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1. februar 2023

Pretty good app! I am using it to create pop-up campaigns. The setup is quite smooth, however, there is room for improvements to make the duplication of email templates easier. Customer support is great though and will help you through all the challenges you might encounter on the way. Recommended for beginners and for those who want to start from scratch without a clear idea of what they want.

Pastel Maison
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
6. oktober 2022

A little confusing to navigate but they have amazing, friendly and responsive customer support. I was shocked chat is amazing (and i HATE live chats) and although the chat took longer than a call would, it was so helpful and i also get to keep all screen recordings to refer back to instead of calling back if it were a call. She wasn’t in a rush, there was no time limit. I usually would get frustrated and just delete the app and look for something easier but the customer support i CANNOT say enough about. I'm keeping the app ....That type of customer support is worth having at any time.

Snaks 5th Avenchew LLC
2 måneder bruker appen
1. november 2022

I see why all the reviews are here. The customer service with this app is excellent. Love the community vote feature as well! Would love to have the bundle option soon!

4 måneder bruker appen
7. oktober 2022

I just got the app. Fola responded quickly to help me remove the powered by. Hopefully in a month I'll have great news about sales.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
Redigert 3. januar 2023

App wouldnt install on my store for some isolated reason but the customer support was fast and personalized (real people). They want to help you. I found alternatives for what I needed so this review is strictly for the customer support

6 dager bruker appen
ONE svarte 25. oktober 2022

Hi Tim!

Thanks for raising the issue! Seems like an isolated problem to a few merchants we can't pinpoint the root cause so we need to escalate. Our lead engineer is on the East Coast and off for the day, but we are having him look into the problem after dinner (a few hours from now).

We will keep you posted. My team member left you a voicemail to get a little more info about the bug.

Please bare with us, I know this is super frustrating. Sometimes with software exchanging data between platforms (ie ONE <> Shopify) there can be edge cases that breakdown.

Regardless, we will have this fixed ASAP (ideally tonight).


29. november 2022

Their brilliant customer service meant that I was able to help my customer quickly and make a sale.

The Luminous Shop
5 måneder bruker appen
30. september 2022

Good customer support .. Rosy helped a lot and was very informative.. Easy to use app and all features are available

RJP Unlimited
10 måneder bruker appen
5. september 2022

Love all the features this app has and looking forward to what they are currently planning to add. So far their customer service has been very helpful. The only thing I would recommend for them is more template options, which they do let you request.

Luna & Ella Boutique
6 måneder bruker appen
22. august 2022

The Best App for Popup to Everything to complete Marketing. The best part is It's free for Beginners. The customer service helped me a lot even I just joined.

2 måneder bruker appen
14. juli 2022

Great app with awesome features and quality support. Would like to see new features like single opt-in cart recovery soon.

3 måneder bruker appen