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9 janvier 2022

Used to work well, but out of a sudden, it just disappears and cant work, the delivery date and time slot wont load out once the page finishes loading, 2 days cant load up the issues.

YippiiGift - Online Cake Delivery
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Appsonrent a répondu 30 juin 2023

Thank you for the review.
I would like to clarify that when you initially contacted us regarding your problem, we responded and explained that the issue was not caused by our app. We recommended reaching out to the support team of the third-party app involved.
Upon checking your store now, it appears to be functioning properly from our end.
If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your understanding.

28 janvier 2022

I like the app. but the problem is every now and then it conflicts with my theme. and my menu stops working. This time you can't even Add To Cart from product page. But when I disable the app. everything works fine. I am thinking of switching to different app.
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Appsonrent a répondu 28 janvier 2022

Hello there,
I am sorry to hear about that and I really apologize for the inconvenience.
Can you please start a conversation with us about the issue you are facing in the app so we could resolve that and give a great experience with the app?
Please use the below email address for a conversation.

20 avril 2023

While the app is usable, it lacks certain features. For example we offer multiple shipping options and only need the app to work for one method of shipping. We also need the date and time slot picking to be mandatory because otherwise customers can bypass selecting the time slot. To be able to do both, we just needed the time slot picker to have an additional option that can be picked by those who do not need to pick a time. That way everyone can only checkout once they pick a time, whether it is for those requiring the time slot or not.

We tried to suggest this and a few more to the developers but for every suggestion, the answer is no, can't do. It's like they have no interest to improve the app at all. Oh well, once we find a better app we shall not be continuing with this. The two stars is for the frustration that came from trying to give you guys feedback.

Vegan District Malaysia
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Appsonrent a répondu 28 juin 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with the app's features. We understand your need for specific shipping options and the mandatory date and time slot picking.

To address this issue, we have a solution for you. We can disable the "checkout" button until the customer selects the date and time. This ensures that customers cannot bypass the selection process. If you would like to implement this solution, please contact our support team at They will provide you with the necessary code to disable the checkout button until the date and time are chosen.

Once again, we apologize for any frustration caused, and we appreciate your feedback. Please reach out to our support team, and they will assist you further.

3 décembre 2020

We had many bug with you app. About the dates setting, slots setting and compliance with the conditions we applied to the system

Panier Frais
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
13 février 2021

Unfortunately I couldn't use the app in the checkout page. Customers would have to select my products, click checkout, arrive on the checkout information page and then return to cart before selecting a delivery date. Unfortunately this would not be a good customer experience, therefore I had to delete the app.

The Baker Boy
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