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151 reviews
January 7, 2023

1- They charged for SMS and their SMS doesn't even work in the UAE. I requested a refund and they never replied back. and again I got charged for 2nd month.

2- the welcome discount generated for use of signup is a complete disaster! if you have sales on your store the new user will get additional discounts and you will end up losing so much money as there's no way to control the code they generate.
United Arab Emirates
Time spent using app: 5 months
Edited December 31, 2022

Be very careful they delete your store data on their side after 6 months if you don't login to their interface. Which totally defeats the purpose of automating in the first place.
So basically all your automations/emails/etc... gone. Even if your store is still active and communicating with their system.

Time spent using app: 11 months
December 10, 2022

Used this app for years and then one day my pop ups, email captures and everything else just disappeared from my site!! In fact, the app had no record of my customer data. Wrote for support but haven't received an answer or my data back! I guess maybe they did an update and forgot about their current customers! If this can get my data back and it is working again, I'd certainly appreciate it. But it's no longer a 4.8 rated app. Any app that just stops working on you and then can't even show you as an existing client, let alone get your working data back you created...isn't worth a rating.
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 5 years
Omnisend replied December 13, 2022

Hello there, thank you for sharing your feedback with us, we appreciate it. We are really sorry for the issues you are facing, we checked your account and can see that your account, unfortunately was deleted due to inactivity (it was inactive for 6+ months).
We completely understand your frustration, and our support team would be more than glad to assist you with re-creating content you had. You can reach our support team by emailing or use in-app chat.

Thank you again for your feedback and sorry for the troubles.

December 8, 2022

extremely horrible work, app not sending emails, support asking silly questions, 1 week 0 progress, then starts asking same questions. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Time spent using app: About 1 month
Omnisend replied December 15, 2022

Hello there! Thank you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated! We are really sorry for the troubles you are facing. As our support team mentioned you are currently using wrong preset of the automation. You will need to use an automation called Abandoned Checkout in order to achieve your goal. Our support team would be more than glad to assist you with creating one. You can reach us out via in-app chat or by email

December 1, 2022

First they have very limited templates. And then I raised first case related to one of the templates and they've failed to resolve it. Instead working on it their tech team advised me to use jpeg and other supported formats. While there was no issue with the format as I used jpeg only.
Had given them real campaign code to check - not sure why they asked for it if they had to give generic advice.
They again asked me to wait for tech team's revert.
They actually don't look at the problem and intend to solve, but rather give generic advices.

Time spent using app: About 2 years
Omnisend replied December 9, 2022

Hello! Thank you for leaving a review for us. We are really sorry for the issues you are facing. Our team is working on the bug you reported, as soon as it is fixed we will update you here and though our support team. Sorry again for the troubles and thank you for you patience and collaboration.

Edited November 21, 2022

You can't choose the exact amout of credit you want for SMS you have to take their packages (which in my case was much more then needed), now if you haven't use the credits left after 2 months they're STEALING your money and credit you're back to 0$ even tho you didn't uses the credit that you paid for!

Time spent using app: 7 months
Omnisend replied December 8, 2022

Hello there! Thank you for your honest feedback, it is really appreciated. We are sorry for the troubles you faced. Please note that unused credits are valid for 2 months, this info could be found here -> As we can see you reached out to our support with this query and they were able to assist you.

Edited October 1, 2022

I think most of these reviews are fake... what is the point in accumulating subscribers if you can't reach out to them in a timely fashion. The last time we sent out a campaign it was a year ago.. even then we got "Paused". We needed that email to go out at a particular time of day, and now that is not going to happen. Their customer service is worse, "we will get back to you in a few hours", this is early morning business hours. I advice find some other solution. After the email was finally sent out I got a "Warning" letter stating that too many got flagged as spam and our campaigns might get paused... according to their own report 12 out of 11273 reported spam, that is 1 in 833 recipients !!

United States
Time spent using app: About 4 years
Omnisend replied September 30, 2022

Hello there and thanks for rating our app!

We're sorry you've found yourself in this circumstance. Please note, however, that a long pause in sending to your list is one of the triggers for a campaign verification. The reason for this is that over extended time periods, such as a year, a contact list may accumulate a substantial number of invalid emails, as your clients' inboxes may get filled or inactive. The condition stated may result in a rise in campaign bounce rates. These bounces dramatically harm your sender reputation, resulting in varied degrees of deliverability issues. For the purpose of protecting your sender reputation, the campaign verification enables us to examine a subset of your mailing list to establish how many bad emails are present in it.

To avoid triggering the campaign verification, we recommend sending a campaign at least once every two to three weeks.

Also, our support team takes pride in their response time; according to the log of your last chat with us, our support agent responded to you 6 minutes after you filed your query.

We will use your feedback to enhance both the product and the customer support team.

Have a wonderful day!

Edited September 27, 2022

Unfortunately, after you disabled the function of viewing anonymous store visitors, your application becomes completely useless for me. Alas. There was a very convenient function.
Unfortunately, you will have to delete it in order not to load the store with an unnecessary application ...
Also, when creating a mailing list, there is no possibility to make adjustments to the list of addresses, settings (even there is a letter supposed to be late, delayed sending). After today's negative change in functionality - not the right application! I don't advise anyone!
Good luck

United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
Omnisend replied September 28, 2022

Hey there! Many thanks for your review!

We hear you and rest assured: the decision to sunset the anonymous user data is just an intermediary step to introduce a more meaningful way to track your store visits and provide suggestions on how you can use Omnisend to your advantage. Stay tuned for more updates in this field!

Please note that there is a possibility to choose the segments when sending out a campaign; there also are options for scheduling your emails: you can do it based on your time zone or the time zone of your customer. You can find these settings once you finish designing your email.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team, we are available 24/7 and can be reached via In-app chat or email at

Have a great day!

July 30, 2022

This is a dreadful email platform that requires a lot of work just to integrate with your existing Shopify forms. Want to send a lead magnet based on a shopify form? Good luck. Subscribers from all forms are lumped into one source. Calling this "made for Shopify" is using a VERY broad brush. Want to embed a form? You get one line. That's it. Otherwise it has to be a pop-up or landing page. I have requested help to get my store connected and it finally is, but that's because I researched and added my own code. I still can't distinguish which form an email came from so I know which automation to send. Their help desk responds quickly, but it's cursory and they tell you "the right department will help you in a few days". It's been a few weeks and I can't get basic questions answered. It's useless to me and I'm moving on.

Jenny Bova | Art & Design
United States
Time spent using app: 18 days
Omnisend replied August 1, 2022

Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

Indeed, Omnisend uses Shopify Webhooks to transfer subscribed contacts to your Omnisend account when using 3rd party forms. This process is completely automated and does not require any input from you. Omnisend will not be able to capture additional forms on your website unless they are included with your Shopify theme.

Custom forms will continue to function, and contacts will continue to be routed into your Omnisend account if the form is linked to Shopify. Omnisend will obtain the contact information in this case by syncing it from your Shopify backend.

There are lead magnet options such as embedded forms and landing pages that you can use on your website. In this case, Omnisend supports separate tagging, so you'll know where the contact came from exactly! 

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience; a support representative has already contacted you with more information on this matter.

Have a great day!

July 27, 2022

I DON'T really recommend this app, have no idea why automatically sent out the campaign, and the report only read by technical team internally, felt very disappointed…

Tara Wellness
Hong Kong SAR
Time spent using app: 12 days
Omnisend replied July 29, 2022

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!

Our Support Team discovered that the campaign you sent has since been deleted, so you were unable to access its report from your account.

But don't worry! By creating a segment of customers who have received a marketing message from you, you can see which contacts the campaign was sent to the deleted campaign. This campaign will be reflected in their marketing timeline as well.

Our customer service representative has contacted you with additional information on this matter.

Have a fantastic day!