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Solvang Olive Press

Extremely poor customer service. In comparison to other apps on shopify this app is painful to use. Move on from this one.

Developer reply

December 18, 2019

Sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience. Seems like there were some old contact emails on your list that no longer exist, therefore we had to temporarily pause your sending so your sender reputation is not harmed. There is nothing to worry about, as soon as you delete or unsubscribe those old emails, we will resume the sending. You will be able to benefit from the variety of great Omnisend features, such as omnichannel campaigns and automation messages, segmentation and more!

Lash Excursion

Less than 2% of the emails as getting to my customers. They are all going to spam. Called G-Suites and my account is not blacklisted and emails that are sent through my email directly are fine but sending through Omnisend, the emails are all going to spam. Waste of money if the customer is not even seeing the email marketing. Customer support is lacking.

Developer reply

December 11, 2019

Hello Lash Excursion,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing deliverability issues. We have checked your account thoroughly and it seems the delivery rate is low due to your contacts marking the campaign as spam or unexisting contacts. But no worries, we have a solution for you!
First, you will need to review your list and remove the inactive and unexisting contacts. Then send to the engaged audience who bought or clicked your campaigns recently. You can also target your automation by using the Customer Reactivation workflow and remind your customers to buy the product again after a specific period of time. Katherine will share more details via our in-app chat!

Stockman's Ridge Wines

Never got it to send, said my list was dirty, but no way to upload my hard bounce list. Looks good, also had an outage so missed a key milestone. Support was poor and they couldn't fix the problem.

Developer reply

December 18, 2019

Sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience. Seems like there were some old contact emails on your list that no longer exist, therefore we had to temporarily pause your sending so your sender reputation is not harmed. There is nothing to worry about, as soon as you delete or unsubscribe those old emails, we will resume the sending. You will be able to benefit from the variety of great Omnisend features, such as omnichannel campaigns and automation messages, segmentation and more!

Natural Gut Wholesale

Unfortunately after nearly 2 hours and communicating with their customer service line no one could figure out how to make it work with Shopify. For me Omnisend was a total waste of time and sticking with my Vertical Response platform for all my emailing. Very dissatisfied with Omnisend and sad that even their customer service rep could not figure things out for me.

Top Nutrition and Fitness

I migrated to this app when they stopped the shopify integration and now SO MANY of my subscribers don't get the emails and these are subscribers who even put our emails in their VIP list. Not only do they not get the emails but they don't even go to their JUNK OR SPAM

Developer reply

November 25, 2019

Top Nutrition and Fitness,

We apologize that we failed to provide the experience you deserve. Upon investigating your account, our Deliverability team detected an issue with the domain you were sending the emails from. The issue is now fixed and your emails should reach your subscribers' inboxes.

Xenia from support is reaching out with recommendations on how to rectify the situation a lot quicker with sending to your most engaged contacts, in order to improve your open rates to the average rates in the market.

Customer success team


I was using Mailchimp and I decided to switch to Omnisend because I thought it was better for Shopify (note: and it's more expensive). For the past two or three months, my sales have dropped, half of my customers don't get the emails, I had problems with the sync between other small issues. The support changes all the time so you never speak with the same person and every new person answers you a random answer.
I asked to speak on the phone with someone in order to solve all this issues and they have no phone support.
This app was a very poor choice.

Developer reply

November 7, 2019

So sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with deliverability. We have just signed the domain records for you to help you improve deliverability. Katherine will reach out to you today with guidance on how to set those up and other recommendations to improve open rates. We will follow the progress with you, with the right means and actions we will get email deliverability back on track!


I passed 2 hours to make my first campaign and they blocked me. Never had this problem with mailchimp

Positive Science People

I tried to send my first email campaign today - which is time critical - and when I tried to send it, it suddenly said my account is suspended. No information on that during the two hours I worked on the campaign. Also, no way to resolve this except email support. My emails were collected via opt-in, my store is GDPR compliant and running well. What else do they want? No idea. But my campaign for today seems ruined. Can't recommend this business. If you suspend people's accounts, you need better notification and resolution options. This isn't good enough.

Developer reply

October 14, 2019


Please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed campaign. Usually, verification of the first campaign takes up to 30min, to ensure your sender reputation is kept intact in case too many inactive emails are spotted on the contacts list.
We made a mistake this time and your campaign was stuck for a much longer period of time. Unfortunately, we cannot undo the campaign sent and can only apologize that you were affected by this issue. We promise better care next time and longer trial period for you to feel the benefits of Omnisend.
Katherine is reaching out to you with more statistics on the campaign sent and our proposal.

We hope to win back your trust!

Shopify should never have let Mailchimp go.

Omnisend is way too expensive and their offerings are poor. After exhaustively searching for someone that compares to Mailchimp, we have found none. So we have now installed ShopSync so that we can move back to Mailchimp, who we never had a problem with in over 10 years of being with them. If you google it, you'll see that using a 'connector' app like ShopSync is easy, so we have just done this and so far, it's great.

It's worth a huge mention that we have several stores for the same product (different countries) and Mailchimp allow you to create a list for each country signups within same log in and same account. Omnisend require you to have different accounts and charge for each one, so it's super expensive.

Omnisend popups don't really do much either...they are not really customisable and don't have a 'thankyou' page that allows you to display a coupon code. We had our developer try to fix this, and he was able to add the coupon code there but it did not align properly and was unreadable, and the popup function is not responsive, so whatever image you pop on it will not suit both desktop and's just a jumbled mess. Justuno allow you to create for both devices, so we've remained with them. Justuno also connect really well to Mailchimp and we've collected thousands and thousands of sign ups over the year, to the correct lists with them. We should never have left Mailchimp when Shopify ditched them...we should have just used ShopSync in the first place and left it as it was.

Developer reply

October 1, 2019

We are so sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our service.

The team is currently working on the solution to have unified billing for multiple store owners to ensure you only pay for the combined number of contacts you have in all your stores. Meanwhile, we can offer a generous discount to match the pricing you will get with unified billing. Katherine from Support team is already reaching out to you with more details.

Regarding the ShopSync, it's always best to work with one direct integration, therefore, on Omnisend we offer a variety of features and functionalities to satisfy the needs of our customers and give a possibility to have an "all in one app" experience. And not to mention, that we are adding new features regularly.

We also have a Thank you page for the popup, it's called Success message here at Omnisend. You can customize it the way you like, add discount codes for different scenarios, etc. Katherine will also send you guidance on this.

Our product team will receive your feedback about the improvement needed for our forms, but we truly hope you will give Omnisend one more try.

Customer Success Team


1- First off, I have no clue how they got all these positive reviews since the app is extremely frustrating to use.
2- Forget about drag and drop, is non existent in this app and you have to manually upload each image which is time consuming and tedious.
3- HORRIBLE customer service. They misinformed me because they have no clue of what they're talking about (I guess the reps are outsourced and not fully trained) so I couldn't fully email to my entire list and I paid for an upgrade and seems that all the emails ended up in everyone's spam folder.
4- When I emailed saying that I wanted to cancel they had a guy call me to convince me their app is the best out there and I should keep it and instead upgrade to their service where you have an account manager to help you which is extremely over priced.
5- The app is more over priced than every email marketing app in the app store and you have AN EMAIL LIMIT you can send monthly.


Developer reply

October 1, 2019


Let us apologize for the overall experience you had with Omnisend.

We have an extensive Knowledge Base to help our customers navigate through the product and set up their accounts, did you get a chance to check it? More, our Support agents are definitely here to help and guide you through.

As for the email credits, if customers send to a healthy list, following our recommendations, they never run out of credits. This is the reason our pricing is based on the number of contacts you have - if the list grows, the price increases, as well as the number of email credits granted increases. Omnisend is not just a regular newsletter app, we offer an extensive list of automation flows, different channels for communication, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Push Notification, etc. and a lot more for our customers. And we still offer a very competitive price on the market.

We want to kindly thank you for the feedback that will help us improve in the future. We have now passed it to the product team as well, to ensure we add such functionalities as drag and drop from the computer in the future.

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