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3. November 2022

A great experience thus far. Yes there's a bit of a learning curve, however it is becoming increasingly easy to manage multiple channel feeds. There is room to improve, of course, but we are very happy. Customer support has been nothing short of amazing (5 stars there for sure!).

The Grove Store
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30. Oktober 2022

One of the worst apps I have ever used. Totally user-unfriendly, overpriced for what it does and in my eyes 20 years out of date. Had this app for almost a year now and definitely do not recommend it.

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City Beach Software hat geantwortet 1. November 2022

Hi, its always disappointing to receive a bad review, but even more so from someone who has never paid for this app. We've never had any feedback or requests to our support team either so no opportunity to help or know what your problems are. Would love to get direct feedback if you have time.

1. Oktober 2022

DO NOT install this app. This developer provides little to no support or service. IF you can get it to work it works fine BUT if you need any help dont expect any. 3 weeks Ive had unresolved support issues and all i keep hearing is "we will get back to you after we have dealt with other things". so i am uninstalling this app.

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2. November 2021

Wonderful application! I was able to set up multiple marketplaces and manage my orders with ease. Excellent customer service!! Would highly recommend to any business (large or small).

On Fifth
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6. Oktober 2021

This App is Awesome! 30 day Free Trial is amazing! Take advantage of that! We use this app for Google Smart Shopping and Omnivore makes the process SUPER EASY! We love the dashboard and easy user interface. The Support from Fern & Gareth has been outstanding! Total 5 Star App! Do yourself a favour and add Omnivore to your Shopify store.

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23. April 2021

The app works very well and across different marketplaces, which is great as it reduces the amount of work for each individual integration. And best of all, any small issues that may come up during the integration are promptly answered and fixed by a very efficient support team.

Best Fitness Equipment
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2. März 2021

The team doesn't seem to care much about the customer concerns /questions, doesn't reply to email or phone. System is working so far, but would have been great if City Beach Software can answer customer questions.

ToyRoo - Magical World of Toys!
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Bearbeitet am 9. Juli 2020

Very slow response, given the amount of money I have paid for monthly subscription USD 75, I have to wait for more than 24 hours to get a repsonse back (email). Cannot even dial-in to reach out to a real-person technical support, the contact number is always on voicemail

Car Dealzz
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14. November 2019

I am still on the free trial stage but have got everything set up now and the software is much better than what I've used in the past. The ability to list on catch, amazon and eBay is also extremely helpful; much cheaper than having individual apps for each!

Further more the support I've received from Fern is above and beyond. Not only super friendly but extremely helpful as well. She has contacts within eBay and contacted them directly in regards to an issue we had with them. No other app support team has done that for us before and when I try and contact eBay directly myself I could never resolve the issue as if you've dealt with them in the past you'll know their support team for sellers is pretty horrible.

Anyway if you're a complex eCommerce store with multiple marketplaces then I highly recommend this software!

The Hippie House
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12. Juni 2019

We use this app to sell on the Catch Marketplace. Integration was easy and their team were extremely supportive at the start. Omnivore has been a godsend in integrating Catch with Omnivore with the syncing of orders and products. There have been a fair few issues, bugs and errors and ongoing support has been mixed.

The Watch Factory Australia
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