Sale Rack Batch Updates

Sale Rack Batch Updates

by Supple Apps

Batch update selected product and collection prices

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Best app that every store should have, definitely worth the price. You can select each of your products or collections to increase or decrease the price from using percentage! Works very well!

Women Megastore

fuks up your site!


As I write this, I am having to redo my prices in my store, because there are so many variants they will never be the same prices.

No fixes offered other than. "hi person we screwed, you can fix our apps giant mistakes by painstakingly downloading excels and fixing them that way each one....of the 6,000 product variants in your store.

This should do the trick!"

Creative Action Network

Terrible app, don't use! There are many better and more sophisticated apps out there that handle discounts a lot better. This app not only ruined my black friday sale but also messed up all of the pricing in my store after the app malfunctioned. Support is incredibly lackluster and has consistently failed to alleviate problems caused by this terrible app..

Nightdive Music

Sale Rack failed drastically Thanksgiving evening. Not only did it take a hours for each sale to process, once processed, it applied discounts multiple times ultimately causing me to manually update thousands of prices at the last moment. We even had a couple orders come through below our cost. It was a disaster! It's important to note that I did not make any user errors. I only did one sale at a time and when trying to set prices to 90% of the regular price (10% off) Sale Rack applied 10% off three times. I did not duplicate in any way and followed directions to a T. I feel pretty certain their server crashed or something because I didn't have these catastrophic errors last year.

High Camp Home

I had scheduled a sale to start at 12:01am and it failed to commence on it's own so I had to activate it manually in the middle of the night and there was a 2 hour delay while it was "pending" even though I set the sale start option to "now". It then failed to turn off at the time it was scheduled to end and I had to manually end the sale and deal with the same delay once again. I do not feel like there should be any delay when attempting to set up, end or correct a sale as sometimes actions or adjustments need to be made and applied immediately.

I had also run three test sales to prepare for a Black Friday sake and made sure to revert the prices back to the original prices to be cautious. I deleted the sale end rules because I did not know what it would do to the prices if they were active but associated with a reverted sale. At some point it decided to go against my revert wishes and applied the 15% off sale we were running FOUR times, setting EVERY single product on our site to 60% off so we did not make a dime until the error was caught and corrected.

You are unable to edit product prices while a sale is active as well. If you need to correct a price you have to manually turn off the sale and restart it, again, dealing with the unpredictable delays.

Canvi Interiors

I checked my website this morning only to find all of my prices had been changed to about 10% of what they should be. I had started a sale for 30% off last night through sale rack. After I saw the prices I ended the sale but every price remained at the $1-2 mark. I now have to go through my entire product list and redo all of my prices. Unacceptable and could have cost me a lot of money and /or customers if I had sales overnight.


Piece of Garbage! Avoid this app.


This app is absolutely terrible. I initially really liked it because it allowed for customers to see the sale price on the website like every other website. Ultimate sales doesn't allow this which is the up graded version. I set up all the sales and took a look at all the updates to ensure they were working properly 2 days ago and they were fine. I was ensuring a smooth sale for Cyber Monday by checking everything and setting sales prices up 2 days beforehand. Ultimate botched my Black Friday sales so the website double discounted and was glitching out. I lost so many customers and revenue. I just checked my website today and only 1 of the discounts is working on the site. The other discounts that were there 2 days ago and set to expire tomorrow are not active. Their apps are glitchy and terrible. They've now ruined 2 major days of retail sales for me. I will be un installing both apps as they are horrendous and coSt me a lot of revenue. I left everything as is 2 days ago and things are messed up again. So disappointed in this app that doesn't work and cost me tons in revenue. Don't install either Ultimate or Sales Rack.

Almanac Of Style

HORRIBLE. I wish I could give 0 stars. I used this app for months and then it became completely dysfunctional at the beginning of the biggest sale weekend of the year. It caused major stress, headache, and not to mention tons of money lost! I reached out for support and of course have not heard back as I started reading all the one star reviews rolling in with the same complaint. I spoke with someone else who works on their other app, Ultimate Special Offers, and he said all they could offer was a refund for last month. I do not think $5 even begins to make up for all that I lost! I had one sale go through a while ago that somehow discounted more than it should have and I couldn't figure out how that happened until now...I just realized the same glitch must have happened then too! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.

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