us improve in the future. We have now passed it to the product team as well, to ensure we add such functionalities as drag and drop from the computer in the future.

Greenworld Home Spa

Lock my account until I pay up? Ridiculous. It's one thing to prevent me from actually using the automations, it's another to block me from even editing them. What if I want to do some more testing before I'm ready to start using it on my customers? What if I've been back and fourth between one design and another and I end up wasting my trial? I can't do anything about it now because I need to pay at least $16 when there are other apps with similar features and more seamless email customization that offer a free plan instead of a free trial. Plus, it's customization is terrible. You have to customize each email MANUALLY. That means limited drag and drop features without paying, no templates, no copying one theme onto the rest of your emails. You can't even transfer one color used on one email onto another. And if I'm wrong and all of these features are available if you look just a little harder I wouldn't know because my free trial ran out. 14 days seems like a long time to not be able to finish what I need to and test things out if you do your email marketing testing as the very last thing on your launch checklist. If you start anymore than 14 days before you've decided you'll be keeping this app, "sorry, we want our money first."

I'll be doing my business elsewhere.

Developer reply

September 30, 2019

Hi, Greenworld Home Spa,

Thank you for your feedback and apologize for the service you experienced.

We are more than happy to grant extra trial days for our customer who did not manage to try the features out within the first 14 days. We wish you contacted us immediately after the end of the trial so we could have prevented from such a bad experience.

So we granted you a couple more weeks of trial, please get in touch with our Support team if you need any guidance or face any issues going forward!

Andivia Beauty

Andivia Beauty

I was excited to start with this app. I saw all the great reviews. So far, I have been unimpressed. It is not dummy-proof. I didn't know where to start to get setup. I fumble around for hours. Customer Service pointed me to over one hundred articles. All I need is one good article. Thank you. Finally, I made some progress in learning the app. I was making my first email campaign when I found out that Customer Service had no clue regarding the logo and picture dimensions of the templates. I thought. You must be kidding me. I would have to sit and figure out on PhotoShop what the sizes should be for the apps template. Should I make the sizes for the logo 150x150px, 1600x745px, 550x300px and so on. What app doesn't know its sizes for examples given so that you could just plug in your pics at the recommended sizes for templates. I must rate this app a 1 star so far

Developer reply

September 23, 2019


Sincerely sorry you are feeling this way... Starter guides is definitely an area where we can improve, so we are already working on those! Thank you so much for your honest feedback, we will make sure it reaches the relevant product and support teams.

Customer Succes Team

Lilly and Mimi Fabric Shop

I am really disappointed. I have an automated email and set up 5% discount for any subscribers. My free plan has finished and the app give automatically 10 % now which I cant afford and this I only can change if I pay for the app. !!!! This will take to the bureau . I can't believe it was changed by itself after my free plan has finished and changed my set up!!!!!!!! I am so angry as I cant afford this 10% and I have only realised now. I am so so disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

Developer reply

August 28, 2019

Hello and thank you for your feedback! We have already checked your issue and there is a very simple solution for it.

Your welcome workflow consists of 2 emails. While first one has the condition of 5% discount on discount block, the second one is set to 10%. You simply need to edit the condition of the second email discount block.

We have contacted you with more details on it and have extended your Trial so you would be able to edit the workflow and see the benefit of it.

Please let us know, if there is anything else we can help you with.

luxury pocket watch

Why would you remove lists. Now I can no longer use justuno pops. Its like you just purposely sabotage your own tool. Switching to Klaviyo unless this is fixed.

Developer reply

September 4, 2019

Hi and thank you for such an honest review. We have found a temporary solution until Justuno updates their integration - you are now able to send your contacts to the pre-created 5 different lists. Hope this helps and please accept our apologies that you had to go through this experience.

LaBante London

We just trying to move over from mailchimp and sent out an email campaign that has not been sent to all our subscribers- there are way too many issues on this service!
Second issue was that the emails were going from them on our behalf and again not arriving into our subscriber database. There are some serious problems with this service.

Developer reply

August 1, 2019

We are not happy that your first experience was not as expected. We can see that the teams have already signed a domain for you and made some changes to the IPs to improve the deliverability. More, Katherine from support will provide you more recommendations to ensure we find a permanent solution for you. We truly apologize for this situation and hope to turn things around for you asap.


Serge never reply to my emails______________________________________________________________________

Developer reply

June 14, 2019

Hi Mohammed, so sorry, that you did not get a response on time. Serge was not on the shift and another agent should have stepped in. Xenia now responded to your query. Can we recommend you reach out via our in-app chat next time, you will definitely get a response much quicker! Sorry again.

La Maison du Bambou

Si vous êtes une marque Française fuyez !!!!!
Les format des dates sont uniquement en américain. Je leur ai signalé et ils m'ont dit que peut-être il allait changer cela. Cependant en a attendant vous ne pouvez pas utiliser la partie Code promo dans vos newsletter ou alors vous allez passer pour des illettrés. Du coup je leur ai dit que peut-être j'allais devoir quitter l'application et demander un remboursement. Ce qui est tout a fait normal puisqu'ils ne sont pas capable de travailler avec des marques française. Leur réponse est que je ne correspond pas aux critères de remboursement. Il est devrait être logique que je puisse être remboursé étant donné qu'il ne sont pas capable de travailler avec des marques française. C'est moins dérangeant mais il en est de même pour les formats des montant en euro. Vous êtes obligé à chaque fois de les modifier à la main car même en choisissant la France comme destination des mail c'est également écrit au format américain.

After your reply :

You still not purpose me a refound also i can't use your application correctly. so i repeat what i said you are stealer !!
If it doen't work you have to refund me that just the normal way of business

Français je me répète mais fuyez se sont des voleurs !!!!

Developer reply

June 10, 2019

Nous sommes trés désolés pour les problèmes que vous avez recontrès. Sincere apologies for your experience, date formatting in our product is definitely the area that could be improved. We can assure you, that our product is developed gradually and new features and improvements are coming out constantly. Our product team will look into your request, thank you for your feedback. Please expect a message from Katherine with a solution for the time being.