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Boost conversion: Google sign-in to pre-fill checkout form

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One-tap social sign in

Seamless customer sign in, through a one-tap popup that displays the platform a customer's already signed into (Google, Facebook).

Pre-fill checkout form

Checkout form pre-filled with customer's first name, last name, and e-mail address.

Automated recovery emails

Abandoned cart emails integrated and automated, without requiring customer to input email address or move to second page of checkout form.

Acerca de OnePress Fast Checkout

Boost conversion through one-tap social sign in and pre-filled checkout forms

OnePress enables merchants to boost conversion by eliminating checkout friction through smart social sign-ins to pre-fill checkout forms. Long checkout forms are one of top 2 causes of abandoned carts according to research from the Baymard Institute, but top e-commerce stores like are now leveraging Google sign-ins to speed their customers through checkout - now so can your brand!

Pre-filled checkout form

Let customers check out faster by pre-filling sections of the checkout form with a customer's full name and email address from Google/Facebook. A popup appears after they add a product to their cart, allowing them to sign in with 1 click, or continue shopping by clicking the close button/anywhere outside the popup.

One-tap social sign in (no, not your usual social sign in app...)

Make it easier for customers by displaying a one-tap popup to sign in through a platform they're already signed into. This isn't your typical social sign in functionality: we automatically detect what a customer's already signed into, and only display that option for a smoother checkout experience. If they're signed into Google, they'll see their name & e-mail; otherwise, if they're signed into Facebook they'll see their Facebook profile name. All they need to do is tap once, and they're done.

Automated cart abandonment recovery emails

Send emails to recover abandoned carts without customers having to manually provide their e-mail address, thanks to our one-tap social sign in solution. You'll get more e-mails compared to other solutions, as we don't have to wait until they fill in the first page of the checkout form to collect their information.

1-minute setup

Easily set up OnePress on your store's website without any developer expertise required. Our 2-step setup guide will walk you through the process as soon as you add the app. It's compatible with all themes that use the standard Shopify cart API.

Design customization

Fully customize the design & behavior of the sign-in/checkout popups on our paid plans.

Fully GDPR compliant

Our solution protects customer data privacy, by anonymizing the analytics that we collect to ensure all data is consent-based and fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Comprehensive customer support

Our team is ready to support you, with realtime chat available 7 days a week within the app.

Se integra con

  • Mailchimp,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Google

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  • Fast checkout through Google sign in and checkout form pre-fill (OnePress branding)



  • Fast checkout through Google & Facebook sign in with form pre-fill (your own branding)
  • Abandoned card email integrations
  • Chat/email support

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