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4. April 2024

Setup for the integration between Trademe & Shopify. I sell on eBay but Omnivore is a lot more expensive than alternatives so I keep it to trademe.
Omnivore is the only app offering an integration like this now Tradevine stopped their API however there are some issues:
1: Omnivore takes data from Shopify, not Trademe listings so all Trademe-specific data will be lost
2: No allowance for individual variant listings. These can only be grouped
3: No ability to have multiple product listings in different categories or different descriptions & titles - big downside results in SIGNIFICANT loss of sales
4: No ability to manage or answer questions
5: A big one - No website-based management area. Running multiple stores means we need to set up multiple apps in Shopify and to access Omnivore we need to login to Shopify and then access Omnivore for each store. Very time-consuming and sloppy
6: Difficult interface for managing listings
7: No feature to add question text across all listings or information on description pages (offered in Tradevine)
8: No integration-based refundability

My guess is Omnivore looks at Trademe as a very small market and is focusing more on other markets.

The upside is this is free software for the Trademe side of things and Trademe has basically no suitable solutions if you are a professional seller. If Omnivore made appropriate improvements this would be awesome software and I would be willing to pay for it

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City Beach Software hat geantwortet 10. April 2024

Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed and valuable feedback on your experience with Omnivore's integration with Trade Me and Shopify. We truly appreciate the insights and work closely with the Trade Me team on a daily basis to make sure the integration is supporting their sellers. We will review the feedback with the Trade Me team to determine if these features would be of value.

Bearbeitet am 12. September 2023

I have a love/hate relationship with this app. It is the only app I can find that does what I need. It has the potential to be a very powerful app, but it really struggles to capitalize.

- It is free when used only with Trade Me
- Its core functions work
- It can import product metafields and use them (with some difficulty - template validation needs better documenation)
- It saves an immense amount of time vs manually listing products

- User interface is poorly designed and outdated. Needs a complete rebuild using modern front-end techniques.
- Very rudimentary templating system that often falls just short of what you want to achieve.
- Many missing features, requiring complex workarounds to be set up
- Documentation is not complete and not always up to date.
- $75USD a month (+ commission) for the full plan is waaaay too expensive given the state of the UI and the lackluster feature set.

Edit: Happy to provide examples of issues to the devs should they reach out.

Persian Rug Gallery
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City Beach Software hat geantwortet 5. September 2023

Thank you for being a valuable customer and we appreciate the time taken to comment. I'm glad you've found our app saves you time. We appreciate the comments on our user interface, we are in the process of refreshing and you will see the changes rolled out over the coming months.
Regarding our fee, this is extremely competitive for an app that provides access to so many marketplaces. Unlike others we don't charge an additional app fee if you want to add a marketplace. We have a team of local developers working on an extensive roadmap of new features for our customers and this would not be possible without the fees we have. If it's ok with you, we'd like to reach out to understand the features that are of particular use to you and the areas of the user interface you find challenging so that we can improve.

Bearbeitet am 9. Juli 2020

Very slow response, given the amount of money I have paid for monthly subscription USD 75, I have to wait for more than 24 hours to get a repsonse back (email). Cannot even dial-in to reach out to a real-person technical support, the contact number is always on voicemail

Car Dealzz
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