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One Discount

One Discount

Developed by Ori Kremer

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  • Incentivize new mailing list subscribers to purchase by giving them first order discount after they subscribe. No more dealing with bulk discount codes for newsletter integration.
  • Increase social interaction rate by sharing the same one time discount code on social channels.
  • Use the same one time discount code for any online/offline campaign.

Purpose & Features

'One Discount' provides merchants with an easy way to create, manage and track one time discounts for their customers.

Common use cases include:

  1. First order discount code to a new subscriber on your newsletter.

  2. Share the discount code on social media.

  3. Create an online marketing campaign with a one time discount.

  4. Offline marketing with a one time discount.

  5. Retention, send one time discounts in abandoned carts solutions.

Your customers will be able to use the discount just once, and the discount code will be the same for all (e.g. WELCOME10).

No need to deal with unique discount codes per customer, 'One Discount' will take care of granting and restricting access to the discount code.

No more customers using discount codes multiple times causing you to lose money, 'One Discount' restricts use of the discount code to just once per customer.

How it Works

The app manages a customer group per discount code and makes sure customers are removed from that group after they use the code in an order (so they're not eligible for that discount again).

When you create the discount code in the app, a customer group is created to manage that discount, e.g. if you create a code called: 'WELCOME10' a new customer group called 'One Discount:WELCOME10' is created.

After creating the discount code in the app you need to create the Shopify discount code, with the same name, and apply it to the customer group that was created ('One Discount:WELCOME10').

In case of Mailchimp integration, the app will create a new customer for every new Mailchimp subscriber and add that newly created customer to the managed customer group, effectively granting the one time discount to that customer.

When not using Mailchimp you need to manage adding customers to that group by manually adding the 'One Discount:WELCOME10' tag to the customers you want to grant it to.

After using the discount code, the customer will be automatically removed from the discount customer group and will not be eligible to use the code again.

Getting Started

Creating a One Time Discount

Please note that it is required that you create the one time discount before you create the Shopify discount code.


  1. Navigate to the One Discount discounts page and create a new one time discount.

  2. Navigate to your shops discounts section and create a discount with the same name as you created in the step above, the discount should be applied to a customer group named: "One Discount:DISCOUNT_CODE", replace "DISCOUNT_CODE" with the one time discount code you've created in the step above.

Mailchimp Integration

In order to integrate with Mailchimp, an API key is required.
It is recommended to use a dedicated API key for 'One Discount', here's how.


  1. Navigate to Mailchimp.com and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to your account settings (by clicking on your username and then on the Account menu item).

  3. Click 'Extras' and then 'API Keys' from the navigation menu.

  4. Create a new key, give it a meaningful label, e.g. 'One Discount', and copy to clipboard for the next step.

  5. See Mailchimp API Keys help for more details.

First Order Discount for New Newsletter Subscriber

This requires setting up the Mailchimp integration first.


  1. Navigate to 'Integrations'

  2. Add a new integration to Mailchimp, use the API key from the previous step.

  3. Navigate to 'Subscription Discounts', click New.

  4. Select the list and the discount you wish to grant.

  5. Save.

Manual Customer Group Management

In case you want to provide one time discount to existing customers you would need to add the one discount tag to them manually.

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Customers section.

  2. Lookup/Search the customers you wish to include in the one time discount.

  3. Check the checkbox next to the customers you want to include in the discount.
  4. From 'Bulk Actions' select 'Add tags' and add the following tag: "One Discount:DISCOUNT_CODE", replace "DISCOUNT_CODE" with the one time discount you want to apply.


If you wish to uninstall the app please make sure to delete all one time discounts and integrations before you do so.
Deleting the discounts would perform all the necessary data cleanup and not leave app related data behind.


I created a discount code in the app and tried to purchase using it and the discount code was not recognized

After creating the discounts codes in the app, you need to create a matching discount code for your shop with the same name.
When creating the Shopify discount code, the discount should be applied to the customer group that is named: 'One Discount:DISCOUNT_CODE' (replace DISCOUNT_CODE with the actual code).

At this point, the discount will be respected and can only be used once.

Does the app send the discount codes in an email?

No, the app does not send any emails in your behalf, however, since the discount code is known in advance and is the same for all customers, it can be embedded directly in the email.

For example,

"Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.To show our appreciation, we would like to extend you a 10% one time discount for your next purchase. Please use the code 'WELCOME10' when checking out."

Can I create a marketing campaign from within the app?

No. However, since discount codes are not unique, you can use them in any marketing campaign you'd like after making sure that the customers eligible for that discount are include in the customer group (by adding the discount tag).

How can I share the discount codes on social media?

Once a one discount code is set up and the matching Shop discount code was created, all customers that are included in the discount customer group are eligible for one discount. Simply share your code (e.g. 'FACEBOOK20') and the app will make sure eligible customers can only use it once.

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