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22. Mai 2024

For a year now, I've relied on Omnivore. With our sales spread across multiple platforms, it's streamlined the process of syncing our Shopify products effortlessly. Their exceptional support team responds promptly, making the experience stress-free. I highly recommend Omnivore

Omni Mart
7 monate mit der App
15. April 2024

Affordable, helpful and friendly support, does the job well!

Makeup Warehouse
6 monate mit der App
4. April 2024

Setup for the integration between Trademe & Shopify. I sell on eBay but Omnivore is a lot more expensive than alternatives so I keep it to trademe.
Omnivore is the only app offering an integration like this now Tradevine stopped their API however there are some issues:
1: Omnivore takes data from Shopify, not Trademe listings so all Trademe-specific data will be lost
2: No allowance for individual variant listings. These can only be grouped
3: No ability to have multiple product listings in different categories or different descriptions & titles - big downside results in SIGNIFICANT loss of sales
4: No ability to manage or answer questions
5: A big one - No website-based management area. Running multiple stores means we need to set up multiple apps in Shopify and to access Omnivore we need to login to Shopify and then access Omnivore for each store. Very time-consuming and sloppy
6: Difficult interface for managing listings
7: No feature to add question text across all listings or information on description pages (offered in Tradevine)
8: No integration-based refundability

My guess is Omnivore looks at Trademe as a very small market and is focusing more on other markets.

The upside is this is free software for the Trademe side of things and Trademe has basically no suitable solutions if you are a professional seller. If Omnivore made appropriate improvements this would be awesome software and I would be willing to pay for it

2 monate mit der App
City Beach Software hat geantwortet 10. April 2024

Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed and valuable feedback on your experience with Omnivore's integration with Trade Me and Shopify. We truly appreciate the insights and work closely with the Trade Me team on a daily basis to make sure the integration is supporting their sellers. We will review the feedback with the Trade Me team to determine if these features would be of value.

15. Mai 2024

We've been using Omnivore to link our Shopify store to Trade Me for a few years now. Now we're in the process of setting up another Shopify website for our second business and linking it to Trade Me. This app makes it easy to sync our products and inventory across both sites so we can easily sell on both venues without worrying about stock or the extra work of managing two different sales venues.
Customer support is fantastic and always quick to reply and help if we get stuck with set up.
Highly recommend trying this app if you want to manage and sell products through Shopify and Trade Me

Janelle Kitchens
16 tage mit der App
17. Januar 2024

I have used this app to successfully link my Trademe store and my Shopify site. The support offered by Dave and the rest of the team has been amazing as they guided me through the process from start to finish. There is an onboarding fee that you can choose to pay if you would like guidance, it is recommended. If you are using Trademe there is no monthly fee so this really is a no brainer. I am in my first week since the integration and there were only minor teething issues which were quickly resolved. (length of product title needs to be 70 or less, photos need to be 500 pixels on longest side.) My only suggestion would be the ability to reapply customers watchlists on your products after the intergration process as this is all wiped and you will get a noticeable lull in sales straight after. I suspect that it is something Trademe would need to help Omnivore with. I highly recommend this app and look forward to the year ahead using it!

Vinyl Kitchen
4 monate mit der App
28. November 2023

Rating both the app and the support provided by Omnivore!
Our experience with Omnivore so far has been nothing but positive. The app was easy to install and configure in our Shopify environment with the Omnivore platform one of the cleaner and more intuitive to use once you get under the hood. Given the complexity of the Amazon marketplace itself, Omnivore have been a great partner to support the business dipping a toe into the water.
Knowledgable, patient, swift to respond and a pleasure to work with - a true partner. As one of the most competitive on the pricing front, all of the above speaks volumes as to why Omnivore comes so highly recommended by peers.

Koko Black Chocolate
6 monate mit der App
21. November 2023

Thus far am very happy with Omnivore integration between Shopify and Trademe. The support I received was fast and helpful and I got up and running in just a few days.

It seems as though Omnivore devs are doing everything they can to maximize integration capabilities where possible which is awesome. The interface is simple and intuitive too, happy camper so far.

3 monate mit der App
14. November 2019

I am still on the free trial stage but have got everything set up now and the software is much better than what I've used in the past. The ability to list on catch, amazon and eBay is also extremely helpful; much cheaper than having individual apps for each!

Further more the support I've received from Fern is above and beyond. Not only super friendly but extremely helpful as well. She has contacts within eBay and contacted them directly in regards to an issue we had with them. No other app support team has done that for us before and when I try and contact eBay directly myself I could never resolve the issue as if you've dealt with them in the past you'll know their support team for sellers is pretty horrible.

Anyway if you're a complex eCommerce store with multiple marketplaces then I highly recommend this software!

The Hippie House
Etwa 4 jahre mit der App
15. Mai 2023

The help we get through Omnivore support is really great! Special thanks to Gareth. He has helped me a lot setting up ebay and making sure the inventory syncs.

Short Story
Fast 3 jahre mit der App
City Beach Software hat geantwortet 15. Mai 2023

Thank you so much for your review, we are always happy to help our customers.

25. Mai 2023

Easy to use app, specifically from our Shopify store. Integrations and onboarding was quick, and we were selling in no time.

Alphabet Soup
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App