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8 november 2023

I am absolutely thrilled with my experience using "One" on Shopify! I had the pleasure of working with Jane, who provided me with exceptional assistance. Jane went above and beyond to help me customize a pop-up for my website. Her expertise and patience were evident as she guided me through every step, ensuring the pop-up was tailored precisely to my preferences.

Not only was Jane incredibly helpful, but she also exhibited a genuine passion for ensuring my experience was flawless. Her dedication to customer satisfaction truly stood out. Thanks to Jane's expert guidance and the user-friendly features of "One," the pop-up turned out absolutely perfect!

I highly recommend "One" on Shopify for its user-friendly interface and the outstanding customer support provided by professionals like Jane. If you're looking for an app that not only offers excellent functionality but also exceptional customer service, "One" is the way to go. I am confident in recommending this app for a wide range of needs, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of its features in the future.

Thank you, Jane, and thank you, "One," for making my website experience truly exceptional!

Alarmed N' Dangerous
12 månader användning av appen
5 september 2023

So far this app has been good for me. Customer support is very important to me because I am not very technical so I rely on this support to keep my business running. I have had a couple calls with customer support and they are very responsive with text, but video/screen share support you have to schedule for the next day usually. My most recent video support call was with Rosy Roberts today and it was extremely helpful. She helped me resolve my main issue and made sure she answered any other questions I had about their service and addressed those as well on the same call.

Custom Scouts
9 månader användning av appen
6 november 2023

First of all, app is great.
I Spoke with 3 ppl on costumer support,no one actually solved me the problem i had with my wheel. Then i tried one more time, Rissa appears like a wild beautifull pokemon ,asked me what's my problem. When i told her , 5 minutes was enough to solve the issue ( wheel did not appear but only in password page ) .
Thank you so much , you deserve all the stars of the solar system !

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
5 september 2023

It is pricy and interface could be a bit smoother, simply there is to much thing going on, but over all it is a great app it does help a lot with email marketing.

6 månader användning av appen
22 oktober 2023

For now I can't say anything wrong word about this app - is has all features that you might need about upsell, discount codes etc., and what is really important - support team is amazing. I was able to easily connect to chat in couple minutes, and get all needed help (for example change of triggers size for desktop/mobile version, which requires code change). Highly recommended.

Clock For Home
7 dagar användning av appen
21 augusti 2023


Después de analizar pros y contras de varias apps de Email Marketing, y de haber probado algunas como MailChimp, Shopify Email, MailRelay, y alguna otra, me decidí por ONE, y estoy encantado! Hace poco que la usamos pero es muy muy completa.
El servicio de atención al cliente es estupendo, super atentos y puedo pedir incluso llamada para configurar algo o si tengo dudas, etc.

Solamente con las campañas generadas ya sale a cuenta pagar el premium, y es mucho mejor y más barata que la famosa Klaviyo.

After analyzing the pros and cons of several Email Marketing apps, and having tried some like MailChimp, Shopify Email, MailRelay, and some others, I decided on ONE, and I'm delighted! We've only recently used it but it's very very complete.
The customer service is great, super attentive and I can make calls for settings or if I have questions, etc.

Only with the generated campaigns' incomes it's already worth-paying the premium, and it is much better and cheaper than the famous Klaviyo.

12 månader användning av appen
3 augusti 2023

I have been using this app for more than a year and it has helped scale my business and increase revenue in a variety of different ways. It's an all in one platform and the best part is that the customer service is very kind and diligent so even if it looks complicated in the beginning - since there are many different features, you will get the support to set everything up.

The Ivory White
Mer än ett år användning av appen
2 november 2023

My experience is great after using this app! Trish helped me alot and love how she managed to solved all my problem immediately! the plan and price is very affordable, this apps is easy to use too.

20 dagar användning av appen
21 november 2023

great app has all the needs for the business and the support there replying fast and helping til your issue is solved VERY RECOMENDED !

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
28 september 2023

Rissa was sooo helpful assisting me setting up my email marketing thank you for all your help

Tha Shade
3 månader användning av appen