Web Push ‑ Free Abandoned Cart

Web Push ‑ Free Abandoned Cart


Easiest Way to Increase Sales: Retargeting, In-Stock, Promos

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Smarter Messages Drive Sales

Reunite shoppers with their abandoned carts. Automate in-stock and shipping updates. Advertise sales & promos (Black Friday, Cyber Monday).

Create Targeted Campaigns

Design sophisticated web push campaigns for segmented audiences. Boost sales with highly personalized messaging that drives engagement.

Analyze What Works, Repeat

Make data-driven decisions with robust analytics and reporting. Analyze clicks & purchases to uncover insights and improve your strategies.

Web Push ‑ Free Abandoned Cart 정보

OneSignal - Web Push Notifications to Drive Sales

OneSignal’s custom web push notifications connect you with your customers. Send personalized notifications directly to your visitor’s desktop or browsers. Segment and target users based on country, language, cart status, when they were last active on your site, and more! Convert visitors into customers, and customers into repeat customers with OneSignal.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Protect your store from cart abandonment and recover lost sales with web push notifications. Automatically remind shoppers about their abandoned carts and lead them back to your store to convert. Personalize your message by mentioning and showing the exact products they added to boost sales.

Drive New Sales

Having a sale? Selling a new product? Retargeting customers for cross-sell or upsell is easy with OneSignal’s web push notifications. Create welcome notifications to keep shoppers engaged. Promote sales to increase revenue. Use sophisticated behavioral triggers to find the right customers to alert about relevant promotions or offers.

Convert with In-Stock Alerts

Convert interested visitors into buyers by automatically sending notifications when the product they want is back in stock. Don’t miss out on sales just because the product is sold out. Identify your high-intent purchasers and make sure they are the first to know when your product is available again. Use our powerful analytics to see how many people sign up for these product alerts and understand your product demand better.

Update with Shipping Alerts

Automatically send shipping updates to your customers when their order ships. Send tracking codes so they can follow the product journey from shipment to delivery. Easily update customers about their orders if there are any delays.

Optimize with Robust Analytics

Easily track sales and revenue that happen because of your messaging. Analyze clickthrough rates to optimize your messages and drive more repeat visitors and higher sales. Understanding what resonates with your audience is the key to driving future growth.

Use Your Own Branding

Customize the experience to match your site's voice and style. Visitors to your site are there to see you, not us. Even our free plans have no OneSignal branding. We don't put our logo anywhere on your site or on the web push notifications that you deliver.

Easiest Way to Use Web Push Notifications

No need to look further - OneSignal is the web push notification platform for you. Migrate for free and save money. We'll help you import your existing subscribers from PushOwl, Firepush, Smart Push Marketing, HeyDay Web Push, and many more.

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OneSignal Web Push For Shopify Is Free. For advanced features including multi-channel messaging, check out onesignal.com

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Unfortunately we will have to change this app because:
1) we cannot manage UTM setting, we have to manually add them in every campaign
2) we cannot segment people considering purchased products or visited pages like we can do with other platforms...
3) we cannot see a preview in all browsers and mobile/desktop version
4) we cannot plan push notification (there is not a publishing end date)


Worst push notification in the marketplace. It lacks a lot of important features. Not easy to use and not fully customizable. Poor experience.

개발자 회신

2020년 10월 19일

Hi. I'm the CEO of OneSignal and I'm very sad to see that you had a negative experience with this app. Our team and I really care about making sure everyone has a great experience with us.

We recently made a ton of improvements, including speeding up the load times of the app, fixing some small bugs, updating the setup instructions to make them clearer, adding a "Back In Stock" notification feature, and much more.

There's more we want to add, which is why the app is being offered for free for now.

There's also a bunch of advanced customization options, but some of these require guidance from our support team.

I'd love to know what features you found lacking so we can make things right, or at least know if we might have missed anything important? I sent you an email and I hope to hear back from you.

Tapestry Shopping

Best customer service ever.
The fastest possible.
All my queries were answered within 30 minutes I'm so happy.