One‑click Bundle Generator

One‑click Bundle Generator

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Build bundles with links that redirect to the filled cart

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Effective deal generator

Create easily fully-customized deals that your users can add to cart or checkout with a click.

Bundles with clean links

Quickly generate bundles with discount codes and custom URLs. Use them for landing pages, TV ads, or Social Media.

Automatic installation

No manual configuration required. Start using this app straight after the installation.

À propos de One‑click Bundle Generator

Create product bundles and friendly, efficient links quickly and easily. Save time on creating landing pages and drive traffic directly to your shopping cart.

Why should I use this app?

Offering sets is a proven method of increasing sales.

  • Fact no1. Campaigns directed toward dedicated landing pages are more effective and result in higher conversion.

  • Fact no2. Creating landing pages is time-consuming and involves designing, coding, etc.

The good news.

What if we told you that you already have dynamic landing pages built into your store that are highly converting and you can easily use them? we're talking about /cart and /checkout.

You can create and test different product sets and direct traffic directly to /cart or /checkout with a few clicks, which you can use as the ultimate landing pages!

In a few simple steps, you can boost sales.

  1. Build any set of products. You can add a discount to it.
  2. Create a friendly, persuasive link (eg.
  3. Use the link on the chosen landing pages.
  4. Or even better - bypass the landing pages and drive traffic directly to your cart or check-in. A shorter path results in a better conversion rate!
  5. Monitor your extra earnings and other metrics (views, clicks, ctr)

What else can I do?

  1. Support campaigns that require clean, easy-to-remember URLs (e.g., for social media, TV and radio advertisements, or offline leaflets.
  2. Create links to add-to-cart bundles connected to CTAs on landing pages (e.g., on traditional landing pages)
  3. Optimize offers with A/B tests (e.g., by generating discounts with various amounts and comparing their effectiveness)

Feature list:

  • Create bundles containing up to 8 products in any quantity.
  • Build a product set with existing discount codes; you can also create custom discount codes in the app.
  • Provide easy-to-remember deal slugs, (e.g.
  • Decide where your deal should lead: /cart or /checkout
  • Display customizable ribbon in /cart, informing users about applied discounts
  • Easily enable/disable deals (links to bundles) to support your marketing efforts.
  • Measure and optimize your bundles' performance.
  • Get reliable support for any questions

Technical information:

  • This app works with all templates
  • The flyout (drawer) cart is not supported (the app only supports dedicated /cart and /checkout pages)
  • Automatic installation
  • No custom code or manual work required during the installation

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The Valley Of Art

I have installed it 2 days ago, but it still showing me "No Access. Please contact with support." contacted support twice but no answer.

Réponse du développeur

23 avril 2021

Hello there, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us.
I'm sorry you've faced the problem and didn't get the response on time. We were having an issue with receiving messages and get your request with delay.
Additionally we had to investigate the issue.
Most probably it was related to privacy settings and cookies in your browser. Changing the privacy settings in the browser to less restrictive should help. If you decide to give our product another shot, please do let us know - we will be happy to assist you.

Tecovas staging site

This app is great for bundles and automatic add to carts for multiple products. It's much easier to add multiple products at once than trying to create complex bundle SKUs and have to manage the inventory for them.

Réponse du développeur

23 avril 2021

Thank you so much for the kind words! :) And good luck with your sales. BTW - we love your boots!