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2. juli 2023

Customer service is incredible! We are new so need to see how this app will benefit us. We will write another review in a few weeks! But so far so good!

Undercollar® Pet ID Band & GPS Alerts
Over 1 år bruker appen
7. mars 2023

This is by far the best app when it comes to marketing! I love the ease of setting up a popup campaign and love the option of providing gift cards in addition to coupon codes! More recently, I ran into an issue regarding SMS campaigns and their customer service was top notch dealing with the issue. I also love that they are always quick to respond to my inquiries and will help you out every step of the way. I am excited to see what else is in store with their upcoming new releases on making marketing even easier for store owners!

Soulful Style Boutique
4 måneder bruker appen
23. mars 2023

LOU! Helped us for an hour with integrations of a specialty pop up! Super attentive, very easy to follow & had all of my questioned answered. Even though the regular version didn't allow for this pop up straight away Lou went to the trouble of customising & adding code to ensure what we wanted was achieved. Outstanding Service! :)))

Microfibre Cloths
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
4. mars 2023

At first I was on the fence about this app, because it required more than I was use to. But after getting in contact with their customer service team and taking the time to learn the system I'm hooked and encouraged to do more. Lou was a dream he provided screenshots,screen recordings, pleasant and was extremely patient with me while we went through each detail of set up. I am so happy to have Upsell as apart of my marketing team. It is so worth it.

Victorious Oil Company
5 måneder bruker appen
6. mars 2023

very well put together app and operates well also once you learn the in and outs. I needed some help today with inserting an html image and Maya helped me. I did not even have to go into too much detail as she knew what I was talking about straight away. Maya helped with the image and also did a tutorial video for me so I know what to for next time. This is the best support by far

Kandy's Clothes ™
4 måneder bruker appen
21. mars 2023

This App has been so helpful for my small business. It is easy to navigate and assistance is always literally --one click---away!

Soap Thrill LLC.
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
11. mars 2023

This is the 3rd time I downloaded this app, because I was determined not to late it beat me. The few times I have played with this app it seemed very complicated and seemed that I wasn't getting the attention at hand and help to try and solve the issues and problems that I was having. Until today when I got to work with Lou.
Lou was VERY,VERY attentive, and extremely helpful and patient just as well as kind. Lou helped me to make my experience with this app seem as a breeze, and easy as ever. I learned a lot from Lou and how to navigate this app and configure certain aspects of this app. Lou I thank you a lot and look forward to working with you again if the occasion every arise. I give Lou 5 stars on support and this app 5 stars just because it has now become fun to work with thanks too Lou. Thank you Lou.

Precious Hollows
3 måneder bruker appen
27. februar 2023

The app meets all of our needs and does exactly what it says. Their customer service is very helpful and has and excellent response time. Highly recommended!

Nesten 2 år bruker appen
29. april 2023

I love this app. Great for sending emails and sms messages. Everything can be automated. This was a huge help running my business alone.

Lashed by Nisha Nashea
Over 1 år bruker appen
7. mai 2023

Really useful app with lot of customization however, the best fact is the customer service. Rissa made an outstanding job and saved me a lot of time by helping me setting up the email pop ups for different countries. Well done!

5 måneder bruker appen